By Anna M. Guthrie (book review by Claudia Frank)

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$20.00 – Soft Cover

This valuable book is broken down into a discussion of very basic stockdog training principles and the practice of using the stockdog.

It gives one the feeling that as a possible working Border Collie purchaser or beginning Border Collie user you are sitting having coffee with a long time very experienced trainer and user of Border Collies. Time is not a factor so you can ask whatever questions have come to mind and your friend has enough experience to provide you with the answers to questions you didn’t even know you would benefit from asking.

What are the varied levels of trained dogs? Is a puppy, adult, started dog or fully trained dog the best bet for your expertise, stock handling situations and pocketbook? What can you expect from Border Collies at the various levels of training and experience? What are the basic stockdog training methods? How is the best way to handle some routine stock moving situations with Border Collies at various levels of training. This title is also an invaluable guide to understanding the relationship between trained working sheepdogs and livestock.

In the "Finding the Right Dog" section, the author emphasizes to the new working Border Collie owner the importance of good breeding. This importance can make a huge difference in the ease of training and the dog’s ultimate usefulness in routine stock handling situations.

The author says of her work, “I think for both ranchers/farmers who have need of a good dog but are not knowledgeable about how to train that dog, as well as folks just starting out perhaps taking lessons with a first working dog, the book helps give them an idea of where they are heading, and, more importantly, why. In other words, I think it does help them see the big picture.”

Anna Guthrie has devoted the past fifteen years of her life to raising and training working Border Collies. T raining dogs for practical, everyday work has been her focus. Traveling throughout the west competing with her dogs at cattle trials Anna is also a regular participant at the annual USBCHA Cattle Finals. Teaching academic writing to college freshmen at one of the California State University campuses helps support Anna’s Border Collie habit.


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