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Often new comers to a sport attend numerous clinics/seminars presented by people that have reached a high level of success in that sport. Sometimes the method or steps outlined to learn the sport are very similar and sometimes they are very different from each other. If you have not fully trained a dog before in a particular sport it is a good idea to select a method that you can commit yourself to from beginning to finished dog. Once having completely trained and competed with a dog whose training follows a particular method then you can branch out and try adding bits and pieces from other programs or try another method all together with a new youngster. Again the proof of the methods success will not be apparent until you have completely trained a dog through competition levels.

To help you choose the method you will use for your dog evaluate the following -

  1. You must like the training method. It must appeal to you as a fair extension of other training you are doing with your dog.

  2. You must know all the steps in the training method and how to apply them. (This usually means there is a very good instructor in the method you have chosen that is available to help you along the way.)

  3. You must be physically capable of performing the steps the method needs to be successful.

  4. The method must give you the result you want and need.

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