Effective February 14, 2002 -  Revised April 3, 2006

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This low volume list is for BCSA Club announcements, activities and information related to the Border Collie.  If you are a BCSA Member, click the Yahoo Groups icon above or contact our moderator for information on joining the list.  ~Nancy Little

1. Purpose
The BCSA Announce e-mail list is available to BCSA members in order to provide them with immediate information about club activities and announcements. It also provides members with a mechanism to seek input, information, and volunteers for club business. The list is set up to only allow messages to be posted by the list moderator. BCSA Announce is intended to be a low volume informative list.

2. Ownership
The BCSA Announce e-mail list is owned by the BCSA and is moderated by a list chairperson or co-chairpersons. It is the responsibility of the list moderator's to post information to list subscribers in a timely fashion.

3. Content & Procedure
BCSA members can make a request to post a message to the BCSA Announce e-mail list, by sending a complete text message (not attachments, such as Word documents and Excel listings that would have to be converted into text) to the list moderator at BCSA_Announce-owner@yahoogroups.com. It is the responsibility of the member making the request to post to provide the list moderator with a complete version of the message.

The list moderator will immediately post the following types of messages:

  • BCSA related business, events, reports or announcements.

  • BCSA affiliated club business, events, reports or announcements.

  • Border Collie matches, fun days or  shows/trials.

  • Request for information, help, ideas, or participation that would directly concern BCSA members.

The list moderator must get approval from the BCSA Officers and Board Members for any requests that fall outside of the above items.

The list moderator has the right to edit the message before posting to the list. All links to personal web sites, brags, quotes, and references to dogs in the signature will be removed before posting to BCSA Announce.

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