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Members present (all):
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg• Laura Tomaszewski Janet Lewis 

Call to order:
5:34 pm. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

 1.  Recording Secretary’s Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of September board meeting
Minutes of November 17, 2003, board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2003-18.

2.  Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 12/9/03 letter from Mari Beth O'Neill acknowledging receipt of the Board's to AKC in support of the standard revision.

  • 12/12/03 Renewal notice from Sportsmen's Insurance Agency for our commercial general liability insurance.

  • 12/15/03 letter from Ron Menaker, Chairman, AKC, thanking BCSA for supporting the meet the breeds program at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

3.  Treasurer’s Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Interim Financial Report

  • Checking balance:    $15,778.58

  • Savings balance:    $62,189.11

  • Health balance:    $2,586.16 (included in savings balance)

  • Rescue balance:    $10,451.90 (included in savings balance

3.2  Specialty Income/Expenses
Beth reported that she still has not received the bill from Barb Witte, Denise reported that she reminded her again recently, but thought that she might be out of town for a few weeks during the winter. It is believed that this is our last outstanding bill for the 2003 national specialty.

3.3  Insurance Policy
Denise reported that she is in receipt of the insurance policy renewal documents. We had the option to add “terrorism” coverage, for an extra $50 annually. It was resolved to keep the coverage as-is.

3.4  Rescue Money from Specialty Fundraisers (silent auction, raffle & games)
Beth will send to Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue, who helped put on the events at the specialty. The other volunteers involved in the events declined to take any money at this time, so it will fall to the general rescue fund.

3.5  Borderlines Ad Income
It is still not clear that all advertisers in the last year had paid for their ads, or that we have cashed their checks. Denise went back through the entire year of issues and made a complete list of ads, totaling between $700-800 in expected income. She will send this list to Beth to cross-check, to see if we are missing any payments.

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months.

5.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the November Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2003-18
Motion: To approve the minutes of the November Board meeting as written.
Motion made by:  Michelle Olsen
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: unanimous

5.2  Motion 2003-19
Motion: To approve the increase in allocation of BCSA funds for the 2004 BCSA National specialty, in the amount of $2,350, which is 1/2 of the trophy expenditure budgeted.
Motion Made By: Laura Tomaszewski
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: unanimous

5.3  New Members Approved

  • Name: Wynette Amason
    Address: 2231 Old Maypearl Road   Waxahachie, TX  75167
    Phone/email: 972-938-1265 • wynn-it@ectisp.net
    Sponsor: Marla Bull

  • Name: Phyllis Biedron
    Address: 2316 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL  60647
    Phone/email: 773-235-7489
    Sponsor: Margaret Lass-Gardiner

  • Name: Patrick Haggie
    Address: 570 Bradley Road, Lake Forest, IL  60045
    Phone/email: 847-975-8395 • FidelisdogsUSA@aol.com
    Sponsor: Jessica Scavetta

6.  Committee Business

6.1  Delegate’s Report (Janet Lewis)
There is a proposal on the table to change the way obedience regulations are approved, from AKC Obedience Department to a vote by the delegates (like Field trial rules, etc are approved). Janet has concerns over this move, since a large number of the delegates in the delegate body are not very knowledgeable about obedience. Janet has been trying to research the reasoning behind the proposal, but so far has not been successful in ascertaining the rationale. She will report back to the board when she learns more.

6.2   Membership Committee (Linda Koutsky, Board Liaison)
Kay Rieff reported today that so far, 198 members had renewed membership, out of a possible 453. Another reminder will be issued in Borderlines, and reminder postcards will be sent out to those who still have not renewed.

6.3   Standard Committee (Joyce Norris, Board Liaison)
The AKC Board will be voting on the standard at their Jan 12-13th meeting.

6.4   Breeder Referral (Karen Yobbaggy, Board Liaison)

  • The committee leadership changeover is complete; Janet Legg has come up to speed. The updated breeder referral list has been posted on the website to cut down on the number of inquiries received via email and phone.
  • Karen Yobbaggy will offer to serve as an east coast representative since we don’t currently have one. The board enthusiastically approved her request.

6.5  Rescue Committee (Laura Tomaszewski, Board Liaison)

  • Linda Baron has requested adding a question to the membership application form asking if the applicant is a member of a rescue organization. This will help her network with rescue organizations around the country. Denise will ask Kay to add this to the form.
  • Rescue grant applications: Laura asked if the board wanted to approve each application, of if they wanted to allow Linda Baron to approve them. It was resolved that Linda Baron could handle this, at least for the time being, while we have very few applicants. Beth asked that she get a copy of the first page of the applications, for her records.
  • Laura will ask that the groups that have received funding recently do a small write-up for Borderlines on what they have done with the grant money, to help encourage other groups to apply and raise awareness.

6.6   Website Committee (Michelle Olsen, Board Liaison)

  • Website is getting more up-to-date. A thank-you was expressed to Michelle for working on this project.
  • There was a request to post the information regarding the ABCA’s new registration policy (de-registering AKC Conformation Champions). The board decided that this issue has been visited sufficiently, the membership has been notified, and that further attention should not be brought to the matter. Further inquiries can be referred back to ABCA management.

7.   Old Business

7.1   2003 National Specialty Linda Koutsky, Chair
Nothing to report.

7.2  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Still need a secretary for conformation, obedience & agility. Lisa Pruka is investigating at least two different possibilities, comparing prices, availability and feasibility.

  • Catalog: Claudia Frank expressed interest in doing the catalog compilation job, now that the board has decided to pay the worker $500 for the effort, since it’s such a big job and requires some level of computer experience/expertise. Denise will verify that Claudia is still interested in the job.

  • Still need a judge for the performance titled conformation match. It is hoped to find someone who has attended Judges Education, and is aspiring to be a Border Collie judge, or already is one, and desires the experience of getting to go over a large group of dogs. Denise will contact Susane Hoffman, who attended the Judges Ed seminar in 2002.

  • Photographer still needed, Lisa Pruka is deciding between two proposals. We may split up the job and have more than one photographer, one for each venue.

  • Logo: it was discussed whether or not to have a specialty “theme” to help with a logo design. Sally Davis has submitted some ideas for the logo. The board resolved that ideas incorporating the St. Louis Arch have been used frequently in the past, and to encourage Sally to pursue her ideas that had a different kind of border around the design. Beth suggested, “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louie”; so that is one option Sally can pursue, if she can think of a design to go with that theme.

  • Hotel reservations: Joyce asked if Lisa has reserved a block of rooms at the hotel. Denise didn’t know, she will follow up on this. 

  • Chairs we have so far:
    Conformation-Nancie Mages;
    Obedience: Juliane Cepulis
    Agility-Missi Roland;
    Herding-Laura Tomaszewski and Joyce Norris
    Herding trophies-Denise Teal
    All other trophies-Marion Crane and Terri Clingerman
    Photo contest-Mary Beth and Laura Overmyer;
    Red Raffle-Kay Rieff
    Ribbons-Linda Koutsky
    Shirts - Michelle Olsen
    Vendors-Peggy Battig
    Publicity: Karen Herceg

  • Tentative Schedule (unchanged since last board meeting):
    Wednesday-herding invitational and performance match @ 4pm, with a handling class @ 2pm, day of instinct testing, tracking seminar
    Thursday-instinct testing all day, agility
    Friday-agility, obedience invitational pm, sweepstakes pm, judges education all day
    Saturday-breed, obedience, banquet
    Sunday-breed, obedience

7.3 2005  National Specialty
Denise reported that we’ve had no volunteers so far to chair the 2005 event. We cannot have the specialty if we have no chair. Volunteers will continue to be pursued.

7.4   Westminster Video Clip
Denise reported that she didn’t have any video clips to submit. This is a request from Westminster Kennel Club, to potentially show on the televised portion of the show when talking about our breed herding livestock. Joyce said Sally Davis had a nice video. Denise will check to see if there is still time to send it, and ask Sally to send a copy if she is willing. If nothing else, it might be good for them to have on file for next year, so we aren’t scrambling to find one before the 2005 events.

7.5  Purina Appreciation Ad for Borderlines
Linda Koutsky reported that she is willing to work up an ad for this, but lacked candid photos from the specialty to use in it. It was resolved to use a herding shot in the background. Denise will send one to Linda to use.

7.6  2004 Tracking Test Application
Linda Koutsky is in receipt of the tracking test application for next year. It is not yet known who will chair the next event. Linda can sign and send the application, and contact Nancy Little regarding who will chair and secretary the event.

7.7  ABCA Registration Policy Change
Denise gave a last call for any requests for further action from our club or board regarding the ABCA’s new policy for de-registering dogs that finish their AKC conformation championships in the future. It was resolved that no further action is warranted at this time. ABCA management appears to be firmly resolved in their decision, and anyone with concerns should direct them to ABCA if they would like to influence further discussion on the topic.

8.  New Business

8.1  Nominating Committee
Nancy Little and Linda Koutsky have been appointed by Denise so far, and they are finding three more volunteers to join the committee. Only one board member can be on the committee, which is Linda Koutsky. Once the committee is formed, the board will approve the committee, and then they may proceed in searching for persons to nominate.

8.2  BCSA Suggestion Box
Two suggestions have been received and responded to.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday March 1st, 2004, 5:30pm Pacific Time

Adjournment motion:
7:26 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Beth Bartholomew, second Linda Koutsky.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.


No meeting.


Members present:
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg (joined the group late at 7:07pm) • Laura Tomaszewski

Absent: Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:30 pm. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

 1.    Recording Secretary’s Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of January board meeting

Minutes of January, 2004 board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2004-01 (below).

2.   Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 1/9/04 letter from AKC inviting two board members to the AKC Parent Club Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio  on October 22-24, 2004.

  • 1/14/04 letter from Mari Beth O'Neill, AKC, advising us that the breed standard was approved by the AKC Board of Directors on January 13, 2004.

  • 1/19/04 letter from Ronald N. Rella, AKC, offering qualifying cards for the 2005 and 2006 Crufts show to be given to the BOB, BOS and Award of Merit winners at our national specialty.

  • 2/17/04 e-mail to Neil Singer, assistant to Ronald Rella, asking for 10 qualifying cards for Crufts to be given at the 2004 national specialty.

  • 2/20/04 e-mail from Bronwyn Taggart acknowledging resignation of Betsy Korbonski as breed columnist for the AKC Gazette.

  • 2/20/04 letter to Bronwyn Taggart notifying her that Gerianne Darnell will be the new Gazette columnist

  • 2/20/04 form for Parent Club Conference returned to AKC.  Michelle Olsen and Denise Teal will attend.

  • 2/5/04: Sportsmen’s Insurance Company reporting that our policy for officers & directors expires on 5/8/04. Denise called them and they will shop for a better rate for us this year.

3.  Treasurer’s Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1    Interim Financial Report

  • Checking balance:         $19765.93

  • Savings balance:        $62391.95

  • Health balance:         $2,681.16 (included in savings balance)

  • Rescue balance:         $10,520.90 (included in savings balance)

3.2   Membership Dues

  • $11,985 so far in membership renewal income. 

  • Approximately $250 in donations to health/rescue

3.3   2004 Specialty Income/Expenses

  • Income: $476 in trophy donation income—more needed!

  • Expenses: $505 for herding trophies & event application so far.

3.4   Change of Bank Name
Beth reported that our bank is changing names, account numbers, etc. Beth is going to insist that they pay for replacement checks & deposit slips if they won’t let us use the ones we’ve just purchased.

4.   Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months. 

5.   Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the November Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2004-01
Motion: To approve the minutes of the January Board meeting as written.
Motion made by:  Michelle Olsen
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: unanimous

5.2   Motion 2004-02
Motion: To approve the following members to serve on the nominating committee:  Nancy Little, Linda Koutsky, April Quist, Emily Czapek, Sheila Conant.
Motion Made By: Denise Teal
Second: Joyce Norris
In Favor: unanimous

5.3  Motion 2004-03
Motion: To lower the prices & policies for Borderlines advertising as outlined below.
Motion Made By: Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: unanimous

  • All advertising must be pre-paid.

  • Ads should preferably be camera-ready, or as near as can be, but ad layout will be included in the price.

  • Ads page and larger include one photo in the price. Additional photos are $8 each.

  • Each change to a yearly ad during the year (Jan-Dec period) requires an additional $10 setup fee.


Single Issue

Single Issue



1/8 page





1/4 page





1/2 page





Full page





[Note that the classified ad option has been removed from this proposal, because the 1/8 page ads are now inexpensive. Classified ads have not been very popular thus far anyway.]

5.4   Motion 2004-04
Motion: To approve a trophy donation to Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles of $200 (for $100 each day) for HIT and RHIT awards for the B course herding trial.
Motion Made by: Laura Tomaszewski
Second: Joyce Norris
In Favor: Unanimous

5.5            New Members approved

  • Name: Denise Blankenberger ( Junior status)
    Address: 3900 Deer Lake Derive • Evansville, IN  47720
    Phone/email: 812-963-9344 • kcbkaren@aol.com
    Margie Clutter

  • Name: Susan Bachtold
    Address: 3900 Hwy 12 West •Arcadia, IL  34266
    Phone/email: 863-494-0226 • mystic34266@aol.com
    Sponsor: Nancy Keller

  • Name: B. Jane Smith
    Address: 1204 Usher • Benbrook, TX  76126
    Phone/email: 817-249-2040 • sidnpaco@yahoo.com
    Carol Hall Wood

  • Name: Megan Quigley
    Address: 831 Rt 10  #146 • Whippany, NJ  07981
    Phone/email: 973-393-1926
    Sponsor: Lori Mauger

  • Name: Susan Cohen
    Address: 5405 Cocos Plumosas Drive • Kenner, LA  70065
    Phone/email: 504-454-0476
    Sponsor: Linda Baron

  • Name: Sandra Shults
    Address: 15235 N 40th Lane • Phoenix, AZ  85053
    Phone/email: 602-843-6995 • Sandra@sunmountainBorderCollies.com
    Nancie Mages

  • Name: Sarah L Nicholson
    Address: 24420 Chestertown Road • Chestertown, MD  21620
    Phone/email: 410-778-0838 • sarahnicholsn@nabcr.org
    Linda Baron

  • Name: Carol A DiFranco
    Address: 11660 Blue Heron Trail • Chardon, OH  44024
    Phone/email: 440-286-4080
    Sponsor: Carol Richardson

  • Name: Peggy Stein
    Address: 436 Dauphine Lane • Virginia Beach, VA  23452
    Phone/email: 757-340-4946 • zipandkit@aol.com
    Fran Hoffman

6.  Committee Business

6.1  AKC Delegate’s Report (Janet Lewis)
Janet was not present in the meeting, but Denise mentioned that a delegates meeting is scheduled for March.

6.2  Membership Committee, Kay Rieff, Chair (Linda Koutsky, Board Liaison)
There is still a lot of confusion over late renewals. Unfortunately, this is a very large-scale problem which consumes valuable club resources (and we know is an issue for all clubs). Doing reminder mailings is costly, and processing several months of payments, then late renewal requests is time-consuming for the membership chair. This year, in an attempt to save money and time, the only reminders sent were via Borderlines and email. But this was not very successful, and we have received feedback that many members expect an invoice in the mail. The board is obligated to adhere to the bylaws and uphold the final due dates, and minimize the expense and time spent on garnering renewals. However, since the experiment with only using reminders via BL and ANNOUNCE didn’t go very well, and many members felt they didn’t get sufficient reminders, the Board has decided this year only to allow late renewals until March 31st. A plan to improve the situation for next year was developed as follows (Linda Koutsky will communicate this to Kay Rieff, Membership Chair):

  • In November: first notice in BL and in ANNOUNCE, requesting members to pay their dues ahead of time, and save the club money on mailing them a notice. An incentive will be provided for early renewals, some kind of “free gift.”
  • December 1st invoice mailed to each member who has not yet renewed.
  • January 1st: postcard reminder mailed to members warning that their membership will lapse at the end of January, and they will re be required to re-apply for membership, the only exceptions being “meritorious cases”, which include things like a death in the family, etc. (not “I forgot.”).
  • January 20th: email reminder with same message, giving people the remaining 11 days of the month to postmark their renewal.
  • January 31st: adhere to policy of requiring any renewals after this time to re-apply for membership using the membership form, and obtaining two sponsors.

6.3  Fundraisers/Store, Nancie Mages Chair
BCSA Logo Decals: the store is out of these, and Michelle got a price quote on removable magnetic decals (that stick to windows, versus adhesives that cannot be removed). There was interest in ordering about 500 of these, and using them for “giveaways” at the specialty, etc. They could also be used as incentives for early membership renewals. There was also interest in re-purchasing the same style of permanent adhesive decals as we had before: Michelle will get prices on those. Interest was also expressed in other inexpensive promotional objects: pens, key chains, and other small objects. Michelle will check on these: the t-shirt maker we’re using for the specialty can get us any kind of promotional products for very good prices.  

6.4  Breeder Referral: Janet Legg, Chair (Karen Yobbaggy, Board Liaison)

  • Janet reported that the AKC website has been corrected to list her as committee chair and contact person. 

  • Janet has asked for the club to reimburse her for a long distance phone calling card to cover all calls & inquiries related to this committee. 

  • Janet will need to check the breeder referral list on the website against the membership list.   Members who did not renew will need to be deleted.

6.5  Rescue Committee, Linda Baron, Chair (Laura Tomaszewski, Board Liaison)

It was recently brought to our attention that the rescue “directory” list on our website is not actually a BCSA list, it is owned by an independent rescue organization. There is some concern that this organization may not be representative of BCSA, and we should have a disclaimer on our link to their site, letting viewers know that BCSA does not oversee this list. Laura Tomaszewski will work with Linda Baron to develop a disclaimer statement to go along with the link. 

6.6  Website Committee (Michelle Olsen, Board Liaison)
Michelle reported that the two new website committee members, Ann Shaw and Lili Dawidowicz, are on board and helping with the website updates. Ann has done a great job improving the BCSA Store web page, and is soon to be tackling the breed info and rescue informational pages to make them more organized and up to date.  Lili will be beginning on the committee update page. Michelle will continue to update the national specialty page and leadership sections.

6.7  Health Committee Laura

Laura has posted an announcement looking for a new chair, because she doesn’t have time to dedicate to the committee at this time.

7.  Old Business 

7.1  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Secretary: Still need secretary for obedience, conformation & agility. Lisa is still waiting for a quote from one more secretary in consideration (Laughing Coyote). Denise will call Lisa to find out the status of this situation and help her get resolution. 

  • Premium list/catalog: Claudia Frank and Nancie Mages have agreed upon how to work together on this job: Claudia will do the content compilation, and email the final results to Nancie, who will have them printed and mailed.  

  • Design for catalog/specialty wear:  Sally Davis has provided us with several design options.  The latest 2 designs are:  large dog in background with all venues represented; arch with one dog with pay lifted and dog and sheep in foreground.  The previously submitted design was 2 dogs touching paws with or without the arch. The board resolved unanimously that they liked best the design with the two dogs touching paws under the St. Louis Arch, as it was unique and different from past designs. 

  • Banquet: Michelle & Denise have volunteered to chair this event. They are contacting caterers and considering menus. 

  • Seminar: Laura Tomaszweski will look for a speaker on a breed-related health topic. It was decided to procure the “upstairs” conference room in the hotel for the seminar, to reduce the disturbance of people coming to the hospitality room. U of Missouri is working on canine epilepsy; we will try to find a speaker on this topic. Another option is a researcher from Washington State University on Ivermectin sensitivity in Collie family breeds—she has expressed interest in coming to speak if it works with her schedule. 

  • Welcome bags: Michelle will get price on 200 canvas bags, since the bag maker Purina used last year had a lot of limitations, and we couldn’t get the bags ahead of time, so we may need to pursue having our own made. We will post an announcement soliciting volunteers to generate “goodie bags” full of donated freebie fun items. If no volunteer is found, then the bags will be given out as-is with no “stuffing.”

  • Chairs: are listed on the website, as well as vacant positions. 

  • Tentative Schedule: listed on website.

7.2  2005 National Specialty

  • Still need a show chair, the board continues to search for willing volunteers.

  • Nancie Mages has suggested that we start to contact conformation judges now for 2005. The board is striving to use judges who have attended our Judges Education seminar, but is considering other suggestions since the list of JE attendees is still small. Only a few suggestions have been received from the membership so far, more suggestions are welcome.

8.  New Business

8.1  Quorum for annual meeting
The subject of whether or not to lower the quorum requirements for the annual meeting was discussed. The current requirement is 20%. Based upon attendance numbers from past events, we probably could not even meet a 10% requirement. It was felt by the board that this is simply too small of a segment of the club to be making major decisions regarding the club’s direction, this number would likely not adequately reflect the wishes of the majority. Linda Koutsky made a motion to retain the quorum requirement as-is at 20%, Laura Tomaszewski seconded the motion. The board voted unanimously in favor of the motion. 

8.2  Border Collie Color Definition Issue
There have been reports of continuing discussion about our breed’s color issues: health issues related to color, confusion over the registration slip’s color choices, and the subject of whether or not to allow the splitting of conformation classes by color. Nancie Mages has proposed that a special committee be convened to research the subject of color and all the surrounding issues. It was resolved that if there is interest in researching this  topic, especially health-related issues, that volunteers who would like to form a committee are welcome to do so, and present their findings to the board. Nancie Mages was notified that she could proceed with this plan. The board has also asked the Standard Committee to develop a statement concerning the color division of conformation classes, and the subject will be opened up for general comment from the membership. If comments seem to indicate a majority desire for change in the current policy, then the issue will be included in the fall ballot for officers as an item on which the membership shall vote.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday May 3rd, 2004, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
7:54 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Michelle Olsen, second Beth Bartholomew.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.


No meetinc.


Members present:
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg • Laura Tomaszewski • Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:31 pm. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

1.  Recording Secretary’s Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of March board meeting
Minutes of March, 2004 board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2004-05 (below).

2.   Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 3/04 received AKC 2003 Annual Report

  • 3/04/04 letter from AKC asking for nominations for “Lifetime Achievement Award”

  • 3/10/04 letter from AKC notifying clubs that the Parent Specialty Show site Locator is complete and available on the AKC website at www.akc.org/sitelocator.

  •  3/12/04 letter from AKC with suggested language to be used on show entry forms if a club decides to opt out of arbitration.

  • 3/17/04 notice from AKC that all herding trials at the specialty had been approved.

  • 3/24/04 letter from Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club requesting funds to support their AKC A and B course herding trial.

  • 3/30/04 letter from Canine Health Foundation.  The Foundation received a donation of $1,371.83 from Nestle Purina from member participation in the dog food weight circle Parent Club Partnership Program.

  • 4/12/04 letter to Dog News asking for a printed correction regarding Robert Cole's article, “You Be the Judge” in the March 26, 2004, issue.  Our Judges Education Coordinator should have been listed as Carolyn Herbel.

  • 4/20/04 letter and “Border Beanie” to Gerard Baudet, chair of the AKC HEC Committee for his work on correcting what is a first place for a herding championship.

  • 4/29/04: Denise received a letter from AKC asking for information about our Breeder Referral program. Denise referred it to Janet Legg (Breeder Referral Chair) to respond. 

  • 4/04 Beth received a letter and rescue donation from a member, Linda Koutsky will send a thank-you and acknowledgement.

  • 4/04 Linda received a survey from AKC about delegates meetings, etc. (details about how our club reimburses our delegate, location of meetings, timing etc.) Linda will fill it out and consult with the board if she has any question about how to answer any part of it. 

3.  Treasurer’s Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Interim Financial Report

Checking balance:



Savings balance:



Health balance:

$  2,586.16

  (included in savings balance)

Rescue balance:


  (included in savings balance)

3.2   Membership Dues
$14,370 in membership dues

3.3  2004 Specialty Income/Expenses
Income: $752 in trophy donation

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months. 

5.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the March Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2004-05
Motion: to accept the minutes from the March Board Meeting.
Motion made by:  Michelle Olsen
Second: Beth Bartholomew
In Favor: Unanimous.

5.2  Motion 2004-06
Motion: To donate $200 to the Kentuckiana-Tartan Border Collie Club (KTBCC), per their written request, to be used towards the expenses related to hiring stock handlers, and rental of sheep and grounds, for their 2004 Herding Trial.
Motion made by:  Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: Unanimous.

5.3  Motion 2004-07
Motion: To donate $175 to the 2004 Kentucky Bluegrass Trial to sponsor one of the Novice classes. This donation entitles our club to a full page advertisement in their catalog, which we will use for a "goodwill ad" with our website Address included. 
Motion made by:  Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: Unanimous

5.4  New Members approved

  • Name: Monica Jones
    Address: P O Box 2136, Toluca Lake, CA  91610-0136 
    Phone/email:  818-951-5030 • MODOGS30@ MSN.COM
    Sponsor: Terry Kenney
  • Name: Wade and Mary Campbell
    Address: 1661 Campbell Trail, Richardson, TX  75082
    Phone/email: 972/231-3579 • wadecampbell@compuserve.com
    Sponsor: Felicia Whalen
  • Name: Mary Patrice Ezzo, VMD, MPH
    Address: 3 Woodside Drive, Richboro, PA   18954
    Phone/email: 215-953-0147 • mpezzo@aol.com
    Sponsor: Wendy Jordan
  • Name: Kathie Woods
    Address: 223 W. Hill Ranch Road, Edgewood, NM  87015
    Phone/email: 505/281-0477
    Sponsor: Evelyn Fox
  • Name: Antoinette Walker
    Address: 7907 Genery Tr., McCalla, AL  35111
    Phone/email: 205-477-4723 • cookiw20@aol.com
    Sponsor: Sandra Lindenmuth
  • Name: Nancy Lindsay
    Address: 135 Haines Ave, New Lenox, IL  60451
    Phone/email: 815-485-9180 • herdnk9@aol.com
    Sponsor: Kay Rieff
  • Name: Debra A Tabor
    Address: 9219 MacAllan Rd NE,  Albuquerque, NM   87109
    Phone/email: 515-294-8596
    Sponsor: Patricia Spradley
  • Name: Dawn Monroe, DVM
    Address: 2101 Peach Orchard Dr NW, Hartselle, AL  35640
    Phone/email: 256-751-0279 • drmonroe@bellsouth.net
    Sponsor: Marilyn Heinisc
  • Name: Coralie Rumbold
    Address: 13901 Sophomore Ln, Ft. Meyers, FL   33912
    Phone/email: 239-768-6554 • otchvel@cs.com
    Sponsor: Nancy Keller
  • Name: Lori Davidson
    Address: 23523 Hatteras St, Woodland Hills, CA  91367
    Phone/email: 818-992-1686 • PAWSXLD@YAHOO.COM
    Sponsor: Lynn Erickson

6.  Committee Business

6.1  Health Committee (Laura Tomaszewski, Chair)
Two people have expressed interest in taking over the chair position of the committee. Because this is such a busy time for the club and the Board, it was resolved to postpone any decisions regarding the committee until after the specialty. In the interim, Laura will ask the committee to start working on a specific project, probably the health survey.

6.2  Judges Education Committee
Linnea Klingel is traveling a long distance to put on a Judges Education seminar for our club. It was resolved that we pay her for her travel, lodging and food, because it is such a big time commitment, and it’s hard to find volunteers who are willing and capable of doing it.

6.3  Rescue Committee
Linda Baron would like to find a replacement for the chair position of this committee, and recommended Sarah Ruckelshaus-Nicholson. It was resolved to appoint Sarah to this position. 

7.  Old Business 

7.1  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Update from Purina via Linda Koutsky: they have re-worked their grounds quite a bit, adding steps from RV area, concrete walkways from RV area & to vendor area, reworked the grass field and added a drainage system, which should cut down on the mud problem. They also have future plans to build a hotel that caters to “doggie events” but no specified date.

  • All-Breed Show Conflicts: we still are working on resolution to conflicting shows in the area, where we have to procure letters of agreement for us to hold our event. 

  • Ribbon date labels: Linda reminded everyone of the new rule that allows us to not date qualifying ribbons on the front for Obedience, which will save us some money in being able to recycle them year-to-year.

  • Committees: still need Show Grounds Chair, Agility Chief Ring Steward, and Games chair.

  • Joyce ordered Port-A-Potties already, including TWO handicapped stalls for the whole week, which people like to use for changing clothes etc. because they are extra roomy. 

  • Secretary: Sue Friegen from “Caper” will be the secretary for Conformation, Obedience & Agility. Barb Witte will do herding.  

  • Banquet: Denise & Michelle chose a caterer & a menu, and have designed an order form. This year we’ll be having a “smorgasbord” style buffet that allows more “mingling” and better use of the space in the small room. 

  • Rescue Event: Lisa Pruka is working on finding a rescue group willing to put on a Rescue Benefit night.

  • Performance Match: Kat Ferruzza has agreed to chair. She will take pre-entries as well as day-of-show entries; we’ll give a price break for pre-entering, to help us have an estimate of number of participants. Linda K will order rosettes. 

  • Handling Seminar before Performance Match from 2-4pm, no charge.

  • Tracking Seminar: Lisa Pruka is working with Wally O’Brien Possibly on two half-day sessions, 7-11am and 12-4pm. 

  • Seminar: Laura asked Dr. Patterson to do a seminar on epilepsy in Border Collies, he agreed, but he would need expenses covered. The Board agreed this was worth it to have him come out. Laura will follow up with him. Columbia & Minnesota Universities are doing a major epilepsy study; he would cover information about it in his lecture, as well as express their need for BC blood samples and pedigrees to build their database. www.canine-epilepsy.net  

  • Premium list/catalog: Claudia Frank, Nancie Mages and all of the committee chairs are working on updating the PL, due to be mailed sometime in June.  

  • Herding Approval: AKC has yet to approve herding because two of our judges needed to fulfill their seminar requirements. They have recently, but AKC hasn’t updated their website yet. Laura will contact them and get it changed ASAP. Also, they don’t have our opening date listed correctly, Laura will ask. 

  • Jr. Showmanship: will be held both on Saturday & Sunday, before the regular classes. 

  • Exhibitor bags: Purina will be giving out free bags again, using the BCSA logo (they can’t use the specialty logo because it’s grayscale, they can only do “line art”). It was considered whether or not to buy our own canvas tote bags with the specialty logo on them, but it was decided they were too expensive to take on this year. So, we’ll try to get them ahead of time and “stuff” them with goodies at the hotel. Last year, there were 189 exhibitors in attendance, 97 of which were BCSA members. 

  • Logo items: it was resolved to order nylon Frisbee-like disks with the specialty logo items as a giveaway for BCSA members and new member applications. Other logo items were discussed, such as pens, key tags, tumblers, crate tags, etc but we’ll stick with one item for this year, and look at more for next year. 

  • Parade of Champions: Michelle will chair. We’ll use the same closing date as everything else; Linda K will order rosettes for it. Certificates: Michelle will contact Nancie Mages to ask how they did these last year. Wayne Koutsky has agreed to be the MC for the event again.

  • Catalog Ads: it was resolved to lower the catalog ad price for BCSA members to $50 ($75 for nonmembers) for a full page ad. 

  • Committee Chairs are listed on the website, as well as vacant positions. 

  • Tentative Schedule: listed on website.

7.2  2005 National Specialty

  • Still looking for a chair.

  • Nancie Mages is already working on booking judges. The Board discussed at length the priorities of desiring judges who have attended Judges Education, have Border Collie Breeding experience, as well as show little prejudice against one style of BC over another. It’s hard to find someone who “has everything” and is not perceived as biased. We need to work on a solidified priority list to help us choose from the suggestions.

8.   New Business

8.1  AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards
The Board discussed suggestions for the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award nomination. From the suggested names, it was decided to nominate Claudia Frank for performance, Dr. William Thayne for Companion Events, and Carolyn Herbel for Conformation.

8.2  BCSA Logo items
We are out of BCSA decals in the Store inventory. It was resolved to order a new batch of “magnetic” decals this time. We’ll use these as an incentive for early membership renewal, and will sell the rest in the store.

8.3  AKC Border Collie Stud Book
The Stud Book closes in January, 2006. We need to start work on a petition AKC to extend the open registration for a longer period of time, to continue to expand our registered gene pool. Denise will ask Richard Whorton if he will head this up. Michelle and Janet expressed willingness to help him.

8.4  “Stained” T-Shirt design
Cathy Lester suggested that we have some “stained design” t-shirts made to sell at the specialty and in the BCSA Store, and she offered to create the design for us. The shirts are beautiful and there was definite interest, but Board Members wanted more information on the cost. Denise would ask Cathy to get us a price quote so we could assess the financial feasibility.

8.5  Westminster Kennel Club Website: Border Collie Info Section
WKC asked us to look over our breed write-up on their website and suggest any changes. It was resolved to leave it as-is for now, it links to our website, where people can find more extensive breed information.

8.6  2005-06 Officer Nominees
The Nominating Committee has completed their slate of officers for the fall elections. It will be published in the next Borderlines (thus is not redundantly listed here). August 1st is the deadline for additional nominees from the membership.

8.7  Herding Event Annual Limitation
Currently, AKC limits the number of herding events a club can offer each year. Claudia Frank has requested that our club lobby to increase this limit. It was resolved to ask Claudia to pursue this, and write a letter on our club’s behalf that would go to the Herding, Earthdog and Lure Coursing Events Committee to consider.

8.8  Historian
Michelle expressed a desire to appoint a Club Historian to capture our club’s initial history. Karen volunteered to do this job. Denise reported that we have five boxes of material in the AKC archives, but we don’t have a complete record of what’s there, or what ought to be sent there. Michelle has some extraneous info on our club’s first events and documentation effort to gain Parent Club status. And, we need to start compiling lists of “achievers”—specialty winners, ROM awardees, Versatility and VCh title holders, firsts in certain categories, etc.—these can go on our website once consolidated lists have been created. Karen can look into what other history we’d like to preserve.

8.9  National in the Northwest Topic
Michelle reported an update on investigation on holding a future National in the northwest states. One idea was to go back-to-back with the Australian Cattle Dog National, which was slated for 2007 in Hillsboro, OR. However, upon further research, the site they were hoping to use is not booking events for 2007 due to construction plans. And, in the meantime, the ACD club has reconsidered their plans and may move that event to California. Michelle and Terry Kenney will research another possible venue in Washington that is able to host large dog events, called Argus Ranch for Dogs in Auburn, WA. Since no chair has stepped forward for the 2005 National, it’s possible we could have the northwest as a backup plan, and do a very limited event there, rather than canceling it altogether. We’d need to make a final decision by this fall, to allow a year to plan the event.

8.10  BCSA Suggestion Box
Judge suggestions have continued to trickle in via the suggestion box.

9.   Date of Next Meeting
Monday July 12th, 2004, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
7:54 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Joyce, second Michelle.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary


No meeting.


Members present:
Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg • Laura Tomaszewski

Absent: Denise Teal • Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:38pm. Pacific Time by Joyce Norris

1. Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1 Approval of minutes of the last board meeting
Minutes of last board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2004-08 (below).

2. Corresponding Secretary's Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 4/29/04 Letter from AKC requesting input from our club regarding breeder referral.
  • 5/21/04 Letter from AKC regarding the National Championship in Tampa, Florida, January 15-16, 2005, asking BCSA to host a "Meet the Breeds" booth.
  • 5/25/04 Letter from AKC regarding the AKC Stud Book Register no longer being published in printed form.
  • 6/8/04 Letter from AKC requesting BCSA provide a narrative and photos for the upcoming 20th edition of "The Complete Dog Book"
  • 6/04 Letter from Kentucky Border Collie Association thanking us for our donation to the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial.
  • 7/04: Purina Parent Club letter to Beth: letter asking if we want to continue participation in their program. Beth will respond in the affirmative.

3. Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1 Interim Financial Report

Checking balance: $16,97.04.
Savings balance: $62,02.12
Health balance: $2,586.16     (included in savings balance)
Rescue balance: $10,360.90    (included in savings balance)

3.2 2004 Specialty Income/Expenses

$2,072.00 in trophy donation income
$2,713.10  in expenses so far

4. Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months.

5. Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the last Board meeting:

5.1 Motion 2004-08
Motion: to accept the minutes from the May Board Meeting.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Linda Koutsky
In Favor: Unanimous.

5.2 New Members approved

  • Name: Gayle M Echevarria
    Address: 117 Indian Ridge Rd, Greenville , VA 24440
    Phone/email: 540-337-0222 . hooknriddle@yahoo.com
    Sponsor: Kathleen Walker
  • Name: John Louis (Jack) Follis (Jr. Member)
    Address: 7322 Melbourne, St. Louis, MO 63119
    Phone/email: 314/647-5941 . lfollis@charter.net
    Sponsor: Joyce Norris
  • Name: Margery A. Furbish
    Address: 400 Leisure Woods Dr, Buda, TX 78610
    Phone/email: 512/312-2829 . mfurbish@texas.net
    Sponsor: AnneMarie Silverton
  • Name: Gay Collins & Silmar Silva
    Address: 566 Hughes Rd, Newborn, GA 30056
    Phone/email: 706/468-6856
    Sponsor: Claire Hamilton
  • Name: Bonnie Flowers
    Address: 229 Benjamin, Romeo, MI 48065
    Phone/email: 586-752-4318 . corgihill@compserve.net
    Sponsor: Donna Anderson
  • Name: Gail & Walter O'Brien
    Address: PO Box 217, Dundee, IL 60118-0217
    Phone/email: 847-551-9716 . gailpobrien@yahoo.com
    Sponsor: Kay Rieff
  • Name: Celeste Meade
    Address: 211 County Rd, Bedford, NH 03110
    Phone/email: 603-644-5919 . cmeadezoomer@aol.com
    Sponsor: Sue Maybourne
  • Name: Barbara Baird
    Address: 5214 E Pleasant Run Pky N Dr, Indianapolis, IN
    Phone/email: 317-357-2627 . bjbaird@bjbairdlaw.com
    Sponsor: Joyce Norris
  • Name: Lisa C Robers
    Address: 4036 Abbey Lane, Stem, NC 27581
    Phone/email: 919-602-5788 . wonderdogs@earthlink.net
    Sponsor: Fran Hoffman
  • Name: Leide W. Jones
    Address: PO Box 490525, Leesburg, FL 34749
    Phone/email: 352-753-2597 . Pennycaerau@aol.com
    Sponsor: Sandra Lindenmuth
  • Name: Linda Bates
    Address: 3323 Luke Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34744
    Phone/email: 407-348-7358 . pearlie1234@hotmail.com
    Sponsor: Kelly Whiteman
  • Name: Connie Presley-Atchley & Pete Atchley
    Address: PO Box 260, Trabuco Cyn, CA 92678
    Phone/email: 949-858-0557 . soranch@aol.com
    Sponsor: Mary Bayes
  • Name: Marijane Craig
    Address: PO Box 263, South Bernickm, ME 03908
    Phone/email: 207-384-8253
    Sponsor: Joyce Norris
  • Name: Judy Jergens
    Address: 104 Kaitlin Ct, East Peoria, IL 61611
    Phone/email: 309-698-7169 . jjurgens@ix.netcom.com
    Sponsor: Kay Rieff
  • Name: Jana Brady
    Address: 3482 Kirby Terrace Dr, Memphis, TN 38115
    Phone/email: 901-794-2591 . JLBRADY@BELLSOUTH.NET
    Sponsor: Joyce Norris
  • Name: Caitlin Kane
    Address: 18188 Mulberry, Riverview, MI 48192
    Phone/email: 734-285-0197 . COLLIELOVER1321@AOL.COM
    Sponsor: Sandra Shults
  • Name: Linda Gray
    Address: 2975 Minverva Lake Rd, Columbus, OH 43231
    Phone/email: 614-802-8512 . WESTIE3ANDBC1@AOL.COM
    Sponsor: Denise Teal
  • Name: Sonia McGrail
    Address: 9260 Elmcrest Dr, Norwalk, IA 50211
    Phone/email: 515-256-1917
    Sponsor: Judith Wilson
  • Name: Suzanne Leroy
    Address: 24213 Clavert ST, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    Phone/email: 818-888-6656 . MOVIESTOO@YAHOO.COM
    Sponsor: Sandra Shultz
  • Name: Gail Smith
    Address: 3218 Strong St, Riverside, CA 92501
    Phone/email: 909-369-1260 . MADSCOTTY@EARTHLINK.NET
    Sponsor: April Quist
  • Name: Patricia Kallen, Ph.D.
    Address: 4539 Starcher Ct, Suffolk, VA 23434
    Phone/email: 757-255-0880 . HANLEYKALLEN@EARTHLINK.NET
    Sponsor: Kathleen Flynn
  • Name: Noel & Jack Kujawski
    Address: 11782 Valley Creek Rd, Woodbury, MN 55129
    Phone/email: 651-436-5573 . WIRLWYNDBC@VISI.COM
    Sponsor: Claudia Roberts
  • Name: Pat Schulz & Maureen Shulz-Tobias
    Address: 14421 W. Everett Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045
    Phone/email: 847-816-9288 . DEVALYN@AOL.COM
    Sponsor: Nancie Mages

6. Committee Business

6.1 Health Committee (Laura Tomaszewski, Chair)
Lisa Pruka and Yvonne Anderson have both expressed interest in the Health Committee, from which Laura would like to step down as chair. Laura will contact Lisa and let her know she has been approved to chair the committee, but obviously won't have time to dedicate to the committee until after the specialty is over. In the meantime, Yvonne will be asked to get the ball rolling on a health survey project. The first task would be to collect some samples of what other clubs have had success with, to model our program after them, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

6.2 Membership Committee (Kay Rieff, Chair)
Kay has asked to resign to spend more time on other things. A call for volunteers was sent out via ANNOUNCE, and three volunteers responded. A job description was sent to all three candidates. Kathy Sours was chosen, and the other two volunteers were asked to take on other volunteer capacities in line with their personal skill sets.
Motion: Michelle Olsen, Second: Karen -unanimous.

6.3 Rescue Committee
Sarah Ruckelshaus-Nicholson asked the Board to consider offering an incentive program for individual rescuers to encourage them to help with BCSA rescue. Her initial thought was to give a free membership to these volunteers (who may not currently be members) to recognize their contribution to the breed. The Board discussed this idea, but identified the road block that this would require a bylaws change, which is probably bigger than we want to take on to accomplish the goal. The other concern raised was that, although we feel rescue volunteers are very valuable and contribute greatly, we must balance that with the other contributors to our breed and club as well-committee members, national specialty volunteers, etc. It was resolved to return the subject back to Sarah to try to think of some other ways to attract more volunteers and make them feel recognized and appreciated. Some suggestions were to individually recognize key contributors during the Rescue Parade at the national; and list them as part of the rescue committee on the website, where other volunteers are acknowledged.

7. Old Business

7.1 2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Tentative Schedule: listed on website.
  • Premium lists: have gone in the mail and are on the website for
  • Rosettes: Linda Koutsky is working on the ribbon order.
  • Match ribbons: Lisa and Kathy had requested permission to give rosettes for first through fourth place at the match. It was resolved that the low entry fees wouldn't support buying this many rosettes, and we don't want to raise the entry fees too high. We will continue with the original plan of giving rosettes for BOB, BOS, and all First Places.
  • Emergency Committee: Laura T. (Chair) will put a message on ANNOUNCE asking for names & contact info for health care workers who will be in attendance at the specialty, so we have several people we can call on for emergencies.
  • Linda Koutsky: requested to be replaced on the Show Committee list. Karen Herceg volunteered to take this spot.

7.2 2005 National Specialty

  • Chair: Denise Teal and Linda Koutsky have volunteered to co-chair the 2005 specialty. Thank you to both of them for stepping up to the plate before the event had to be canceled. A vote of approval was held to approve them:
    Motion: Karen, Second: Laura Unanimous
  • Event chairs: Joyce has volunteered to chair herding, Nancie Mages Conformation & premium lists. Linda and Denise are already working on securing other chairs, and starting the judge hiring process.
  • Judge suggestions: judge name suggestions for all venues continue to be requested. Linda and Denise will work with Nancie to get another message out on ANNOUNCE soon, with a deadline for 2005 judge name submittals. They will begin working with the list we already have.
  • Sheep: Jim New is getting out of the business of providing sheep for trials, so we will have to make arrangements with someone else for the 2005 trial.

8. New Business

8.1 AKC Open Stud Book Registration
The open registration period for Border Collies will expire in January 2006. Richard Whorton has offered to draft a rationale that will be sent to AKC requesting that the registration remain open an additional five years. This will be sent to the AKC in early 2005.

8.2 BCSA Suggestion Box
No new suggestions this term.

8.3 BCSA Sponsored Agility Trial
Karen Herceg reported that Denise Thomas, Agility trial secretary in Erie, PA, expressed interest in hosting a BCSA sponsored agility trial at her facility, which she would secretary. It could serve as a fundraiser for the club. There was interest from the Board in pursuing this idea. Karen agreed to get more information.

9. Date of Next Meeting
Monday September 13th, 2004, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
7:43 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Linda Koutsky, Second by Laura T.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary


No meeting.


Members present:
Denise Teal • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg • Laura Tomaszewski •  Joyce Norris • Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:36pm. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

1. Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1 Approval of minutes of the last board meeting
Minutes of last board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2004-09 (below).

2. Corresponding Secretary's Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 8/2/04 memo from James Crowley, AKC, reminding all specialty clubs that clubs may not require a judge at a specialty show to agree in advance to excuse dogs as a condition of their judging assignment.
  • 8/6/04 letter from AKC asking for a list of veterinarians who are also breeders.
  • 8/04: e-mail letter from the Detroit Kennel Club asking if we would be interested in holding a regional specialty at their show some time in the future.
  • 8/18/04 letter from AKC concerning discounted airfares available to fanciers traveling to dog shows on United Airlines. United Airlines will provide 40 one way discount certificates for dogs flying in crates larger than 27" long x 20" wide x 19" high and up to 48" long x 32" wide x 35" high through July 15, 2005, to parent clubs.
  • 8/30/04 letter from AKC approving February 19-20, 2005 agility trial in Edinboro, PA.

3. Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1 Interim Financial Report

Checking balance: $14,568.14
Savings balance: $63,182.12
Health balance: $3,367.02 (included in savings balance)
Rescue balance: $12,306.81 (included in savings balance)

3.2 2004 Specialty Income/Expenses

$7,139.00 Income
$3,407.33 Expenses

4. Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months.

5. Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the last Board meeting:

5.1 Motion 2004-09
Motion: to accept the minutes from the July Board Meeting.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: Unanimous.

5.2 New Members approved

Name: Jayme Rutter
: 4917 Old Wm Penn Hwy
Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone: 724-325-4401
Email: scout@ruttersop.com
Sponsor: Julie Ecklar

Name: Eileen Madrigale
Address: 2096 McCullough Rd
Aron Park, FL 33825
Phone: 863.452.0402
Email: wagonshobcs@aol.com
: Holley Grooms

Name: Sonja Donaldson
Address/Phone: Removed at member's request.
Email: sonjadonaldson@cox.net
Sponsor: Sandra Shults

Name: John & Sharon Grech
Address: 28200 27 Mile Road
New Haven, MI; 48048
Phone: 586.749.6460
Email: Chipndip48048@yahoo.com
Sponsor: Ronni Delay

Name: Kay J. Carr
Address: 603 S. Glenview Dr
Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone: 618.351.1507
Email: kjcarr@mchsi.com
Sponsor: Norman L. Herbel

Name: Tim & Darlene Cutshall
Address: 658 Mansion Road
Winfield, MO;63389
Phone: 636.668.6433
Email: Fuzzybuttk9@aol.com
Sponsor: Joyce Norris

Name: Marge Danielson
Address: 15317 250th Street
Greenwood, NE;68366
Phone: 402.944.7039
Email: fenmandan@alltel.net
Sponsor: Gerianne Darnell

Name: Tim Walsh
Address: 6682 W. Grovers Avenue
Glendale, AZ;85308
Phone: 602.547.5978
Email: TimJWalsh@Qwest.net
Sponsor: Sandra Shults

6. Committee Business

6.1 Breeder Referral Committee

6.1.1 List of breeders
It was resolved to have Kathy Sours, the Membership Chair, keep track of the people who want to be on the Breeder Referral list. She will include list renewal information in the membership renewal mailing; and will provide the list to the webmaster and the Breeder Referral chair. This will help ensure that all three lists stay "in synch."
6.1.2 New Chair needed
Janet Legg must resign from this job for the time being due to health reasons. A new volunteer will be sought via ANNOUNCE and Borderlines. Karen Herceg agreed to serve as the interim chair until we find a permanent replacement.

6.2 Rescue Committee

6.2.1 Grant request:
A request from Sarah Ruckelshaus-Nicholson was considered, for a $470 grant in rescue funds to purchase Microsoft Publisher and Editor to be used to publish their newsletter. Cost for each is $145 and $145. They are also asking for $180 to cover the cost of printing the newsletter. It was resolved to ask for clarification of what the newsletter is used for, how frequently it is mailed, and what its budget is, and return on investment (is it sent to rescue volunteers, adopters, potential adopters or ?). Also to ask for a clear plan of who would own the software license, and how it would be passed on to another club member if the keeper decided to leave the organization.
6.2.2 Grant Policy:
Sarah Ruckelshaus-Nicholson had requested the board to consider changing the rescue grant to be open to non-BCSA-members, and not restricted to educational purposes only. Currently, not many groups are taking advantage of the grants, so the request is rooted in a desire to make better use of the funds to benefit BC rescue in general. Laura T. made a motion to broaden the scope of the grants to include health care and assistance for rescue dogs; and to allow non-BCSA affiliated organizations to apply. The board will vote on approval all applications. Second: Michelle. Vote: unanimous.

7. Old Business

7.1 2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Emergency Committee: The Emergency chair was printed incorrectly in the Herding Confirmation letter-it should be Laura Tomaszewski, chair. The emergency vet information has changed as well, the vet we originally planned on using won't be available. Please pay close attention to final information printed in the catalog and the Show confirmation letter.
  • Herding Checks: Joyce reported that Secretary Barb Witte will be retaining the entry checks until the day of the trial, so she can give them back for refunds (rather than having the Treasurer write refund checks).
  • General progress: Specialty is coming along, entry sizes are very good, orders for meals, shirts, catalogs etc are solid. Entry confirmations are out, catalog is in the works, shirts are ordered.

7.2 2005 National Specialty: Chair: Denise Teal and Linda Koutsky have volunteered to co-chair the 2005 specialty.

  • Event chairs:
    Secretary: Derek Pattison of "Laughing Coyote Productions" (Hodgenville, Kentucky) will be the secretary for all events. He accepts online entries and credit card payments.
    Herding: Joyce Norris & Margie Clutter. Joyce is working on judges, has already procured some.
    Obedience: Juli Cepulis -judges are all under contract.
    Agility: Laura Wright.
    Conformation: Nancie Mages. She is working on judges.
    Tracking: Lisa Pruka & Kari Wahlquist.
    Premium Lists/Catalog: Nancie Mages
    Herding Schedule/Livestock: some discussion was held on whether or not to have ducks, and also whether to have two or three days of herding. It was decided to table the discussion until after the specialty, to get input from this year's event. We'll also evaluate how the Herding Challenge goes.
    General Specialty Schedule: much discussion was held on rearranging the week's schedule again. It was resolved to contact St. Louis Herding Club to see if they would like to hold a trial back-to-back with our trial. If they do, we may offer some prize donations. Tentative decisions on the rest of the schedule were made that will be finalized later.

7.3 AKC Open Stud Book Registration
Michelle reported the progress made so far on the research on the open stud book status. Richard forwarded the copy of the last proposal used, and Denise and Michelle have provided feedback. Richard continues to work on the proposal, which is targeted to be submitted early 2005.

7.4 BCSA Sponsored Agility Trial

  • Motion for approval to hold a BCSA sponsored AKC agility trial on February 19 and 20, 2005, in Edinboro, PA. Trial secretary will be Denise Thomas. Trial chair will be Karen Herceg. (Motion Karen, Laura), vote was unanimous.
  • Karen requested to re-use the leftover agility ribbons from the national for this event. More will be ordered as needed, and the leftovers from this trial will be forwarded to next year's specialty.

8. New Business

8.1 Piedemont BC Club Regional Specialty
The Piedmont Border Collie Club has requested approval for a regional specialty in 2005. Motion: (Linda, Joyce), vote was unanimous.

8.2 Piedmont BC Club Regional Specialty: Awards Donation Request
The Piedmont Border Collie Club will have 1 conformation show, 2 obedience trials, 2 agility trials, and one herding trial; over three days. They need prizes for all venues and have requested a donation. Due to the fact that they are offering more venues and more days of competition than the other specialty clubs, which each garnered $200 for their specialties; a motion was made to donate $300 towards their trophy fund (Karen, Laura), vote was unanimous.

8.3 AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards
It is time for our club to vote on the nominees for the AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards. Nominees are:

  • Conformation: Maxine V. Bean; Michele Billings; Dr. Harry Smith (Board chose Michele Billings)
  • Companion events: Rosalie Alvarez; Velma Janek; David Maurer (Board chose Rosalie Alvarez)
  • Performance: Dennis Bath; John Rabidou; J. J. Sweezey (Board chose J. J. Sweezey)

8.4 BCSA Suggestion Box
Pat Krause submitted some suggestions for encouraging Junior Handlers in BCSA. It was resolved that we need a chairperson to head up the effort of a BCSA Junior Program. Denise will send out an announcement requesting volunteers.

9. Date of Next Meeting
Meeting @ National Specialty: the board will have a short, informal meeting with the incoming 2005 board members on Wednesday night after the annual meeting.

Next regular board meeting: Monday November 8th, 2004, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
8:16 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Beth Bartholomew, second Karen Herceg.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary


Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm.

Meeting lacked a quorum, so no official business could be conducted. A "town hall" meeting was held. Minutes follow.

Introductions of the current board and 2005-2006 board members (all who were present).


  • New breed standard was accepted for use starting in the spring of this year.
  • Judges selection process has been improved.
  • Treasury has grown to a more comfortable size.
  • $1,000 donated towards Epilepsy study being done by Dr. Patterson, our guest speaker on epilepsy
    $1,000 donated towards veterinary care for the Southern California rescue effort of a major Border Collie puppy mill.
  • Financial support of B course herding trials held by affiliate clubs (typically $200 per trial).
  • Juniors program-this is currently being launched; under consideration is a scholarship program and a Juniors recognition event at the national.
  • Website updates and progress-website has been completely overhauled and is now updated on almost a daily basis. New "featured rescue" on the main page.
  • AKC Border Collie stud book closes Jan 2006. Richard Whorton is heading up a team working on a proposal to keep them open for another period of time, or permanently.
  • 2005 Specialty: Oct 10-16. Denise Teal & Linda Koutsky are co-chairs. All of the major venue chair positions are filled, but many volunteers are still needed.


  • Date of next year's specialty & whether it follows the corresponding date calendar or not? Answer: we don't follow the corresponding date calendar, instead we work around available dates at Purina. If we conflict with a local all-breed show, we just work it out with them so that they don't offer Border Collies at their show, and they write for us a letter of permission. Next year's specialty week is October 10-16, 2005.


  • A folder was provided at the front of the room, containing year-end committee reports. Committee chairs who were present were asked to stand and give a brief verbal summary.
  • BCSA ANNOUNCE & Suggestion Box (Nancy Little): Announced that if there are any members who are not on the list and would like to be, to contact her.
  • Judges Selection (Nancie Mages): We are running out of names for conformation and sweepstakes, we really need more suggestions. We need qualifications submitted with the names, and we are looking for judges who are good to the dogs and exhibitors and nice to work with, as well as good judges in general.
  • Breeder Referral (Karen Herceg): She recently took over from Janet Legg, who needed to resign from the position. She has responded to five inquiries so far, one of which was a request for obedience instructor referral. Karen encouraged club members who are breeders to list themselves if they would like to be contacted by shopping puppy buyers.
  • Finance committee (Wayne Koutsky): Audited books mid-year.
  • Health Committee (Laura T, former chair, Lisa Pruka, chair, absent): Reported on epilepsy study to be held on Thursday in the host hotel. Dr. Patterson needs dogs for his study, both affected dogs as well as their unaffected relatives for his DNA database. The study is confidential.
  • Judges Ed (Carolyn Herbel): Judges Ed seminar is Friday, anyone who aspires to judge Border Collies may attend. The fee is $25. This year's seminar will focus on the new standard, contrasting it to the old one. Morning is a classroom study, followed by watching dogs work on the herding field in the afternoon, ending with a class of dogs for judging and discussion.

Blue cards were handed to members as they checked in, and are intended for feedback on any issue regarding the club, the specialty, etc, and all will be considered by the board. Signature is not required on the comments (but is required for all judge suggestions).


Members present:
Denise Teal  • Beth Bartholomew  • Michelle Olsen  • Linda Koutsky  • Karen Herceg  • Laura Tomaszewski  • Janet Lewis  • Joyce Norris (called in at 6:28pm)

Call to order:
5:32pm. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

1. Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1 Approval of minutes of the last board meeting
Minutes of last board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2004-10 (below).

2. Corresponding Secretary's Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 10/22/04 letter from Richelle Marsico, attorney for Border Collie Rescue Inc, and Nick Carter, notifying us of a forthcoming subpoena for club documents.
  • 10/28/04 e-mail from David Frei soliciting a donation for "Take the Lead". Take the Lead is an organization that supports people in need in the sport of purebred dogs. Financial support is given to individuals and families facing life-threatening and financially devastating illnesses.
  • 10/29/04: Thank you letter from Katie Gammil for inviting her to judge at our National.
  • 11/1/04 letter to Richelle Marsico informing her that we have no documents to produce.
  • 11/1/04: Request from AKC for the incoming 2005 officers & committee chair positions of interest to them.
  • 10/27/04: Letters from AKC closing out specialty & Sunday show and agility trials (turnaround letters). Linda will gather next year's info and send them back in for next year's event.
  • 11/8/04: Email to Linda from BCCGLA requesting permission to hold their specialty.
  • 10/04: Beth received a statement from the veterinarian in CA acknowledging our donation to the rescue effort.
  • 10/04: Beth received a thank you letter for our $1,000 donation to the epilepsy study.
  • 10/04: Letter to Beth from Purina updating us on our Parent Club Partnership program status.

3. Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1 Interim Financial Report

Checking balance: $23,345.58
Savings balance: $51,247.90
Health balance: $1,586.16 (included in savings balance)
Rescue balance: $10,340.90 (included in savings balance)

3.2 Recent operating expenses

  • $10,000 from savings went to Wayne Koutsky to establish the new bank account for his Treasurer term (rest of funds will be transferred after the first of the year when Beth's term expires).
  • $1,000 from Health Fund went to the Epilepsy Study.
  • $1,000 from Rescue fund went to the Southern California puppy mill rescue effort's veterinary bills.

3.3 2004 Specialty Income/Expenses
Laura brought up the issue of sending Dr. Stoltz a small stipend for being the on-call vet during the weekdays of the specialty. She would get a check from Beth for $75 (we had paid him $100 previously for the entire week, including weekend).

Totals so far on Specialty income/expenses:
$48,241.5 Income*
$34,650.84 Expenses*
*These are preliminary figures. Not all expense receipts have been processed yet and some additional income may be pending. Some portion of the income figures may belong to rescue, exact breakdowns are still being processed.

3.4 Borderlines
Michelle attended the Parent Club Conference in October. There was a "resource room" that contained examples of club newsletters from most of the clubs. Many clubs are now issuing full-color glossy magazines from professional publishers and reported satisfaction with this method and the cost, and also a high rate of advertising and income (due to the higher quality of photos & print). The Board considered this possibility, and was interested from the standpoint of removing yet another of our more burdensome jobs on members. Now that we are hiring professional secretaries and paying the catalog compiler for the national specialty, delegating Borderlines to a third party may be a good step to take sometime in the future. Michelle will email the Parent Club Conference discussion list asking for suggested names of professional publishers and find out what other clubs are paying for this service, for further research.

4. Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months.

5. Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motions were voted on via email since the last Board meeting:

5.1 Motion 2004-10
Motion: to accept the minutes from the September Board Meeting.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: Unanimous.

5.2 Motion 2004-11
Motion: To donate $1,000 from our restricted Health Fund savings account to the Canine Epilepsy Research Project (Dr. Ned Patterson, DVM-- University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine; and Dr. Gary Johnson, DVM PhD-- University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine), to presented to Dr. Patterson after his lecture at the 2004 BCSA National.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In favor: unanimous

5.3 Motion 2004-12
Motion: To donate $1,000 from our restricted Rescue Fund savings account to the rescue effort in Southern California. The money will be sent to Dr. Steven Wagner of County Animal Care "on account" to Border Collie Rescue for medical needs of the border collies rescued from the California puppy mill closure.
Motion Made By: Laura Tomaszewski
Second: Michelle Olsen
In Favor: Unanimous

5.4 Motion 2004-13
Motion: To approve KTBCC's request to hold a March 18, 2005 conformation and obedience specialty. This event will again be held in conjunction with the Kentuckiana Cluster of Dog Shows in Louisville, Kentucky.
Motion Made By: Linda Koutsky
Second: Michelle Olsen
In Favor: Unanimous

5.5 Motion 2004-14
Motion: To donate $200 towards B Course trophies for the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles' herding trial in February, 2005.
Motion Made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: Unanimous

5.6 New Members approved
Motion to approve all below listed members: Karen, Laura second; unanimous approval.

Name: Jo Roach
15707 Interlake Ave. North; Shoreline, WA 98133
Phone/Email: 206-440-7834 • russandjo@comcast.net
Sponsor: Yvonne Andersen

Name: Judith Menown
Address: 7708 Clevedon St; St.Louis, MO 63123
Phone/Email: 314-481-6149 • jmenown@post-dispatch.com
Sponsor: Kathy Sours

Name: Trent & Myra Westphal
Address: 4921 Fairfield Drive; Plover, WI 54467
Phone/Email: 715-345-2687 • Myra Westphal
Sponsor: Lisa Pruka

Name: Robert & Elizabeth Slunaker
Address: 1710 Hickory Lane; Greenfield, IN 46140
Phone/Email: 317-462-7393 • slunakers@cs.com
Sponsor: Dr. Kim Green

Name: Catherine Draut
Address: 9709 W. Pleasant Valley Rd; Parma, OH 44130
Phone/Email: 440-884-5207 • cdraut@cox.net
Sponsor: Karen Yobaggy

Name: Terry & Denise Elger
Address: 3439 N. 79th St; Milwaukee, WI; 53222
Phone/Email: 414-445-6933 • dividivot@mindspring.com
Sponsor: Cindy Siekierke

Name: Denise L. Thomas
Address: PO Box 526; Fairview, PA 16415
Phone/Email: 814-756-3545 • countrysideasc@aol.com
Sponsor: Karen Yobaggy

Name: Cecilia Lamb
Address: 128 Blue Marlin Dr; Savannah, GA 31410
Phone/Email: 912-898-1062 •  Purr4705@aol.com
Sponsor: Kelly Whiteman

Name: Karen Moureaux
Address: 2492 Grand Avenue; Fillmore, CA 93015
Phone/Email: 805-524-6800 • agilebc@aol.com
Sponsor: Kathleen Flynn

Name: Joe & Sierra Grumme
Address: 1703 Airways Blvd; Jackson, TN 38301
Phone/Email: 731-427-8585 • cvk@aeneas.net
Sponsor: Joyce Norris

Name: Judith Amore
Address: 570 Bradley Road; Lake Forest, IL 60045
Phone/Email: 847-204-8398 • jamore570@aol.com
Sponsor: Megan Hood

Name: Jerri Carter
Address: 400 S. Kepler Rd; Deland, FL 32724
Phone/Email: 386-736-1097 • BorderCollieRescue@cfl.rr.com
Sponsor: Judith Hackett

Name: Judy & Merle Wilson
Address: 45197 Obee Stevens Rd, Robert, LA 70455
Phone/Email: 985-542-2039 • jmawmawd2@aol.com
Sponsor: Michelle Olsen

6. Committee Business

6.1 Affiliate Club Committee (Ruth Deming, Chair)
Ruth Deming suggested that we dissolve this committee since it's inactive. The board agreed. We may, in the future, appoint a new recruitment committee that would focus on promoting new club formation, and helping them through the process. This would likely require an organized person who was good at follow-through, and perhaps was experienced with the club approval process from past experience. It was agreed to keep an eye out for a good candidate to recruit for this job.

6.2 Registration Committee (Richard Whorton, Chair)
The board agreed that we should make a goal of finishing the proposal by December. Denise and Michelle will continue to follow up with Richard on this project. Emily Czapek expressed interest in contributing to the effort as well.

6.3 Health Committee

6.3.1 Health Survey
Yvonne Anderson reported to Michelle that she is nearly finished with a proposal for a health survey. Michelle will follow up to see if she has been in contact with Lisa Pruka, and will also pass along info from a seminar she attended at the PCC on health surveys.
6.3.2 Donation to Epilepsy Study
We have $10,000 in the Canine Health Foundation (CHF) that is waiting in a donor advised fund to be allotted to a study (originally donated Dr. Robert Tainsh). Laura Tomaszewski moved to give $5,000 of that money to the Canine Epilepsy study (Active Grant #266), Joyce Norris seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.
6.3.3 Epilepsy Project Logo
Michelle created a logo to be used for the epilepsy research support project. This will be used in Borderlines and on the website, heading up the tracking of our progress towards this goal. We may also sell t-shirts with the logo as a fundraiser, and also give them out as a reward to people who contribute to the study, either via blood sample submission or financial contributions.

6.4 Breeder Referral Committee
Karen brought up the issue of how to maintain the list of Breeder Referral advertisers. In the past, we had trouble keeping the main list and the website in synch with the main membership list-address changes, dropped members, etc. We also found that email and website addresses listed on our website often became stale, so they need to be verified periodically, so that puppy shoppers don't get discouraged from too many dead end leads. We considered having the membership chair maintain all of this information, but decided this task would remain with the Breeder Referral Chair for now, rather than adding to the burden of the Membership Chair who is already busy. Kathy Sours and Karen have worked out a system to try to improve upon how well we keep the data correct and will proceed with that.

6.5 Rescue Committee
Item that was tabled from last meeting, pending further clarification: Request from Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (Sarah Ruckelshaus-Nicholson) for a $470 grant in rescue funds to purchase Microsoft Publisher/Editor to be used to publish their newsletter. Cost for each is $145 and $145 (two copies-one for each of the two people who regularly edit the documents, so they can send them back & forth). They are also asking for $180 to cover the cost of printing the newsletter. This newsletter is used to educate new and potential adopters.

Laura Tomaszewski moved to approve this request, Karen Herceg seconded. The motion was passed unanimously.

6.6 Versatility Program
Tracy Sengupta emailed the board reporting that she was updating the program description to include new classes such as Preferred Agility. She will send proposal when it's finished.

6.7 Juniors Committee
A general discussion was held on the excellent ideas coming from Mary Beth Overmyer and Linda Follis-they are considering a scholarship program proposal, and some recognition activities at the national specialty. The Board is thrilled to see them taking off on this project, as it is a priority to us to achieve a well-developed Juniors program.

6.8 Historian (Karen Herceg)
Karen is still working with the AKC Librarian to try to get our cub records shipped to her so she can review what we have there. They are still experiencing confusion over whether we even have materials there, though WE know we have some in there. Karen will also start working on compiling lists of past specialty winners and past Versatility award winners. This info will be kept on our website as well as printed in future specialty catalogs.

7. Old Business

7.1 2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair
Hotel issues: hotel didn't credit enough comp rooms/nights to us. Apparently most of the hotel staff is new, so they had a lot of confusion about how to handle our contract. Beth had called several times, and finally got a chance to talk to a manager, who verified a reimbursement check should be on the way.

7.2 2005 National Specialty
Chair: Denise Teal and Linda Koutsky have volunteered to co-chair the 2005 specialty.

Event chairs:

  • Secretary: Derek Pattison of "Laughing Coyote Productions" (Hodgenville, Kentucky) will be the secretary for all events. He accepts online entries and credit card payments.
  • Herding: Joyce Norris & Margie Clutter. Joyce is working on judges, has already procured some.
  • Obedience: Juli Cepulis -judges are all under contract.
  • Agility: Laura Wright-working on judge selection now.
  • Conformation: Nancie Mages-most judges confirmed.
  • Tracking: Lisa Pruka & Kari Wahlquist.
  • Premium Lists/Catalog: Nancie Mages
  • Red Raffle: Megan Hood. Megan suggested that we devote the proceeds towards health funds, to encourage people to donate items. The board agreed.
  • Emergency Chair: Laura Tomaszewski
  • Hotels: Denise is calling hotels in the area to try to find a better room rate for our exhibitors. Things we face are finding big enough conference rooms, hotels that allow pets, have enough rooms, and are close to Purina. We have found that having the host hotel far from Purina affects attendance at seminars, banquets, etc. Yet, we are hoping to find better rates or to negotiate an improved rate with Best Western.
  • Photographer: Kathleen Shaffer of PupArt is coming back this year.
  • Website & 2005 email list: Michelle followed up with Nancy Little and Ann Shaw to make sure the new committee list is getting compiled.

7.3 2006 Specialty
We are working on hiring judges now.
Chair still needed. It was decided that we would be trying to move to a co-chair model for future specialties to help break up the job into more manageable pieces. Lisa Pruka has offered to chair it. It was agreed to see if she can find a co-chair.

7.4 BCSA Sponsored Agility Trial
Denise will be following up on MACH bars and ribbons. We will be using left over "New Title" ribbons from the national specialty. Everything else is on track for the trial.

8. New Business

8.1 Complaint Letter from Puppy Buyer
The board received an inquiry via the website from a non-member who had a negative experience with a Border Collie breeder regarding breeding ethics as it relates to genetic disease. The inquirer wondered about disciplinary action that could be taken to correct this person's breeding practices, and if it could be done in a confidential manner. This subject was discussed at length. Since the inquirer did not provide the name of the breeder, there was no way the board could take any action at this time or even verify that the breeder in question was a member. Normally, if both parties were members, one could prefer charges against the other via the bylaws process. Since the complainant is not a member, she was informed that if she provided the name of the breeder, and the breeder was a member, the board would make contact with that person, inform them that there had been a complaint, and hear their rebuttal. Further actions would have to be considered from that point, depending on the information gathered.

General discussion ensued about our Code of Ethics and how this could be enforced. Unfortunately, the COE does not contain specifics about breeding practices, so sometimes it's hard to use that document as a basis for charges. These kinds of scenarios are certainly of concern to the Board, but the path to corrective action is not always clear, especially in cases where the charges cannot be proven (he-said, she-said situation). And, in the case of a breeder who is simply dishonest, any corrective action from the club, including expulsion, probably would not result in them improving their breeding practices. But, it is hoped that putting most breeders "on notice" that a complaint had been received would be enough to encourage them to "do the right thing" in the future. For this particular incident, the board would wait for a response from the complainant before discussing further action.

8.2 BCSA Goal statement on website
Claudia Frank requested the board consider changing the wording of the goal statement on the club's website from, "Support the rights of Border Collie owners to pursue any activity they wish." to "Support the rights of Border Collie owners to pursue any activity they wish as long as it is not detrimental to the original purpose and reason for the Border Collie's existence." Although the sentiment is agreeable and we all hope that people are not doing things detrimental to our breed, it was resolved to not change it at this time, mostly due to the subjective nature of the definition of what is or is not detrimental, and the question of how to enforce such an edict.

8.3 BCCGLA Specialty Show Approval
The Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles has requested approval for their May, 2005 specialty show. Karen Herceg made a motion to approve, seconded by Laura Tomaszewski. The motion was unanimously approved.

8.4 Breeders Symposium
Emily Czapek requested consideration that we send a member, at BCSA's expense, to the AKC Breeders' Symposium. It was resolved that this seminar is intended more to benefit individuals interested in breeding issues; and was not necessarily set up for clubs to send delegates like other conferences. In the future, we may consider sponsoring a member to attend if they would provide their notes from all seminars to be shared via Borderlines. But, we will not be pursuing this for this year's conference, because we'd rather direct our funds on more specific, focused efforts to help our breed.

9. Date of Next Meeting
Next regular board meeting (will be the first meeting of the class of 2005-2006): Monday January 10th, 2005, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
8:26 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Linda Koutsky, second Karen Herceg.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary


No meeting.

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