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Members present (all):
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Laura Tomaszewski • Karen Herceg • Janet Lewis

Call to order:
8:35 p.m. Eastern Time by Denise Teal

1.  First order of business: Secretary Positions

  • With the new Bylaws, the Secretary Position was divided into two positions: Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. Michelle Olsen had been elected to the "generic" Secretary position, which became Corresponding Secretary with the application of the new Bylaws. The Recording Secretary was to be appointed by the board. In order to identify someone to take meeting minutes, this business was addressed first.
  • Michelle Olsen resigned as Corresponding Secretary. Denise Teal moved to appoint Michelle Olsen as Recording Secretary, motion passed unanimously. Denise Teal then moved to appoint Linda Koutsky as Corresponding Secretary, motion passed unanimously.

2.  Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen
Nothing to report, since this is a new Board.

2.1  Approval of minutes of previous board meeting
Not applicable this time since this was the first meeting of the new board (outgoing board already voted to approve their last set of meeting minutes as one of their final jobs).

3.  Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Transfer of Treasurer's Material
Since the treasurer's funds are in the process of being transferred, an exact account balance report was unavailable. Beth reported that she is in possession of most of the Treasurer's materials, including the bankbooks and new checks; and has already received a check with a new membership application. Most of the club funds have been transferred to new bank accounts local to Beth's place of residence, however $6,000 was left in the old California accounts to cover any outstanding checks. Marit Marino, the outgoing Treasurer, will turn over remaining funds when all outstanding checks have cleared from the old accounts.

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No new member applications were received in the past month. No other business transacted by US Mail.

5. Interim Business Transacted by Email

5.1  Maureen Schulz suspension issue
Maureen Schulz notified The Board via email that she was not suspended by the AKC. Denise Teal verified that she was not suspended and that the announcement by AKC was in error. Linda Koutsky will mail Ms. Schulz notice of her restored status.

5.2  Question regarding Color Divisions in Conformation classes at shows
April Quist sent an email message to the board requesting clarification on the definitions of the color classes to ensure that she and other exhibitors don't mistakenly enter the wrong class. (I.e. does a tri-color dog enter the Black and White Class, or AOAC?) The board discussed the issue over email and again during the meeting, but the issue was tabled until Denise Teal could contact AKC to get more information.

6.  Committee Business

6.1 Breeder referral-Wendy Jordan/Janet Legg

6.1.1  Breeder Referral Document draft
This document was prepared by Wendy Jordan. The draft is almost complete, and only requires some small formatting and update changes in order to be ready to post on the website. Karen Herceg will contact Wendy and Janet Legg, co-chairs, to find out status of the final revision.

6.2  Ethics-Glen Kothe

6.2.1  Draft of revised code of ethics
Updated draft was recently sent to the Board for review. The goal is to have a draft ready for membership review in the future, but this process will take significant time.

6.3  Versatility/Awards-Tracy Sengupta

6.3.1  Janet Larson Memorial Trophy (Specialty Versatility Award)
Current draft of scoring system was reviewed, more changes were decided upon. Denise Teal will send the latest revision to the Board, for possible vote at next meeting. It was noted that we need to add to the existing description that winner need not be present at award ceremony to win, the trophy will be mailed if necessary.

7.  Old Business

7.1  2003 National Specialty: Sandy Jones

7.1.1  Budget
Denise Teal had not yet received the proposed budget, so it could not be reviewed and discussed at this Board meeting. Denise will forward it as soon as it arrives.

8.  New Business
These three items were handled at the beginning of the meeting so that the Recording Secretary was named and could take minutes:

8.1  Resignation of Michelle Olsen as corresponding secretary.

8.2  Appointment of Michelle Olsen as recording secretary.

8.3  Appointment of corresponding secretary.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday March 3rd, 2003.

Adjournment motion:
11:23 p.m. Eastern Time by Denise Teal second: Joyce Norris

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.

Minutes unanimously approved by the board via email.


No meeting.



embers present (all):
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Laura Tomaszewski • Karen Herceg • Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:40 p.m. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

1.  Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of January board meeting
Minutes were approved previously via email, refer to Section 5 for details.

2.  Corresponding Secretary's Report: Linda Koutsky

  • Letter sent to Maureen Schulz notifying her that she was not suspended from BCSA because the AKC made an error.
  • Letter to Betsy Korbonski notifying her that the Board had approved the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles conformation show to be held on May 22, 2003.
  • E-mail message received from Purina Parent Club Partnership Program notifying us that the club has earned $880.72 for the year. Half of this will go the Canine Health Foundation and half will be distributed by Purina directly to the club.
  • Canine Health Foundation news brief was received from AKC-forwarded to Lisa Ochoa for possible inclusion in Borderlines.

3.  Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Interim Financial Report

  • Checking balance: $20,624.30
  • Savings balance: $50,000.00
  • Health balance: $ 2,336.16 (included in savings balance)
  • Rescue balance: $10,061.90 (included in savings balance)

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail

4.1  New Members approved

  • Noel Sich
    Address 12917 30th Ave, Plattsmouth, NE 68048
    Telephone 402-298-8546
    Email sichya@yahoo.com
    Sponsor Sandy Jones
  • Margaret Grundman
    Address 13236 Haxton Pl., San Diego, CA 92130
    Telephone 858-793-2660
    Email margaretgrundman@yahoo.com
    Sponsor Kathy Murphy
  • Robin Kilbury
    Address 11235 Akron Ave., Inver Grove Hts., MN 55077
    Telephone 651-455-6878
    Email rek3@attbi.com
    Sponsor Susane Joura Hoffman
  • Maureen Scheall
    Address 3731 East Ave K, Lancaster, CA 93535
    Telephone 661-946-4121
    Email mscheall@earthlink.net
    Sponsor Pat Charlton

5.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following seven motions were voted on via email since the January Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2003-01
Motion: To appoint Carolyn Herbel as permanent Judges Education Coordinator.
Motion made by: Joyce Norris
Second: Linda Koutsky
In Favor: Beth Bartholomew, Karen Herceg, Laura Tomaszewski, Michelle Olsen

5.2  Motion 2003-02
Motion: To approve as written the January 6, 2003 minutes.
Motion made by: Denise Teal
Second: Joyce Norris
In Favor: Linda Koutsky, Beth Bartholomew, Karen Herceg, Laura Tomaszewski, Michelle Olsen

5.3  Motion 2003-03
Introduction: The Board of Directors received a letter via e-mail from Charlotte Lamont, attorney for Robyn Powley, on January 24, 2003. The letter threatened a lawsuit against the Border Collie Society of America based on the decision of the 2000-2002 board to deny approval of the Greater Los Angeles Border Collie Club specialty with Ms. Powley as the conformation judge.
Motion: To retain attorney Doug Spidel, of Spengler, Nathanson, Toledo, Ohio, whose initial retainer is $500.00, to protect the interests of BCSA.
Motion made by: Denise Teal
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: Linda Koutsky, Beth Bartholomew, Karen Herceg, Joyce Norris, Michelle Olsen

5.4  Motion 2003-04
Introduction: The ballots for the revised standard will be sent to the membership soon. Our bylaws require that the President (with approval of the Board of Directors) appoint three members to count the ballots. The inspectors must be members in good standing who are not members of the current Board or the membership chair.
Motion: To appoint Kim Green, Lois Rifner, and Lynn O'Keefe as inspectors of election for the vote on the revised standard.
Motion made by: Denise Teal
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: Linda Koutsky, Beth Bartholomew, Laura Tomaszewski, Joyce Norris, Michelle Olsen

5.5  Motion 2003-05
Motion: To grant parent club approval to the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles to hold a conformation show on May 22, 2003.
Motion made by: Beth Bartholomew
Second: Linda Koutsky
In Favor: Joyce Norris, Michelle Olsen, Karen Herceg
Against: Laura Tomaszewski

5.6  Motion 2003-06
Motion: In the future, the Board of Directors will not categorically deny parent club approval for a show based solely on the requesting club's selection of Robyn Powley as the judge.
Motion made by: Linda Koutsky
Second: Joyce Norris
In Favor: Michelle Olsen, Karen Herceg, Beth Bartholomew
Against: Laura Tomaszewski

5.7  Motion 2003-07
Motion: To appoint the following members as alternate inspectors of election for the standard revision ballots: Nancy Little, Jacque Hoye, and Joanna Yund.
Motion made by: Denise Teal
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: Joyce Norris, Michelle Olsen, Karen Herceg, Beth Bartholomew, Linda Koutsky

5.8  Change to Judges Education Committee Chair Description
The board clarified the description of the Chair Position as follows:

  • Added AKC Licensed Judge to list of qualifications for the position, as an alternative to the existing requirement. Now the sentence reads, "breeder, owner or co-owner of at least four Border Collie conformation champions or AKC Licensed Judge."
  • Under duties: Changed original language of "Develop and maintain a standard presentation that will be used for all judges education presentations" to "Create a presentation outline that will ensure uniform information at all judges' education presentations."

6.  Committee Business

6.1  Breed Standard Committee: Joyce Norris, Liaison
Ballots are in the mail for a membership vote on the new Breed Standard text.

6.2  Breeder Referral Committee: Karen Herceg, Liaison
The new breeder referral form submitted to Borderlines for publication, with an April 30th deadline for returning them. Will also post a preliminary page on the club website, and the actual list of breeders will be updated in May.

6.3  Health Committee: Laura Tomaszewski, Liaison

  • Laura reported that Debbie Brooks has resigned as chair of the health committee due to time constraints. Laura offered to serve as the new chair. Laura is a health care professional, so meets the required qualifications for the position. Michelle Olsen moved to appoint Laura as the chair, and Beth Bartholomew seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
  • OFA quarterly report for our breed was received. Denise reported that Laura has been designated as the new recipient of these reports. Laura is going to see if she can format it for inclusion in Borderlines.
  • Laura reported that Peggy Timm, DVM has expressed willingness to serve on the health committee.
  • Laura is in the process of creating an email discussion list on yahoogroups.com, for BCSA members, to begin to gather information and feedback to help determine the direction of the committee's focus.

6.4  Health and Rescue Foundation Committee: Laura Tomaszewski, Liaison
Richard Whorton submitted some research and background material on establishing a Health & Rescue Foundation, with several options for the direction our club could take. He requested feedback from the board and support to continue with the steps necessary for the creation of the Foundation. Discussion was held, but no formal decisions will be made at this point. Denise had provided Richard with an attorney's contact information-a person who is experienced in setting up non-profit dog club foundations, such as this one. Richard is in the process of contacting this person and will report back. Laura will make contact with Richard to give positive feedback on the information gained thus far, requesting him to continue his work in the same direction.

6.5  Versatility Award Committee
Janet Larson Versatility Award at the Specialty: Emily Czapek will not be able to head up coordination of the award at the specialty. If someone is willing to take over that responsibility, please contact Sandy Jones. It was decided, upon the suggestion of Emily, to only accept pre-registrations for ease of processing.

7.  Old Business

7.1  2003 National Specialty: Sandy Jones, Chair

  • Budget: Preliminary budget was reviewed and approved by the board. Expected income is approximately $56K, expected expenses $45K.
  • Catalog: a separate herding event catalog will be compiled (apart from obedience/conformation/agility), sold for $5 each. Barbara Witte will compile the catalog free-of-charge; the club will pay the printing costs. The main event catalog will be prepared by the Show Superintendent and produced by a professional printer.
    Registration fee: the general specialty registration fee has been eliminated this year. Due to this change, there will be no exhibitor "goodie bags."
  • Ribbons versus rosettes: the question was raised whether to move towards offering rosettes only for first places, and flat ribbons for all other placements. It was agreed upon that rosettes are appropriate for all placements since this is a national-level event. Linda Koutsky volunteered to coordinate the ribbon ordering. Linda mentioned that there is a significant cost savings potential if you an order the ribbons after the closing date, so you have accurate counts of entries to minimize the number of ribbons ordered. This is the method that was used in the last two specialties.
  • Host Hotel: this year we are switching to the Best Western for the host hotel. They have similar accommodations for dog events, the price was better, and the location is closer to Purina. There is hope that with the closer location, there will be greater participation in specialty events held at the host hotel.
  • Hospitality Room: Denise reported that she is going to be in St. Louis soon, and will stop by the new host hotel to preview the hospitality room.

7.2  Conformation Class Color Division Issue
The question of whether or not to allow color splits in conformation classes, how the classes should be split, and what the color definitions are is still a pending issue. Currently, AKC rules allow clubs, at their choosing, to split classes into "Black and White" and "AOAC" (any other allowed color). The board decided to refer this issue to the Breed Standard Committee to research the issue and gather membership input, then propose a recommendation for how the issue should be handled. Our club has the authority to define this policy, and need only notify AKC of a change, which would then be publicized by AKC to all licensed show superintendents.

7.3  Missi Roland Membership Application
Karen Herceg made a motion to approve the membership application of Missi Roland, Laura Tomaszewski seconded the motion.
In favor: Linda Koutsky, Joyce Norris, Beth Bartholomew
Opposed: none
Abstain: Michelle Olsen

8.  New Business

8.1  AKC Archives
AKC recently announced that they would archive club information free of charge. Denise is coordinating efforts to submit any historical club material we have that we would like to have archived, and will ask Nancie Mages to send a Border Recorder book.

8.2  ROM/ROMX Advertisement Policies
A question was raised on how ROM/ROMX dogs may be advertised in Borderlines, and under which definition this type of ad falls. Currently, it is not completely clear in the policy whether this is a kennel ad or a "brag" ad, and whether the ROM/ROMX dog itself and/or the progeny must be listed with health clearances. It was determined that this may be considered a kennel ad, which only requires that the dog itself have health clearances listed, not the progeny. However, clarification is needed in the guidelines for this particular case, since there will often be cases where the ROM/ROMX dog is elderly, altered, or deceased, and no longer has up-to-date health clearances (in which case, the clearances in effect at the time of the breeding of the progeny would be listed). It was decided to refer this issue to the Policies and Procedures committee to determine the wording clarification. Denise will contact the chairs.

8.3  Membership

  • Denise prepared a postcard to be mailed to all members whose membership has lapsed, informing them of the by-laws policies on this issue, and encouraging them to either re-apply for membership or provide reasoning that their case may be determined "meritorious" by the board, such that their late renewal may be accepted.
  • There was much confusion over membership renewals this year, and the board discussed options for making this process smoother next time. It was decided that reminders would be sent to all members in early December, 2003, with a clear reminder of the by-laws policy on late renewals.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday May 5th, 2003, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
8:07 p.m. Pacific Time by Karen Herceg, second: Joyce Norris

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.

Minutes unanimously approved by the board via email.


No meeting.


Members present (all):
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew (left  early) • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Laura Tomaszewski • Karen Herceg • Janet Lewis (left early)

Call to order:
5:34 p.m. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

1.  Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of January board meeting
Minutes were approved previously via email, refer to Section 5 for details.

2.  Corresponding Secretary's Report: Linda Koutsky

  • Letter dated 2/20/03 from AKC thanking BCSA for participating in the Meet the Breeds event held at the Eukanuba National Invitational Championship.
  • Letter dated 3/4/03 from AKC requesting nominations for AKC Lifetime Achievement Award for conformation, companion events and performance.
  • Letter dated 3/14/03 to the AKC inquiring as to why BCSA was not notified of the appeal filed by the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles.
  • Letter dated 3/17/03 from AKC inviting BCSA to participate in the Meet the Breeds event to be held on December 3, 2003, in Long Beach, California.
  • Letter dated 3/17/03 from the AKC Canine Health Foundation acknowledging the donation of $440.36 from Nestle Purina for our participation in the Parent Club Partnership Program.
  • E-mail dated 3/19/03 from AKC Canine Health Foundation notifying us of the 4th AKC Canine Health Conference to be held in St. Louis on September 19-21, 2003.
  • Letter dated 3/25/03 from James Crowley, AKC, acknowledging that BCSA should have been notified in a timely manner of the appeal filed by the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles.
  • Letter dated 3/27/03 from Al Cheaure, AKC, informing clubs that the recording fee of $.50 for conformation and field trial events, would very likely be increased to $3.00.
  • E-mail dated 4/13/03 from Kelly Whiteman urging the Board to officially declare that the 1999 annual meeting was a valid one and to take appropriate action to stop the standard revision voting.
  • E-mail dated 4/14/03 from Sandy Jones resigning as 2003 national specialty chair.
  • E-mail dated 4/21/03 from Susan Carvalho, President of the Kentucky Border Collie Association, thanking us for our donation to the Bluegrass Trial.
  • Lifetime achievement awards nomination form received, nominations are due in June. Refer to Old Business for the Board's decision on nominees.
  • Letter dated 4/26/03 to AKC from President Denise Teal regarding the issues raised with the standard balloting. Denise contested the mandate to nullify the current vote and re-do the balloting to include the British Standard as one option, and requested permission to count the ballots we now have.

3.  Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Interim Financial Report
Beth Bartholomew, the Treasurer, has had a death in the family and did not have the current financial balances available for the minutes. She will provide them for publication at a later date, via Announce/Borderlines.

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
Missi Roland was approved at the March Board Meeting, but her information did not make it into the minutes from that month:

4.1  New Members approved

  • Missi Roland
    1216 Benton Street, Rockford, IL 61107-2110
    815-964-6205, rquest@hotmail.com
    Sponsor: Lisa Bennett Fowler

  • Lori Waters
    29 W 015 Bode Road, Elgin, IL 60120
    (630) 213-9735, BaysideK9@aol.com
    Sponsor: Kay Rieff

  • Michael & Joyce Aston
    Rt. 2 Box 91, Coweta, OK 74429
    (918) 486-3200, borderzone@astonclan.net
    Sponsor: Kim Sykes

  • Donna Johnson
    45 Briar Hill Road, Norwich, CT 06360
    (860) 887-8654, JSG25@aol.com
    Sponsor: Lisa Schneider

  • Susan Rolek
    505 Webford Ave., Des Plaines, IL 60016
    (312) 602-6508, SROLEK@obiz.com
    Sponsor: Kay Rieff

5.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following seven motions were voted on via email since the March Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2003-08
Motion: to allocate $200 in trophy funds for each venue (Agility, Conformation, Herding, and Obedience) at the 2003 BCSA National Specialty. In addition, to allocate $200 for the Janet Larsen Most Versatile Border Collie Award, also at the Specialty. All totaling a donation of $1,000 towards the Specialty Trophy Fund for this year.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
In Favor: Unanimous

5.2  Motion 2003-09
Motion: BCSA sponsor of $150 for ad/trophy sponsor of class for the Kentucky Bluegrass Classic herding trial.
Motion made by: Laura Tomaszewski
Second: Joyce Norris
In Favor: Unanimous

5.3  Motion 2003-10
Motion: to approve the minutes from the March Board meeting, as written
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: Unanimous

6. Committee Business

6.1  AKC Delegate's Report: Janet Lewis
Janet mentioned that two upcoming meetings are on the west coast, and we probably cannot afford to send her to both. She asked if we'd like to choose which one she wanted to go to. She had a preference of going to California, and the board agreed to send her to that one, and skip the Oregon meeting.

6.2  Border Recorder: Joyce Norris, liaison
Nancy Keller asked for clarification from the board on whether or not there was still interest in the Border Recorder and what direction she should take. The board discussed the issue at length, and determined that we require further financial data from the past Border Recorder book before making any decisions on a future investment. There is ongoing debate on whether to do a printed format, which is more expensive, but more sentimental and gives greatest access; or to do an electronic format on CD, which is much cheaper and gives better quality images, yet may not be viewable by all. The issue will be tabled until the prior data can be studied to determine future feasibility. Member feedback is welcome.

6.3  Standard Committee: Joyce Norris, liaison
Denise spoke with James Crowley, AKC Executive Secretary on Monday May 5th regarding her letter about the standard balloting issue. Mr. Crowley reported that the AKC staff had decided to allow the club to count the ballots now in possession and publish the results to the membership. We'll also immediately report the results to AKC, and they will then determine how we should proceed, based upon the results. Denise will contact Kim & Lois, asking them to re-schedule a ballot counting session and notify the membership of the date.

6.4  Health Committee: Laura Tomaszewski, liaison & Chair
It was recently discovered that our club has an additional $10,000 (donated by Bob Tainsh) in available funding for Canine Health Foundation (CHF) health studies, which we can direct to be spent on whichever studies we feel are most important for our breed. Laura is reviewing various study proposals to decide where our money would be best spent to further the welfare of the breed. It was agreed that we'd focus on two or three studies to begin with. For any other studies that we cannot fund currently, we'd still make contact with the study lead, and offer to disseminate information, articles, requests for study candidates, etc. There is currently a request pending for funding for a Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Border Collies study. Laura decided this issue may not be as high on our priority list as issues like hip dysplasia and seizure disorders, which are more debilitating illnesses with a high incidence in our breed. Membership feedback on health issues of interest to our breed are welcome. Laura will begin to write updates and articles for Borderlines on the activities of the committee and where our club's funding is directed.

6.5  Membership Committee: Linda Koutsky, liaison:
Membership voting can now be done via email, rather than US Mail, to ease processing. The votes will be sent to Michelle Olsen, and the votes will be recorded in club records, and results forwarded to Linda Koutsky and Kay Rieff, the Membership Chair. There will be a nine-day delay from the time the names are submitted to the Board, to the time votes are
submitted, to allow time for discussion.

6.6  General Education Committee: Karen Herceg, liaison:
AKC has contacted our club requesting breed information that would be included in registration materials sent to owners of newly registered Border Collies. This pamphlet would include club contact information, so that new owners could find resources on care, training, health, breeding, etc. Karen is in receipt of a copy of what they are currently sending, which has outdated contact information on it. It was decided to keep using the current material that is being used, but change the contact information to the club's website: archive.bordercolliesociety.com, so that it would stay up-to-date and not need to be updated every time the board or a committee chair changed. It was also decided not to put a person's name and phone number, because Janet reported that that person gets flooded with long distance calls and extraordinary requests, which is to be avoided.

7.  Old Business

7.1  2003 National Specialty: Linda Koutsky, Chair

  • Since the last Board meeting, Sandy Jones has resigned as Specialty Chair, and Linda Koutsky was appointed to the position by Joyce Norris in the absence of the President, who was out of town.

  • Planning is on-track; Linda is coming up to speed with the general status.

  • Still need Chief Ring Steward for Agility; Linda will contact Stacy Peardot-Goudy to follow up on this.

  • Sue & Glen Kothe have agreed to chair the Parade of Champions again, since they did such an excellent job last year.

  • Dr. Keller will be speaking on genetics, hip dysplasia, & OFA on Thursday, tentatively 7-9pm. Refreshments will be served, attendance will be free to both members and non-members, and donations will be solicited, likely for a 50/50 raffle.

  • Linda is planning Obedience Invitational on Friday, pending final AKC approval (verbal approval has been received). A nominal entry fee will be charged, and rosettes will be given to top winners, and overall winner. Invitations will be determined by the BCSA Obedience scoreboards published in Borderlines, the top dogs from each level will be invited. This is a non-regular "special attraction" event; no points or legs will be earned.

  • An informal, fun match-style sweepstakes for performance titled dogs held before the general meeting at the host hotel, Wednesday afternoon.

  • Shirts: since no plans had been made, it's too late to include shirt info in the premium list. Michelle and Laura will investigate the possibility of making shirts available at the specialty and/or for order on the website. No specialty logo had been commissioned, and it is probably too late to have one done. Linda has located a nice patriotic photo to be used on the catalog cover, Laura and Michelle will work on finding something that can be used for t-shirts.

7.2  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair
Lisa has requested permission to query the membership via an email poll to assess interest in moving the herding trial off of Purina's grounds for the 2004 Specialty. The reason is that the Purina field is small, and Lisa has heard interest in finding a larger location with a more challenging course. Although at this time, the financial feasibility is unknown (Purina's grounds are free-of-charge), the board decided to encourage Lisa to research the possibility, ask the membership for feedback, and return with a proposal. Final determination will be made at that time.

7.3  AKC Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations
Board chose to nominate the following: Claudia Frank for Herding, Helen Phillips for Obedience, and Nancie Mages for Conformation.

8.  New Business

8.1  TDX Test Proposal
Jacqueline Hoye has submitted a proposal for a BCSA-sponsored TDX Tracking Test in Minnesota. The Board approved the request.

8.2  Supported Entry Request
A request from Pat Young, BCSA member, was made to hold a BCSA-supported entry at the Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association Show in March, 2004. Pat requested a donation of $50 by the board for prizes, and all proceeds from a Sweepstakes class will be returned to BCSA. Pat will locate funding for the remainder of the special prizes, which will be offered for Border Collies in obedience and conformation. Pat also reported that the club is hoping to offer a herding instinct test on the grounds, and is seeking help from herding enthusiasts in the area who might be willing to help sponsor this. The Board approved the request to sponsor the supported entry and donate $50. Michelle will send an official letter to the club letting them know the supported entry has been approved.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday July 7th, 2003, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
8:22 p.m. Pacific Time by Michelle Olsen, second: Laura Tomaszewski

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.


No meeting.


Members present:
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Laura Tomaszewski • Karen Herceg

Absent: Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:39 p.m. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

1.  Recording Secretary's Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of May board meeting
Minutes were approved previously via email, refer to Section 5 for details.

1.2  State of Club Records
Michelle has been organizing the club records, which needed some work.

2.  Corresponding Secretary's Report: Linda Koutsky

  1. Letter dated May 12, 2003 from the AKC approving the Piedmont Border Collie Association to hold point shows.
  2. Letter dated May 14, 2003 from the AKC informing clubs that the AKC has proclaimed September 17th as "AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day". This letter also states that clubs who are interested joining this promotion, hold some type of event to "promote any aspect of responsible dog ownership" during the week of September 15th.
  3. May 22, 2003 Breed Standard Ballot Results. (Complete results posted to BCSA Announce and published in Borderlines.)
  4. May 27, 2003 letter from club president Denise Teal to Mr. James Crowley informing him of the results of the Breed Standard Revision Vote.
  5. Letter from Michelle Olsen to Sue McClure of the Pensacola DFA informing Ms. McClure that the BCSA will sponsor a supported entry for Border Collies at the March 2004 show.
  6. une 10, 2003 email from Traci Matthews (Judges Education Coordinator for the St. Jude Showcase of Dogs) asking that we be represented at their event by providing a Breed Club approved presenter for the seminars.
  7. June 19, 2003 letter from the AKC Canine Health Foundation asking for a contribution.
  8. June 27, 2003 letter from the AKC stating that the Border Collie Society of America National Specialty Show has been designated as an International Qualifier for CRUFTS. "Qualifying Award Cards" were included in the packet and will be awarded to the dogs who win Best of Breed, Best of Opposite, and Award of Merit winners. Dogs presented these cards will be eligible for entry into Crufts 2004.
  9. June 30, 2003 letter from James Crowley, AKC concerning results of standard revision vote. According to Mr. Crowley a second ballot is necessary to allow the membership to choose between the UK standard and the recently revised one.
  10. June 20, 2003 Letter from AKC notifying BCSA of the approval of our fall TDX event.

3.  Treasurer's Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Interim Financial Report

  • Checking balance: $7041.87
  • Savings balance: $60147.84
  • Health balance: $455.18 (included in savings balance)
  • Rescue balance: $855.18 (included in savings balance)

3.2  Entry check handling for Specialty
Denise suggested that we hold entry checks until after the closing date before cashing them. This will make it easier for the show/trial Secretaries to refund money by simply mailing checks back, rather than cutting them a refund check. This will not apply to things like t-shirts, banquet registrations, etc.-just entries. Linda Koutsky will contact the two Secretaries to let them know.

3.3  Profit From TDX Raffle
Nancy Little reported they earned over $900 in raffle ticket sales, which were raised to fund the BCSA TDX Test in the fall. Nancy will send the money to Beth now to be deposited, and the club will cover the tracking test expenses. Nancy requested that if there was surplus money not used for this year's tracking test, that the money would be earmarked for another test (TD or TDX) next year in the Minnesota area.
Motion: BCSA shall allow money earned for the 2003 tracking event to to be carried over to following years for future tracking events in the Minnesota area.
Made by: Laura Tomaszewski
Second: Michelle Olsen
Affirmative Vote: unanimous

3.4  Borderlines Advertising Checks
Beth is missing some checks for Borderlines Advertising fees. Lisa Ochoa has been contacted and feels she doesn't have them either. Denise will contact Lisa to get a list of people who have advertised recently, Beth will check her records of for which ones we have record of payment, and the rest will be contacted.

3.5  2002 Tax Return
Beth sent the filled out form to the IRS.

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail

4.1  New Members approved

  • Sandra Andersen and Debi Andersen
    1014 Dane Circle, Livermore, CA 94550
    925-606-1355 ˇ sdandersen@aol.com
    Sponsor: April Quist
  • Jan Thompson
    18834 W. Linden, Grayslake, IL 60030
    847-548-8153 ˇ the_collector@msn.com
    Sponsor: Nancie Mages
  • Lisa Pellum
    506 S Willis, Champaign, IL 61821
    217-359-5625 ˇ lpellum@hotmail.com
    Sponsor: Lisa Long
  • Andrea Latham
    4576 Dehess Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89122
    702-434-6070 ˇ alatham108@aol.com
    Sponsor: Louise Merideth
  • Megan Hood
    823 E. Jefferson, Winterset, IA 50273
    515-462-2174 ˇ spottedk9@aol.com
    Sponsor: Nancie Mages
  • Wendy Sommer
    1188 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104
    651-644-6904 ˇ sommer8856@aol.com
    Sponsor: Jacqueline Hoye
  • Cliff and Diane White
    6508 Fawn Ave, Lino Lake, MN 55014
    651-490-0484 ˇ milliewhite@earthlink.net
    Sponsor: Nancy Little
  • Ruth Barish
    11106 Stephalee Lane, Rockville, MD 20852
    301-984-9593 ˇ reb2@mindspring.com
    Sponsor: Janet Lewis
  • Debra Willoughby
    3180 Ragains Rd NE, New Salisbury, IN 47161
    812-366-4153 ˇ kiradaw@msn.com
    Sponsor: Margie Clutter
  • Beverly Schultz
    3200 Ragains Rd. NW, New Salisbury, IN 47161
    Sponsor: Margie Clutter
  • Holley Grooms and Heather Brewer
    8420 Old Montgomery Road, Savannah, GA 31406
    912-356-3252 ˇ hgrooms@aol.com
    Sponsor: Lisa Schneider
  • Mary Sparks
    1888 Shipley Ferry Rd, Kingsport, TN 37663
    423-323-8486 ˇ nadm@direcway.com
    Sponsor: Karen Herceg
  • Terry Preuss
    N6250 Metovale Road, Brandon, WI 53919
    920-346-2852 ˇ sundance@dotnet.com
    Sponsor: Peggy Battig
  • Julia Torgersen
    15773 Fenway Ave. N, Hugo, MN 55038
    651-429-0469 ˇ jtorg@usinternet.com
    Sponsor: Jacque Hoye
  • Sephanie Colman
    6150 Fulton Ave #3, Van Nuys, CA 91401
    816-989-7996 ˇ scolman@adelphia.net
    Sponsor: Kathy Moore
  • Annelise Allan
    29830 Hemingway Avenue, Stacy, MN 55079
    651-462-7914 ˇ agilk9s@aol.com
    Sponsor: Nancy Little
  • Glenda Moore
    2294 Sunset Drive, Medord OR 975019
    544-722-8404 ˇ glendamoore404@charter.net
    Sponsor: Trisha Eifert
  • Laurie Overmyer
    4318 North River Road, Oregon, IL 61061
    815-234-2360 ˇmoes91182@hotmail.com
    Sponsor: Kay Rieff

5.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the May Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2003-11
Motion: To approve the minutes of the May Board meeting as written.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: unanimous

6.  Committee Business

6.1  Border Recorder
Nancy Keller has resigned as chair of this committee due to personal time constraints. She provided the board with a writeup of background information on the last Border Recorder, along with the research that has been done so far for a subsequent issue. There are several issues that need more research, such as copyright issues with registration/pedigree information from other registries, and comparing electronic to paper media. It was resolved to put this committee on the "back burner" and not seek a new chair immediately.

6.2  Breeder Referral Committee
Committee is waiting for their new information to be posted on the website, the materials were submitted several months ago. They have had a good response from breeders in some areas, and are lacking any contacts in other regions, and may seek a club representative contact who is not a breeder, just for the purpose of information dissemination.

6.3  Herding Committee
Claudia Frank and Denise Teal are working on a program for a Herding Invitational for the 2004 specialty, patterned after the Obedience Invitational that we're having this year. They have found so far that AKC does not track the top herding dogs like they do for other events. So, they are researching how to get this information, and thinking about how the invitational would be structured. A herding statistician would be welcome to help with this task (as well as for statistics for Borderlines!). Preliminary thoughts are that it would be open to BCSA members only, and would be a B course class open to all verifiable Herding Champions. Comments and suggestions welcome; send to Claudia Frank (jusdandy@bright.net).

6.4  Judges' Education Committee

6.4.1  Breed presentation for the American Dog Judges' Association
Carolyn Herbel will be presenting the class, and is requesting volunteers to help with this presentation to bring dogs to use as examples for critique. The seminar will be held in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Monday morning, August 11. She would particularly like some examples of less common colors and also smooth coats.

6.4.2  Mason-Dixon Dog Judges Assn in Maryland
This seminar date is pending; Carolyn is waiting until the new standard is finalized before scheduling this event. It will likely be held in October. She will need volunteers to help with this seminar as well.

6.4.3  Ringside mentors at the specialty
Carolyn needs assistants for ringside mentoring at the specialty (for the Judges' Education Seminar). Knowledgeable and experienced helpers are needed. Carolyn will send out a request on ANNOUNCE and Borderlines.

6.5  Judges Selection Committee
Carolyn Herbel had submitted two suggested methods for selecting future judges for the board to consider. For now, the board felt we weren't ready for a formal process that included official balloting, due to the expense and amount of work involved-this would be a long-term goal. For now, we will request suggestions from the membership via ANNOUNCE and Borderlines, to give the membership a chance to provide input. Suggested judges would be considered based upon the number of people suggesting them and their availability.

6.6  Standard Committee
Susane Hoffman is working on the cover letter explaining why we have to hold a second ballot on the standard revision (to vote for the UK Standard versus the newly revised standard). The ballots should go out in the next week or two, and at least thirty days will be allowed for the return. So, results will be known sometime in August.

6.7  Rescue Committee
The committee has come up with a program for local rescue organizations to apply for funding, which they sent to the board for approval. Denise had given feedback on some minor changes to the application and write-up, which Linda Baron (the committee chair) is incorporating.
Motion: approve the grant application
Made by: Joyce Norris
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
Affirmative vote: unanimous

Information should be published on ANNOUNCE and Borderlines. Laura will contact Linda Baron to ask her to forward the information.

6.8  Versatility Award Committee

6.8.1  V. Awards
Denise noted that now is a good time to remind members to send in any V title applications, so that they can be processed before the specialty and awarded at the event. Linda will email Tracy Sengupta (Versatility Chair) to ask her to send a write-up to Borderlines and ANNOUNCE.

6.8.2 Janet Larson Memorial Trophy
Linda suggested we add a reminder to the specialty announcements about the program to remind everyone to get their applications in for this competition, since it's a pre-register only event.

6.9  Membership Committee
Board members discussed how the current (new) method for voting is working. Michelle suggested that we vote on them one time each month, to keep things less confusing. We'll ask Kay to send them to the board around the first of the month, and the board will consider the candidates for ten days, and then vote. This will allow the results to make the Borderlines editor deadline. Denise will contact Kay.

6.10  Website Committee
Website updates are a little behind; the job is a big task for one person. We need to get the specialty information up on the website soon. Michelle agreed to serve as a backup person to help out and get the specialty information caught up. It was resolved that we need to have at least two people assigned to this task long-term, because it's such a big commitment and updates need to be done quickly. Denise will contact Lisa to work out how to share the workload.

7.  Old Business

7.1  2003 National Specialty: Linda Koutsky, Chair

  • Title ribbons: it was resolved to have "new title" ribbons made that would be generic to all venues. They would be undated and would have no venue name on them, just "BCSA National Specialty" and "New Title", to be given to all dogs that earn a title at the event. Linda felt we could get a good price on three-streamer rosettes since we're buying such a large order.
  • Results booklets: Michelle Olsen agreed to combine the results booklet again this year. How orders will be taken will be worked out soon, we'll likely send out an order form via ANNOUNCE and Borderlines, and also include it in entry confirmations.
  • Catalogs: it was resolved to combine all events into the same catalog as was done in past years. (Earlier in the year, the idea of splitting the events into separate booklets to ease processing for the different secretaries). With the current plan of club volunteers creating the catalog again this year, it's feasible to combine the information, and is the cheapest and most desirable method to create a specialty memento.
  • New Vendors: Karen Herceg suggested a new vendor for the event who had expressed interest in having a booth at the specialty, but did not know who to contact. Linda Koutsky asked that the person be referred to her or Peggy Battig the Vendor Chair.
  • Vendor spaces: one vendor needs a 40x40' space, which would normally cost $1600, according to our pricing scheme, and probably not make it worth it to the vendor. Linda Koutsky will offer them $300 for the space (for the week) with a donation of a Cabana Crate for the raffle, and they can use as much space as they need. Linda suggested revisiting the vendor fee structure for next year, because we may be charging too much and "scaring away" potential vendors. The vendor booths are not intended to be a moneymaker so much as a service to exhibitors, and we don't normally have space issues. So the hope is to maximize the number of booths at the event. Michelle will note this issue in the Specialty Primer CD for future years.
  • Highway Issue: The issue of rumors over a new highway being built in Gray Summit was brought up. "Word on the street" is that if this highway is built, it will impact or completely destroy the herding fields at Purina Farms. Linda Koutsky reported that she asked Brock, our Purina representative about this issue, and he emphatically assured us that this would not be the case. Purina has no plans to change or close the herding grounds or any other part of the grounds for any reason, including highway construction. Brock reported that he'd heard these rumors too, and that he was frustrated with their propagation since they are not well founded.
  • Closing Dates: some concerns have been raised about the opening date being a Tuesday, which isn't conducive to sending two-day mail entries on a weekday. Michelle will note this issue in the Specialty Primer CD for future years.

7.2  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair
Lisa submitted a proposal for moving herding to DarnFar Ranch in Brownstown, Illinois, for the 2004 specialty. She offered two alternatives: either a large trial like we're doing now, or a smaller trial. There was a lot of discussion and several concerns were raised, and since the timeline is growing short, it was suggested that it may be better to consider such a proposal for years beyond 2004, when there is more time to research feasibility and address the many concerns identified.
Motion: to reject the proposal to move the herding trial from Purina for the 2004 specialty
Made By: Michelle Olsen
Second: Joyce Norris
Affirmative Vote: unanimous

7.3  Lifetime Achievement Awards
Helen Phillips, our Obedience Achievement nominee, was selected as a finalist for the AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards. Ballots will be sent out to clubs where finalists will be voted upon.

8.  New Business

8.1  Borderlines Mailing Issues
In the transition of editors, the mailing service didn't receive one of the membership list updates, so some members were not receiving their issues. The error was caught and corrected, and Lisa Ochoa (Editor) and Kay Rieff (Membership Chair) are now working on obtaining back issues to send to those members who are missing them. An email will be sent out on ANNOUNCE asking members to contact Lisa or Kay if they are still not getting their Borderlines, so any remaining issues can get corrected. Members are asked to spread the word to anyone they know (especially new members) who may not be receiving their issues, to please contact Lisa or Kay.

It was resolved to request that extra Borderlines issues be printed and sent to Kay Rieff, so that she can send them to new members when they join.

8.2  Inspectors of Election for Next Standard Ballot
Denise reported that the same inspectors and alternates are willing to serve again.

Motion: To appoint Kim Green, Lois Rifner and Dan O'Keefe as Inspectors of Election for this ballot.
Made by: Beth Bartholomew
Second: Laura Tomaszewski
Affirmative Vote: unanimous

Motion: To appoint Nancy Little, Joanna Yund and Jackie Hoye as Alternate Inspectors of Election.
Made by: Laura
Second: Beth
Affirmative Vote: unanimous

8.3  Legislation Committee
Claudia Frank inquired whether the club has someone designated as our legislative 'watch person." This person would help watch for proposed laws that are not in the best interest of responsible dog owners' rights, to help with the AKC's networking to strike down such laws. It was resolved to post a request to ANNOUNCE and in Borderlines soliciting volunteers for such a committee.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday September 8th, 2003, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
8:19 p.m. Pacific Time by Michelle Olsen, second: Laura Tomaszewski

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.


No meeting.


Members present:
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg • Laura Tomaszewski

Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:39 p.m. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

 1.  Recording Secretary’s Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of July board meeting
Minutes of July 7, 2003, board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2003-12

 2.  Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Koutsky

  1. 7/19/03 e-mail request from Stephanie Widyastuti, Jakarta, Indonesia asking for a club logo t-shirt to add to her t-shirt collection.
  2. 7/24/03 e-mail from Nancie Mages requesting that BCSA join the NFCC (National Field of Champions Club).  This is a conformation club that requires dogs have a breed championship as well as a title in their group sport to be shown at the show.
  3. 7/29/03 e-mail from Purina requesting a copy of Borderlines for their reference library
  4. 7/03 ballot for AKC lifetime achievement awards. BCSA voted for Helen Philips, Michelle Billings, and Delmar Smith
  5. 7/31/03 e-mail from Claudia Frank requesting guidance on how to compile herding statistics for the Borderlines scoreboard
  6. 8/4/03 e-mail from Westminster Kennel Club requesting a narrative and sound byte on Border Collies to be used on their website and read on the air.  Judges Education Chair, Carolyn Herbel prepared the narrative.  It was sent to Westminster on August 25, 2003.
  7. 8/27/03 letter from Gordon Heldebrandt, Director, Performance Events, AKC, regarding rescinded Herding Champion titles for Border Collies.  The AKC has rescinded titles on 14 Border Collies due to an AKC computer error in calculating points.
  8. 9/5/03 letter from Denise Teal replying to AKC Board about the above letter. Requested that AKC revisit the new herding “first place” rule interpretation and change it back to the original intent, and reinstate any titles earned under the original language and interpretation. Also requesting that in the future, when such questions come up, that AKC staff consult the Herding, Earthdog & Lure Coursing Committee and also the herding breed clubs for guidance on how to best proceed.
  9. 9/8/03 letter from Cindi McCawley 5-yo rescue BC requesting breed information. Linda will refer her to Linda Baron for rescue information, send her a copy of the breed information contained on our website, and Robin Penland, a member who lives in the same state (New Mexico).

3.  Treasurer’s Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1 Interim Financial Report

  • Checking balance: $10,002.12

  • Savings balance: $61,498.20

  • Health balance: $2,341.16 (included in savings balance)

  • Rescue balance: $10,056.90 (included in savings balance)

  •  It was resolved that a portion of the savings account balance may be shifted to Certificates of Deposit (CDs) if interest rates increase. At this time, the rate of interest earned in our regular savings account is comparable to a CD, so the shift is not warranted.

3.2  Specialty Income/Expenses
Income steadily coming in for: trophy donations, shirts, catalog orders, and catalog ads. Linda reported that Hodges’ Badge will contact Beth shortly with a final bill amount for ribbons. Payment will be sent soon for portable bathrooms.

4.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the July Board meeting:

4.1  Motion 2003-12
Motion: To approve the minutes of the July Board meeting as written.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Karen Herceg
In Favor: unanimous

 4.2  Motion 2003-13
Motion: To approve the request from the Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club to hold their 2nd annual specialty show and obedience trial.

  • Show to be held Friday March 12, 2004.
  • Judges: Rhonda Hovan for Conformation, Jeanne Ohmann & Catherine Thompson for Obedience.
  • The show will be held as part of the Kentuckiana Cluster, starting at 6pm or following the Kennel Club of Columbus Indiana Best In Show judging.

Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Linda Koutsky
In Favor: unanimous

 4.3  Motion 2003-14
Motion: To approve the request to hold a BCSA supported show at International Kennel Club on February 21, 2004.  Details:

  • Sweepstakes judge will be Dr. Gary L. Sparschu (#6370) who has attended a BCSA Judges' Education Seminar at Gray Summit, and who has agreed not to charge us anything.

  • Regular breed and group judge (from their panel) is Ms. Judith Goodin.

  • Prize money in sweeps will be divided as last year, 35% retained by the BCSA, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.

Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Beth Bartholomew
In Favor: unanimous

 4.4  New Members approved

  • Name: Claire A. Hamilton
    Address: 1810 McRee Mill Road, Watkinsville,  GA  31677
    Phone/email: 706-79-8876, Cham@negia.net
    : Holley Grooms

  • Name: Derrell and DeAnna Stover
    Address: 100 Smithfield Avenue, Summerville,  SC  29485
    Phone/email: 843-821-2111, Cleanrundog@aol.com
    : e and Sharon Wiksten

  • Name: Lesley Early and James Alcardice
    Address: 36 Artisan Way, Forestdale,  MA  02644
    Phone/email: 508-539-8139, kippertoast@aol.com
    : Jessica Scavetta

 5.  Committee Business

 5.1  Annual Committee Report Compilation
Joyce Norris will be preparing an Annual Committee Reports notebook, which will available in the hospitality room at the specialty. Committees that have not yet sent reports need to submit something for this notebook. Joyce will be contacted all committee chairs requesting this information. Additionally, all committee chairs present at the annual meeting will be asked to give a report. 

5.2  Health & Rescue Foundation (Laura Tomaszewski, Board Liaison)
Richard Whorton has resigned as chair of this committee due to time constraints. We need to find a replacement, preferably a person who has non-profit organization experience. Volunteers with applicable background and experience are being sought. A job description will be posted on Borderlines and Announce.

 5.3  Judges’ Education (Karen Yobbaggy, Board Liaison)
Karen will contact Carolyn Herbel to find out progress on the Judges Education seminar for the specialty. Beth has not yet received the registration checks, so we don’t know how many are signed up to attend, or whether Carolyn is still seeking workers to help put on the seminar.

 5.4  Judges’ Selection Committee (Michelle Olsen, Board Liaison)
It was resolved that BCSA would regularly solicit for judges suggestions via ANNOUNCE and Borderlines. Suggestions should include reasoning why the judge would be desirable, and cannot be anonymous suggestions. An ongoing list of suggestions will be maintained, with no cutoff dates for any particular year, and judges who are suggested multiple times will be treated with higher priority. Judge name suggestions are encouraged for all venues. For now, there will be no formal voting procedure, due to financial constraints and limited resources to conduct such a formal process. And, often, suggested judges simply are not available, affordable, etc. Final discretion on judge choice will be left to the board and event chairs, since the burden lies on them to contact judges and work around their availability and affordability.

5.5  Breeder Referral Committee (Karen Yobbaggy, Board Liaison)
Karen contacted Wendy Jordan and received an email reply promising a committee report shortly, but none has yet been received. The information is still waiting to be posted on the website, and Wendy is fielding requests that she gets, referred to her by AKC.

 6.  Old Business

 6.1  2003 National Specialty: Linda Koutsky, Chair

  • Trophy chair: Linda has not been able to get in contact with Carol Braden, our Trophy Chair. The phone numbers she has on record have been disconnected and emails have gone unanswered. Beth reported she’s been regularly receiving checks for trophy donations.

  • Parade of Champions: Susan Emerson is not able to come to the Specialty, so cannot MC the POC at the banquet. Denise Teal agreed to serve as the MC.

  • Entries:

  • Obedience: Saturday 84 entries (regular classes only). Sunday: 79 entries (regular classes only). Obedience is not full, however the Open entries came the closest to filling, Novice A had the smallest entry.

  • Obedience Invitational: most of the invited “combined” category dogs are confirmed as planning to attend. A few Novice dogs are coming; Open and Utility entries are small. Some invited entries “moved up” to next level, which was allowed.

  • Sweepstakes: Saturday: 41 entries.

  • Conformation: Saturday Specialty: 146 entries, including 48 BOB Champions. Sunday conformation show: 118 entries, including 43 BOB entries.

  • Agility: 370 entries both days.

  • Herding: Started A: Monday: 37 entries, Tuesday: 36 entries. Int./Adv A: Monday: 34 entries, Tues 35 entries. Started B: Monday: 36 (6 alt). Int/Adv B Monday: 27 entries, Tuesday: 25 entries, All B Wed 64 entries. Test classes: 14 in each division

  • Professional Superintendent: Linda reported that Carolyn Jonnson has been very nice to work with, and recommends using her again in future years.

  • Rosettes & ribbons: order is in to Hodges

  • Judging Program: Carolyn has asked Linda to do the judging program. Linda asked Laura Tomsaszewski to help with the Agility portion of this. We will largely use what we had last year, with a few minor changes.

  • Website: discussion surrounding how the catalog ads will be prepared for links to our website. Lisa Ochoa will need help as this is a big job. As soon as Michelle can get the ftp site and password for the website, she can start preparing to help with creating these ad websites.

  • Judges: Linda is making final arrangements with Missi Roland for judge’s transportation. Michelle may meet one judge at the airport when she flies in Sunday night at 6:40pm.

  • Welcome booklet: there were no plans to make a welcome booklet this year. Instead, we’ll post the schedules on a flip chart in the hospitality room. A small sheet of paper with the week’s schedule will also be made available at the host hotel front desk and in the hospitality room.

  • Equipment needed: flip chart, dry erase board, and slideshow screen for a PowerPoint presentation for Dr. Keller. Denise will contact hotel to get these things. Laura will contact Dr. Keller to verify that he has his own projector.

  • Most Versatile Border Collie Competition: Linda has ordered a very large rosette. We do not yet know what the prize will be; Sharon Savage is still shopping to spend her $200 budget.

  • Rescue Banquet Tickets: Joyce asked whether we were supposed to mail ticket orders to Lisa Ochoa or Linda Koutsky, as was published in the last Borderlines. Linda said either person is fine, and she and Wayne Koutsky will continue to sell tickets throughout the week.

6.2  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Linda Koutsky will be Ribbon Chair for the 2004 National.

  • Kay Rieff has agreed to be raffle Chair.

  • Nancy Little is working on an agility seminar.

  • Lisa Pruka, Specialty Chair, is seeking Obedience, Tracking and Agility chairs. Conformation (Nancie Mages) & Herding (Laura Tomaszewski & Joyce Norris) chair positions have been filled. Lisa is also seeking most other chair positions, such as vendors, hospitality, catalogs etc.

6.3  Revised Standard Acceptance Process
The revised standard passed with an 83% affirmative vote in the second round of balloting. The next step is that it will be published in the AKC Gazette, with a 30-day comment period where members of the fancy may comment to the AKC Board on the revision. After that, the AKC Board will make a final approval decision and notify the BCSA Board.

7.  New Business

7.1  Website
Due to the large workload of updating and maintaining the website, the Board has decided to create a Website Committee, where several people can share the workload. Volunteers are needed to contribute to this effort.

 7.2  BCSA Suggestion Box
A question was submitted asking why the number of times a dog is shown is not included in the ranking statistics. The answer is that this information is not available in the AKC Awards Publication, only the winners are published, and dogs that fail are not listed. There are a number of ways to generating ranking statistics, and the particular method used in our Scoreboards is up to the person doing the compilations.

 7.3  2005 Specialty Chair
It’s time already to begin searching for a Chair for the 2005 Specialty. Volunteers are being sought at this time.

 7.4  AKC Breed Registration Insert
AKC has prepared a draft of an insert with basic information about the Border Collie, which would be included in all new registration packets. The Board has already gone through one round of review/edits, which Sally Davis, the Education Chair, has incorporated. The Board had not had a chance to yet review the second draft, so voting on this issue was postponed and will likely be done via email before the next board meeting.

 8.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday, November 17th, 2003, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
7:48 p.m. Pacific Time by Laura Tomaszewski, second: Karen Herceg

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.


Since no quorum was reached, official business could not be conducted at this meeting. A “town hall” style meeting was held instead.

Standard Revision Committee Report: Committee Chair, Susanne Hoffman
Susane explained the balloting process results and the process still left to be completed before the standard will be fully approved for use. The newly proposed standard revision developed by the Standard Revision Committee was voted on and approved by our membership by an overwhelming majority. Susane reported that, according to a letter dated September 11, 2003 from Mari Beth O’Neil at AKC, the timeline would likely be as follows:

  • October 2003: presented to the AKC Board of Directors as a proposed revised standard.
  • November 2003: Published in the Secretary’s Page of the AKC Gazette as the Proposed Standard.
  • January 2004: Presented to the Board of Directors as the revised standard for final approval.
  • February 2004: Published in the Secretary’s Page of the AKC Gazette as the revised standard.
  • March 2, 2004: Effective date for the revised standard.

These dates are only tentative and may change. It is also of note that the club may not attempt to change the standard for a period of five years.

Judges Education Committee Report: Committee Chair, Carolyn Herbel
Carolyn explained how she currently presents the education seminar, since the new standard is “in the works”. Since she must still present the current standard, but the proposed standard may be accepted very soon, she is holding off on further development of the seminar “template” and is just using existing materials and covering a variety of background topics. In the classes she teaches she attempts to contrast the old standard to the proposed revised one, preparing judges for the possibility of using the new standard in the next year, but still emphasizing that we must adhere to the existing one until the new one is official. She also explained how she chooses example dogs to use in the seminar, she tries to select a broad variety of dogs that reflect different coat types, colors, ear sets etc, to help expose judges to the acceptable variations in our breed.

Treasurer’s Report: Beth Bartholomew

  • Checking $38,954.52

  • Savings $61,629.11 includes:
    Rescue $10,106.90
    Health: $2,371.16

Health Committee: Committee Chair, Laura Tomaszewski
Laura covered the goals of the health committee. The first goal is doing another health survey and getting better results than the last one that was performed. Laura briefly reported on a canine health conference she recently attended.

 Note that reports from committees where there was not a representative present could be found in a notebook, available for meeting attendees to review, in the Hospitality Room.

Comments from the floor:

  • A thank-you was expressed for holding the performance titled fun match; the exhibitors really enjoyed it.
  • A suggestion was made to do a group photo at the specialty in the future.
  • A comment was made expressing appreciation for moving the host hotel to the Best Western, because of the convenience.
  • Announcements were made about raffle and silent auctions.

Comments submitted via "Comment cardS":

Secretary’s note: these comments were compiled by the Board, and submitted to the 2004 specialty committee, which is taking each one into consideration for next year’s event.

  • Judge suggestion: Jean Fournier; she likes proper structure and movement over color or coat.
  • Agility invitational similar to obedience this year to draw more top agility competitors and fun.
  • To improve the difficulty of the pen on the B herding course consider putting tarp on the sides so the sheep cannot see through it.
  • Consider an agility practice match for Wednesday afternoon; suggest $5 for 2-3 minutes; use herding A course or hotel grounds; rent equipment from local club/school (monies taken in should cover cost)
  • Post a list of the volunteers in an evident area to venue volunteered for
  • Good that all BC be promoted and equalized in the conformation ring.
  • Consistency in judging--very evident that it is not
  • Everyone does a nice job and is willing to answer questions.
  • I'm so glad the specialty is returning to Purina in 2004.  It is a great venue--wonderful event.
  • Changing the quorum sounds like a really practical idea.
  • Any thoughts to having an eye clinic?
  • Beth Goodwin--agility judge, Denver, Colorado; nice flowing courses as a rule.  Do the conformation performance match again.
  • Bleachers for outside A course at the herding site.  Use different sheep (Wendy Carlson, Aledo, Illinois has a great flock).
  • I loved the conformation match.  Agility fees are high compared to most trials.
  • I suggest that there be a consideration of reducing the quorum requirement.  Enhance and continue the titled BC match.
  • The conformation match for performance titled dogs was great.  Also very well judged.  Next year why don't you give simple ribbons for placings and participation?  Why are fees for agility entries so high? Much over usual for this area, and keeping entries down.
  • I really liked the new motel site.  Thanks to all who worked so hard.  This has been a great specialty.

Minutes respectfully submitted, Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary


Members present (all):
Denise Teal • Joyce Norris • Beth Bartholomew • Michelle Olsen • Linda Koutsky • Karen Herceg • Laura Tomaszewski • Janet Lewis

Call to order:
5:30 p.m. Pacific Time by Denise Teal

 1.  Recording Secretary’s Report: Michelle Olsen

1.1  Approval of minutes of September board meeting
Minutes of September 8, 2003, board meeting approved unanimously in Motion 2003-15.

 2.  Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Koutsky

  • 9/24/03-- letter from AKC Event Plans Department requesting we consider approving affiliate clubs for more than one year.
  • 10/03 -- Letter from AKC granting permission to BCSA to hold a sweepstakes event on 2/21/04 in conjunction with the International Kennel Club of Chicago.  Judge is Dr. Gary L. Sparschu.
  • 10/6/03 letter from the Central Kentucky Herding Group Club requesting a donation to their trophy fund.  They will be hold both A and B course sheep trials.
  • 10/16/03 letter from BCCGLA requesting approval for an obedience trial to be held on 5/27/04.
  • 10/20/03 -- Thank you card from Judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza
  • 10/29/03 -- Application packet from the AKC for our 2004 Conformation Show & Obedience Trial (Saturday show). 
  • 11/3/03 -- Copy of a letter from the AKC to Carolny Herbel (Judge Ed Chair) asking for the dates of our 2004 National Specialty, any Regional Specialties that have Judges Ed, and any other events where Judges Ed will offer educational programs.
  • 11/3/03 – Letter from Purina to Beth Bartholomew with an update on the Parent Club Partnership Program.
  • 11/11/03 -- Thank you card from Judge Dr. Harry Smith
  • 11/5/03 -- Notice from the AKC stating that our Oct. herding trials have been processed.
  • 11/5/03 -- Application packet from the AKC for our 2004 Conformation Show & Obedience Trial (Sunday show).
  • 11/6/03 letter from Bruce Smart, ABCA President, regarding canceling registrations on ABCA registered dogs who earn an AKC breed championship.  LETTER TO BE RE-PRINTED IN BORDERLINES.
  • 11/7/03 -- Letter from "Austin Postal" advertising their postal service.

3.  Treasurer’s Report: Beth Bartholomew

3.1  Interim Financial Report

  • Checking balance:         $19,512.86

  • Savings balance:        $61,629.11

  • Health balance:         $2586.16  (included in savings balance)

  • Rescue balance:         $10,451.90  (included in savings balance)

  • Dues receipts to date (December 12): $2,620

 3.2  Specialty Income/Expenses
There are still outstanding bills to be paid, but the preliminary financial outcome from the 2003 Specialty is as follows:

  • Specialty income:          $53,245.00

  • Specialty expenses:          ($39,332.90)

  • Net Income:            $13,912.10

 3.3  Tracking Test Income/Expenses
The BCSA Tracking Test was held in November in Wisconsin, and was profitable. The following is a summary of the financial results of the event.




Entry fees

Total Income $1507


Net Income $404

3.4  End of Year Review
Beth is preparing financial summaries to send to Wayne Koutsky for our year-end review. Wayne requested Beth to send check register, QuickBooks summary, and summary by account of all transactions. Also include a folder of receipts. He said to send them after the first of the year, so he can review the entire year’s summary, and prepare the tax statement at the same time.

 3.5  Budget for 2004
Beth is preparing the 2004 budget. There will be no major changes from last year’s budget.

4.  Interim Business Transacted by US Mail
No mail exchanged in the preceding two months. 

 5.  Interim Business Transacted by Email
The following motion was voted on via email since the September Board meeting:

5.1  Motion 2003-15
Motion: To approve the minutes of the September Board meeting as written.
Motion made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Beth Bartholomew
In Favor: unanimous

 5.2  Motion 2003-16
Motion: To approve the specialty application from the Border Collie Club of Los Angeles to hold a conformation show and obedience trial on May 27, 2004. Conformation judge would be Art Sorkin and Obedience judge would be Dorothy McCauly.
Motion Made By: Michelle Olsen
Second: Beth Bartholomew
In Favor: unanimous

 5.3  Motion 2003-17
Motion: To sponsor expenses incurred by Claudia Frank to attend the AKC Herding meeting, to be held in California in December, intended to discuss possible resolutions to the Herding Championship situation. AKC has extended an invitation to Claudia to sit on this panel, and offered $200 towards her expenses. This proposal is to cover the balance of travel, lodging and meals expenses incurred by Claudia for the trip, up to an amount of $400 above and beyond the $200 AKC stipend, provided that receipts for all expenses are provided to the BCSA Treasurer.
Background: It is in our breed’s and club’s interest to have Claudia’s knowledge and expertise made available to help guide AKC staff and the Herding/Coursing/Earthdog Committee through this difficult dilemma. Claudia is very familiar with the history of the situation and has collected significant feedback from the fancy regarding the wishes of exhibitors and herding breed parent clubs, so she will represent the herding community well. Since Claudia will be donating her time, it seems reasonable that AKC and BCSA should ensure that she has few out-of-pocket expenses for her contribution to the resolution of this serious matter.
Motion Made by: Michelle Olsen
Second: Beth Bartholomew
In Favor: unanimous

 5.4  New Members approved

  • Name: Mary Thompson
    Address: 8026 N. Neva Road, Pocatello, ID  83204
    Phone/email: 208-233-1122, idahobones03@yahoo.com
    Sponsor: Michelle Olsen

  • Name: Carol Mandernach
    Address: 1816  43rd St., Moline, IL  61265
    Phone/email: 309-764-7890, allnone@mchsi.com
    Sponsor: Nancie Mages

  • Name: Susan Rhoades
    Address: 412 Russell Road, Berryville, VA  22611
    Phone/email: 540-327-6744, Keepstonefarm@aol.com
    Sponsor: Linda Dart

  • Name: Terri Clingerman
    Address: 1855 Rt. 21 N., Palmyra,  NY  14522
    Phone/email: 315-597-3731
    Sponsor: Marion Crane  

  • Name: Carol A Helwig
    Address: 3778 Starshine Trail, Brighton, MI  48114
    Phone/email: 810-22 7-3697, carjim@ismi.net
    Sponsor: Trisha Eifert

  • Name:  Dannie McCoy and Kelly G. Shaw
    Address: 24332 Lawrence 2200, Marionville, MO  65705
    Phone/email: 417-258-2263  danniemccoy@att.net
    Sponsor: Nancie Mages

  • Name: Caili Herr
    Address: H.C.8, box 8750, Hawley, PA  18428
    Phone/email: 570-226-7371 udbc2obedog@yahoo.com
    Sponsor: Betty Padgett

  • Name: Judy Ramsey
    Address: 16 Amara Court, The Woodlands, TX 77381
    Phone/email: 281-363-4880  KraftyK9@aol.com
    Sponsor: Debbie Quigley

  • Name: Robert and Nancy Harmon
    Address: 1325 Marion Anderson Road, Hot Springs, AR  71913
    Phone/email: 501-760-4046 nwharmon@cablelynx.com
    Sponsor: Michelle Olsen

  • Name: Lili Dawidowicz  
    : 4111 Otter Road, Trenton,  IL  62293
    Phone/email: 618-224-7530 lilidplus9@aol.com
    Sponsor: Michelle Olsen

  • Name: Barbara Stewart
    Address: 13601 SE Taylor, Portland, OR  97233
    Phone/email: 503-256-1779
    Sponsor: Laura Wright

  • Name: Vikki Bykstra
    Address: 1414 Woodland Drive, Portage, MI  49024
    Phone/email: 269-324-9833  pawsoncontact@aol.com
    Sponsor: Robin Ford

There was one application that was not completely filled out: Denise will ask Kay Rieff to contact the applicant, and ask her to complete the form.

6.  Committee Business

6.1  Standard Committee (Joyce Norris, Board Liaison)
Susanne Hoffman, Committee Chair, reports that the revised standard appeared in the November issue of the Gazette.  Letter will be sent to each AKC board member individually asking for support of the standard.

 6.2  Rescue Committee
Linda Baron has not received any grant requests, so the question was raised whether or not we need to change the criteria. It was resolved to modify the form to encourage applicants. Laura Tomaszewski agreed to work on a form revision to submit to the board. 

 6.3  Breeder Referral Committee
Michelle inquired whether we have a breeder referral list or not: nothing has been received from the committee, and emails and phone calls to chair, Wendy Jordan, go unanswered. Michelle is getting multiple inquiries from interested parties wanting breeder information; so she is anxious to have this information to post on the website, to cut down on the number of inquiries she must answer. IT was resolved that Karen Herceg would contact Wendy via US Mail, thanking her for her service, but letting her know we will be seeking a new chair who is more available and able to respond regularly to email, the primary mode by which we conduct club business. Karen will then contact Janet Legg, the co-chair of the committee, to see if she is willing to take over responsibility of creating and maintaining the breeder referral list. In the meantime, since no breeder referral list has been published, we will solicit breeder referral forms at the same time as membership renewals, and breeders can send their forms to Kay Rieff, Membership Chair. Karen will send Michelle the registration form she has, and the write-up that was prepared by Wendy, for posting on the website.

7.  Old Business 

7.1  2003 National Specialty: Linda Koutsky, Chair
The specialty went very well. A very relieved Linda Koutsky had nothing further to report.

7.2  2004 National Specialty: Lisa Pruka, Chair

  • Chairs we have so far:
    Conformation-Nancie Mages
    Obedience: Juliane Cepulis
    Agility-Missi Roland
    Herding-Laura Tomaszewski and Joyce Norris
    Herding trophies-Denise Teal
    All other trophies-Marion Crane and Terri Clingerman
    Photo contest-Mary Beth and Laura Overmyer
    Red Raffle-Kay Rieff
    Ribbons-Linda Koutsky
    Shirts - Michelle Olsen
    Vendors-Peggy Battig
    Publicity: Karen Herceg

  • Turnaround letters for the 2004 National are already arriving at Linda Koutsky’s house. Linda is signing them and sending them on to Lisa Pruka.

  • Still need chairs for: hospitality, judges’ hospitality, and Janet Larson Versatility award.

  • Hospitality Work: Linda Koutsky pointed out that the Hospitality Room work should be delegated to a committee, because it’s too much work for one person. It was resolved to solicit volunteers to help man the room each night. About four people are needed each night to provide snacks, take money for Store, catalogs, hand out membership applications, and generally represent the club. Will also ask the affiliate clubs to try to each host a night, Michelle will contact Ruth Deming to see if she can arrange for this. We may close the Hospitality Room some nights if we cannot find workers to man it.

  • Still need secretaries for: obedience/conformation, agility. Carolyn Johnson did a good job in 2003, but she will not be available next year. Lisa is researching the possibility of hiring somebody. Board members will also be asking around, and an announcement may be sent out to ANNOUNCE if we cannot find someone. Board members had a few names of people with whom we can check for availability.

  • Still need: a performance match judge. It was decided to seek one of the Judges’ Ed participants, to provide an aspiring BC judge with the opportunity to practice judging our breed. Michelle would serve as a backup judge. She will also teach a handling class prior to the match.

  • Janet Larson Most Versatile Dog Award: Linda Koutsky suggested commissioning a professional pastel drawing by Terry Stanley of the winning dog. Price would be approximately $220. It was resolved to postpone the decision until a chair is found, and let them make the final decision.

  • Specialty Logo: a logo is needed, for the catalog cover, specialty shirts, etc. Denise was going to suggest to Lisa Pruka that she contact Sally Davis, who had expressed interest in doing some artwork.

  • Vendor booths: Peggy Battig has agreed to be chair again. It was resolved that we need to rope off areas for each vendor next year, because we had reports from some vendors that they had disagreements over occupied space. It was also resolved not to charge vendors a booth fee next year, in hopes of attracting more vendors and making their trip worthwhile.

  • Tracking: it has been decided not to host a tracking test at the national, but rather hold one later in the year, as was done this year. It has been too difficult to find volunteers to run the tracking event during the national, and to fit it into the schedule.

  • Tentative Schedule:
    Wednesday-herding invitational and performance match @ 4pm, with a handling class @ 2pm, ˝ day of instinct testing, tracking seminar
    Thursday-instinct testing all day, agility
    Friday-agility, obedience invitational pm, sweepstakes pm, judges education all day
    Saturday-breed, obedience, banquet
    Sunday-breed, obedience

8.  New Business

8.1  2005 Specialty
Denise will publish a job description soliciting volunteers.

8.2  2007 Specialty
Terry Kenney and Michelle Olsen have been in contact with members of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America regarding possibly holding a specialty in the West in 2007. The ACD club plans to hold their national in Hillsboro, OR sometime in the October time frame, and they are anxious to share stock rental costs, if we were to back our herding trial up to theirs. Preliminary discussions are taking place, and Michelle and Terry will develop a proposed budget and plan for consideration. 

8.3  BCSA Advertising
It was resolved to take out an ad in Front & Finish in July, advertising both our national and our club. Ad would need to be submitted in May. Will also make sure there is a listing on cleanrun.com, which is free (their magazine advertising is out of our price range).

8.4  Membership Application
It was resolved that the membership application needs to be updated. Board members felt that it should be clarified which parts of the form are required to be completed, which parts are optional. Also, it was resolved to add a request for the sponsor to provide a brief statement of endorsement. And, to add a question asking why the applicant wants to join the club. Denise will ask Kay Rieff if she will look into updating the form, and suggesting other changes as well.

8.5  Herding Trial Sponsorships
Claudia Frank had forwarded an email from Terry Kenney requesting that the board provide a sponsorship to Affiliate Clubs who offer both A and B Course herding trials, to encourage more clubs to host B Courses. The board discussed the issue at length, and does feel it’s important to assist clubs that may find B Course difficult to offer from a financial standpoint. However, all of the current Affiliate Clubs are already hosting B Courses, so the incentive wouldn’t assist in getting any additional B courses offered, which would be the primary goal. Plus, it was felt that if we offered a blanket-funding program for herding, it could blossom into all clubs requesting funding for all events—obedience, conformation, agility, etc. and that it would be discriminatory to help with some events, but not others. The board resolved to leave it to individual clubs to request funding from the board if they need it, and requests would be entertained on a case-by-case basis, taking into account club funds available at any given time, and number of request received.

9.  Date of Next Meeting
Monday, January 5th, 2004, 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Adjournment motion:
8:28 p.m. Pacific Time by Motion to adjourn by Karen Herceg, second Laura Tomaszewski.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Olsen, Recording Secretary.


No meeting.


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