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No meeting.


Members present: 
Nancy Little, Vice President •  Marit Marino, Treasurer •  Sharon Ferguson, Secretary •  Joyce Herie, Past President •  Board Members Emily Czapek •  Janet Lewis

Call to order: 
5:10pm PST by President Denise Teal.

Change in officers due to Fran Hoffman's resignation as President, Denise Teal became President. This left the position of Vice President vacant. Marit moved that Nancy Little be appointed Vice President. Motion was seconded and unanimously approved. This appointment created a vacancy on the Board. Marit also moved that Janet Lewis be appointed to the Board and Nancy seconded. The vote was unanimous.

1.  SECRETARY'S REPORT-Sharon Ferguson

1.1  Minutes
Approval of minutes of previous board meeting (December 6th, 2001) December Board Meeting minutes-changes add under ROM program.

Honorary ROM and ROMF is tabled for further discussion. Emily moved that the minutes be approved with these changes, Nancy seconded. Motion was unanimously approved.

1.2  Minutes
Approval of minutes of the "Town Hall Meeting" held during the 2001 National Specialty. Because there was no quorum, and therefore no official business was conducted, it will not be referred to as the Annual General Meeting. The minutes were unanimously approved (Sharon moved, seconded by Emily)

1.3  Other

1.31  Correspondence from Purina about partnership program
Denise sent in forms. A post was put on BC-Announce notifying members. To participate as an individual must breed one litter a year or be feeding 5 dogs at once. Members who don't meet these requirements can send in their weight circles to Denise.

1.3.2  Correspondence from AnneMarie Silverton
The Board received a letter from George Hartmann, AnneMarie Silverton's attorney, demanding a retraction from BCSA and apology from Ruth Deming based on comments she made in an article appearing in Borderlines. The letter stated that the article contained libelous and defamatory statements. After discussing this, the Board felt that there was insufficient proof for these accusations and wrote a reply to Mr. Hartmann stating that BCSA has no intention of printing a retraction. The Board also received a copy of a letter written by Ruth's attorney to Mr. Hartmann stating that there will be neither a retraction nor an apology from Ruth Deming.

1.3.3  AKC parent club conference Oct 25-27 2002
Deadline for submitting attendees is March 15 . Denise will attend and possibly Marit.


2.1 Interim Financial Report

$43,333.74 Checking
$ 1,339.47 Savings - Restricted Health
$ 6,463.95 Savings - Restricted Rescue
$ 1,014.34 Regular Savings

2.2.1 Liability insurance, Delegate expenses, and Borderlines costs since last meeting have all been paid. Marit reports that the Tax forms have been completed by Wayne Koutsky. 501c3 tax status Marit and Bylaws co-Chair Dr. Kim Green are working on this. Marit has provided Kim with bylaws from another parent club which recently obtained this status and Kim has found a pro bono attorney to assist with IRS paperwork.

2.2.2 The Board discussed a possible series of articles in BL explaining the workings of BCSA and parent clubs in general (ie the purpose of a parent club and what we are doing, the direction we are going etc.), to give members a better idea of how the club's budget is done and how any profits are used.

2.2.3 Wayne Koutsky reported that he has completed a review of the 2001 financials for the BCSA. Upon reviewing the bank statements, deposits and invoices for 2001 he found that the accounts accurately present the financial picture for the BCSA for 2001. Another review of the financials should be done in July of 2002. After a very successful National Speciality in 2001 the BCSA appears to be in solid financial shapen for the upcoming year.

2.2.4 Denise has signed the bank papers so Marit can now add her name as a signatory.

2.2.5 Specialty - 2002 Budget Specialty Budget projects income of $55,370 and expenses of $49,301. The Specialty Budget was unanimously approved by the Board.

2.2.6 Emily moved/Nancy seconded that we moved $20,000 from checking to savings in the event of a lawsuit and also for the possibility of accruing interest. Unanimously approved.


3.1 New members approved-Sharon Ferguson

The following new members were approved

  • Toni M. Bryant
    13820 Royal Dornoch Sq.
    San Diego, CA 92128
  • Jenny Cobb
    1311 Saxon Drive
    Nashville, TN 37215-4409
  • Beth Hudson
    9500 N. Loop Road
    Pensacola, FL 32507
  • Diane K. Keitz
    3665 Woodside Road
    Woodside, CA 94062
  • Barbara Light
    7772 Lake Andrea Circle
    Mt. Dora, FL 32757
  • Debra Provence
    1339 Poppyseed Court
    New Brighton, MN 55112
  • Janis Teichman
    419 Alameda
    Redwood City, CA 94062
  • Laura and Alan Wright, II (Household membership)
    2005 Sussex Drive
    Mt. Dora, FL 32757

3.3.1 Consent agenda Denise will prepare a list of items that can be voted on at each Board meeting as a block. These are items that are ready for a vote and for which there is no opposition.


4.1  Affiliate clubs
Ruth Deming is asking for input from the Board on developing a program for General Education utilizing the Affiliate Clubs. Emily, in particular, being on the General Education committee, could provide information on what might be available for use in school visits, fairs or anything that draws the public. Ruth has also talked to Joyce Herie regarding Affiliate Clubs participating in Judges' Education as well.

4.1.1 Correspondence between Kelly Whiteman and Ruth Deming. The Board received copies of correspondence concerning the Affiliate Club committee.

4.2.1  BCSA_Announce
Nancy Little will contact April to get a list of non-renewals . As of February 7, 2002, there are 242 subscribers to BCSA_Announce. Next month Nancy will go through all the e-mail addresses on the list and determine who each e-mail address belongs to and whether that member has renewed membership. The Board unanimously approved the BCSA_Announce policy as proposed by Nancy.

4.2.2  BCSA Suggestion Box
There have been 8 messages/suggestions sent to this e-mail box, since its creation just after the 2001 National in mid October.

4.3  Breed Standard
The Board will hold a special teleconference meeting with Susane Hoffman, Chair, scheduled for March 14, 2002 at 530 pm PST. Susane has submitted to the Board a draft of the re-worked standard and requested comments and any suggestions for changes.

4.4  BCSA Website
The Board unanimously agreed to 9 year extension on the domain name and unanimously approved Lisa Ochoa as webmaster. Marit Marino just brought up a new page for this year's specialty and recently changed the Officers' page to reflect new officers.

4.5  Bylaws
Kim Green/Lois Rifner report that in September of 2001 they wrote to the AKC asking for approval of the proposed amendments to the BCSA Constitution and By-laws. In November we received their reply. Overall, they were very favorable. They corrected a typo in Article I, Section 4, where we had that a membership is considered lapsed after 45 days. It should be 30.

The AKC did request a few changes and clarifications which are being addressed. After a final review by the Board, they will be sent to the membership.

The next big task for this committee is to look into policies and procedures. In order to do this effectively, Kim and Lois will need anyone who has policies or procedures from the Club's past to forward those to us for review and consideration.

4.6  Fundraising-Nancie Mages

4.6.1  Store $1,300 was made from the BCSA store before Xmas. We need to pursue new ideas so as to make the $4,000 projected in our operating budget for this year. Nancie also reports that store sales were excellent when the Border Recorder and Janet Larson's "Versatile Border Collie" were offered as a combination deal for $45.00. Nancie and Helen Phillips will have a Beanie Photo and Humor Contest for the next issue of Borderlines.

4.7 General Education
Lisa Ochoa is working on a draft of the General Education website with the help of the committee members.

4.8 Other

4.8.1  Health
Debbie Brooks, Chair. Marit wrote letters to two veterinarians in the St Louis area asking that they do microchipping and a CERF test at this year's specialty and also informed Debbie that OFA has announced a new health database which would be a repository of all of a dog's health clearances. The parent club would decide which tests are to be admitted into the database, and the owners of the dogs will decide whether they want the info on a particular dog released on request, or held confidential. Debbie published a health survey in the new Jan/Feb Borderlines for the membership to complete and return to her.

The UC Davis School of Vet Medicine just appointed Marit to the planning committee for their annual Companion Animal Health Day in October.

Information about the Purina Parent Club Partnership program was received by Debbie. Denise filled out the forms and returned them to Purina. Purina Pro Club members can earn dollars for the parent club's health funds at CHF by sending in kibble bag weight circles.

4.8.4  Letter from AKC re coat/hair study
Secretary Sharon Ferguson received a letter from Texas A & M University College of Veterinary Medicine requesting that BCSA participate in a study on the genetics of coat in dogs. Each Parent club has been contacted and hair samples from different dogs and bitches are needed for the study. The Board decided this project should be turned over to BCSA Health Chair Debbie Brooks so Sharon forwarded the information on to her.

4.9  Health and Rescue Foundation-Richard Whorton, Chair
The Board approved an additional $500 for total of $1,000 from Restricted Funds for the start up costs for the Foundation.

4.10  Herding Advisory Committee-Claudia Frank, Chair (Technically the Herding Advisory Committee, of which Claudia was the representative, is no longer in existence, however, they have stayed in contact regarding matters that effect our parent clubs and AKC Herding).
Claudia reports that at this time there is a controversy over how the first places in the Herding Championship are earned. The AKC has changed its interpretation of the "First" placings that are required to be won. Claudia has shared correspondence between the AKC and the HAC secretary with Janet Lewis, BCSA, Delegate to AKC and BCSA Prs. Denise Teal. They are currently waiting to see if the AKC will establish a statement of their new interpretation or how this will be handled.

The AKC has outlined a Herding Instinct Test that will go into effect June 1st, 2002. If this in fact happens the BCSA can decide whether the BCSA wishes to keep its own evaluation forms and certificates or go with the AKC set up. The AKC requires two passing evaluations. When the new program goes into effect Claudia will have it published in Borderlines.

4.11  Judges Education
Joyce Herie reports that last year the JEC had official seminars at the National Specialty, the Los Angeles Dog Judges Educational Association and the Judges Education Association of Washington. So far in 2002, a seminar is being held in Association with the International Kennel Club in Chicago in February and of course, at the BCSA National in October. Others may be scheduled depending on requests received.

The current committee members are Nancie Mages, Art Sorkin and Caroline Herbel. The JEC would like to work with any regional club that may be interesting in doing JE presentations. It is difficult and expensive to send just a few club representatives to many parts of the country for the smaller seminars. This is where the local clubs can help. We will be working with the Affiliate Club Chair, Ruth Deming, in this regard members should feel free to contact either committee. The JEC is also going to attempt to put together a network of breed mentors. These will be people willing to take a potential Border Collie judge under their wing and teach them the BC from a breeders perspective. If you would be interested in being a breed mentor in your area and would like to know what it entails, please contact the JEC.

4.12  Judges Selection committee
Nancie Mages is contemplating the Judges Selection Procedure, and should have something in about two weeks. What she would like to propose to the Board is that we go ahead with next year's judges selection because time is of the essence. An agility person and a herding person need to be included in the judges selection procedure.

4.13  Membership-April Quist
Members that have not renewed as of 2/113 clubs out of 7, 10 lifetime, 94 individual out of 415.

4.13.1  Update on Renewals
April will send postcards to remind members to renew. For members that have questions as to why dues are increased, hopefully the series of articles in BL will help explain.

4.14  Nominating Committee
The following committee was approved by the Board Linda Baron, Chair Nancie Mages April Quist Sandra Lindenmuth Janet Lewis

4.15  ROM-Nancy Keller
The ROM (Register Of Merit), ROMX (Register of Merit Excellent) and the ROMF (Register Of Merit Foundation) titles were approved at the last board meeting.

Nancy Keller submitted a proposal for the ROMF (Register Of Merit Foundation) and the HonROM (Honorary Register Of Merit) for the Board's approval. Nancy Little made a motion to approve the ROMF proposal and Sharon Ferguson seconded it. The proposal passed unanimously.

There was a discussion on the HonROM and it was decided that the proposal needed to be reworked to provide a better definition of the requirements for these dogs and the approval process. Nancy Little will contact Nancy Keller and ask her to add this to her proposal for the HonROM.

4.16  Border Recorder
Nancy Keller reports that Nancie Mages is in the process of researching printing costs to produce the Border Recorder. With the advances in software since 1998 in all likelihood they will be able to provide the Recorder to the printer in an electronic form so they will not have to scan pictures. This will enable a higher quality publication than in the past. As soon as the print costing is complete they can provide ad rates to the members so they can start taking their contributions. Also, they will provide more information regarding content in the next committee report and will be asking the members for input. Nancy reported that she had a donor for printing costs above and beyond whatever income the Border Recorder generated itself, so what was needed was basically to up front the printing costs. Joyce moved and Emily seconded to approve funding up front for the printing costs (that Nancy Keller had put in her budget for last year.). Marit opposed and the rest of the Board approved. Motion carried.

4.17  Stud Book/Increase Registration Committee-Richard Whorton, and Claudia Frank
The AKC has increased the Open Registration fee to $50 from $30 without notification to the BCSA in any form. Claudia has contacted the AKC to find out who to contact and how we can get the fee lowered to the prior (still high) $30 fee.

4.18  Versatility/Awards

4.18.1  Awards given
Tracy Sengupta reports that in 2001, BCSA gave out 25 Versatility Awards (V and VX). This is a decrease from 2000, in which 38 awards were given. However, the majority of the awards given in 2000 were under the old criteria, which were easier. (Included the Canine Good Citizen Test in the point system). In January 2002, BCSA gave its 4th Versatility Champion Award to Peggy Timm and "Floyd" from Illinois. Tracy also reports that she has received 2 more applications (V and VX) just recently and is waiting for an electronic signature (or a real one to scan) from Denise to be used on the certificates.

4.18.2  Janet Larson Memorial Award
Tracy suggested to the board that use the "Versatility at the Specialty Award" as the Janet Larson Trophy. She heard only favorable feedback about this idea from the board members. Emily Czapek will help on revising the criteria for the award with help from the Board. It was proposed to use the form from last year with the following changes count only the highest score for each event because of the many herding and agility classes offered. (Emily/Joyce moved ,all approved) and add tracking (2 points for TD/5 for TDX).

4.19  Advisory Committees
A group of advisory committee chairs are needed to address issues or advise on issues pertaining to different events. Janet Lewis has volunteered to chair an Obedience Advisory Committee and Lisa Pruka has volunteered to serve as the Tracking chair. Other chairs are needed for agility and conformation.

4.20  Breeder Referral Committee
Janet Legg reports that she received one phone call from an individual seeking a "puppy" from Pennsylvania, but had no referrals. The Board also discussed a procedure for informing AKC about changes we want made to their website.


5.1  Eukanuba Classic
Sandra Lindenmuth sent the Board a report of this show and Denise will ask her if she would send it to Helen for Borderlines.

5.2  National Specialties

5.2.1 2002  National Specialty status report from Linda Koutsky
AKC paperwork is being filed for those venues where judges are under contract. The rest will be filed just as soon as we get the contracts back. Linda is currently looking into our Hospitality and Banquet events along with getting Vendors and working on putting together an Agility seminar. Focus will shift shortly to the creation of the Premium list.

5.2.3 2003  National Specialty
Chair needed for this position, as well as for 2004/2005/2006.


6.1  Change in officers
Sharon notified AKC. The current officers are President: Denise Teal, katiebc@sprintmail.com Vice President: Nancy Gagliardi Little, EndzoneDogs@frontiernet.net Treasurer: Marit Marino, marit.marino@ucop.edu Secretary: Sharon Ferguson, sferguson11@juno.com Board Member & AKC Delegate: Janet Lewis, lewis@juniata.edu Board Member: Emily Czapek, ECZAPEK@earthlink.net Past President: Joyce Herie, joyce@relaypoint.net

6.2  Borderlines
A notice of the Annual General Meeting will be published in the May/June issue. This will save the cost of mailing a separate postcard to the membership.

7.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Thursday, April 11, 530PST

8.  Adjournment motion:
Nancy/Joyce moved. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PST.

Respectfully Submitted, Sharon Ferguson, Secretary


No meeting.


Members present:
Denise Teal, President • Nancy Little, Vice President • Marit Marino, Treasurer • Sharon Ferguson, Secretary • Joyce Herie, Past President • Emily Czapek, Board Member

Members absent:
Board Member/Delegate Janet Lewis

Call to order:
Meeting called to order at 5:40pst by President Denise Teal

1 SECRETARY'S REPORT-Sharon Ferguson

1.1 February 14 board meeting minutes were approved with changes. There was a discussion on how much of the committee reports should be included in the minutes or if they should be kept separate. It was decided that committee reports will be kept separate from the minutes but discussions and votes on committee business will be included. The Board also decided that Nancy Little will do any editing of committee reports, share them with the Board, and send them out on Announce.

1.2 Correspondence.

1.2.1 There was a brochure from Fresh Pond Travel Agency, which specializes in dog show trips such as Crufts and the Irish Kennel Club show. They are offering a program for dog clubs to give members the opportunity to travel for educational purposes.

1.2.2. Correspondence from Robert Slay, Vice President of Compliance Operations at the AKC stating that charges had been filed against BCSA by Terry Hammond, President of the Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club. The letter further stated that charges would not be entertained. (The charges were not included in the correspondence and Compliance Operations refused to provide them.)

1.2.3. AKC has asked BCSA to once again take part in the Eukanuba American Dog Classic by offering medallions and a breed education booth.


$24,875.09 Checking
$ 1,340.55 Savings-Restricted Health
$ 6,469.18 Savings-Restricted Rescue
$21,017.90 Regular Savings

  1. Wayne's 2001 Specialty Report is now on the BCSA website
  2. Denise has filled out the required paperwork and has now been added on bank accounts as signatory.
  3. Marit moved $20,000 from the checking account to the savings account on 2/17/02
  4. Membership Renewals=$13,870 thus far (Operating Budget projected $17,500)
  5. Restricted Funds=$1,275 to date (via dues renewals)
  6. Directors and Officers Insurance renewal requires new paperwork to be completed
  7. The BCSA Store has raised $1,240.80 to date


3.1 New Members Approved

  • Jodie Hansen
    14947 Woodcrest Ave.
    Lockport, IL 60441
    Sponsored by: Scott Luken
  • Pam Hartman
    334 W. Audubon Drive
    Fresno, CA 93711
    Sponsored by: Sandra Jones
  • Kathryn Murphy
    9182 Valencia Street
    Spring Valley, CA 91977
    Sponsored by: Joyce Herie
  • Kathy Peterson
    4937 Tyrolite Street
    Riverside, CA 92509
    Sponsored by: Sharon Ferguson


BCSA will donate the funds for the Janet Larson Memorial Award. The Board approved $225 from the operating budget for a painting of the winning dog by Raven O-Keefe.


5.1  Affiliate clubs
Joyce Herie suggested providing affiliate clubs with judges' education materials to be used in local presentations and use the $500 in the budget. Nancy Little suggested talking to Michelle Olsen about possibly putting the information on CD ROM.

5.2  Breed standard
Susanne Hoffman, Chair of the Standard Committee held a special meeting by teleconference on March 14 with the Board to go over the Standard in detail, answer any questions, and discuss the proposed revisions. Susane will provide the Standard Committee with a report on the results of this meeting and any changes suggested by the Board.

5.3  Breeder referral
The Board approved reimbursement for phone calls that Wendy Jordan and Janet Legg make to provide information to prospective buyers.

5.4 Judges' Education. Joyce Herie. Joyce mentioned the need to make our presentation more professional. Emily Czapek and Sally Davis have volunteered to help with this.

5.5  Herding. Claudia Frank
The Board reviewed Claudia's letter to AKC regarding herding rule changes.

5.6  Increase Registration
Since this committee dissolved, to avoid confusion, the Board decided to consider this committee in combination with the Stud Book Committee the "AKC Registration Committee".

The Board reviewed Richard Whorton's draft of the proposal to AKC to increase the AKC registration of Border Collies from American working dog registries. The Board determined that Richard needs to send an informal letter to Bob Kelly, then after Board approves he can send the proposal to AKC.

5.7  Membership. April Quist
April submitted her resignation as membership chair. Kay Rieff is interested in taking over this position. Marit motioned/Nancy seconded. Kay Rieff was unanimously appointed as the new Membership Chair.

5.8  ROM. Nancy Keller
The Board discussed the possibility of having Nancy Keller write an article on the ROM for BL and request comments from members. Nancy Little motioned that the Board approved Nancy Keller's proposed HonROM and Joyce seconded (unanimously approved). Nancy Keller asked the board to approve Mississinewa Prince Val UDT as the first HonROM. Nancy Little made a motion to accept this addition and Sharon Ferguson seconded. Emily Czapek abstained (she felt Nancy Keller and her committee should make this decision based on the requirements), the rest approved. Nancy Little will notify Nancy Keller. In the future, the ROM committee will decide and vote on which dogs will be given the title of HonROM.

5.9  Rescue - Linda Baron
Linda has asked about the current policy on breeders who do not take back their puppies and the puppies end up in rescue. The committee would like to be able to somehow enforce the club's code of ethics on this. Linda would like to get rescue groups to possibly join BCSA as affiliate clubs. The Board will check with By-Laws Chairs Dr. Lois Rifner and Dr. Kim Green to obtain AKC's definition of affiliates and whether Rescue groups can be affiliates. Linda also requested funds to make a BCSA rescue banner to be used at shows. Emily Czapek motioned, Nancy Little seconded and the Board unanimously approved Linda's request for a BCSA rescue banner using no more than $100.00 taken from restricted rescue funds. Nancy Little will contact Linda.

5.10  Versatility/Awards - Tracy Sengupta
The Versatility Award at the 2002 National Specialty will be known as the "Janet Larson Memorial Award" given to the most Versatile Border Collie at the National Specialty. Emily Czapek, assisted by Joyce Herie, will be working on this. Emily has yet to determine whether passing a minimum of an HT is required or merely participating in herding at any level, and participation in how many different events is required.


6.1  2002 Specialty chair Linda Koutsky will talk to Brock at Purina Farms about future National Specialty dates.

6.1.1  The Board reviewed and approved the job description for the National Specialty Chair-which will go on BCSA_Announce & Borderlines.

6.1.2  The Board unanimously approved Sandra Jones as 2003 Specialty Chair.

6.2  2004/2005 Specialties: chairs still needed.


7.1  A new Editor for Borderlines is needed. Helen Phillips submitted her resignation as editor of Borderlines. She would like to turn this job over to a new editor by the end of the year. The Board reviewed the job description and discussed the 'interview' process. A highly motivated person with considerable computer skills and strong organizational skills is needed. There will be an editorial fee of $500.00 per issue. The vacancy will be posted on Announce and in Borderlines.

7.2  It was suggested that the Board write a formal letter of complaint to AKC regarding the increase in registration fees from the open registries.

7.3 Date of next meeting-- Monday June 17

Adjournment: 7:30 PST

Respectfully submitted, Sharon Ferguson, BCSA Secretary


No meeting.


Members present:
President Denise Teal • Vice President Nancy Little • Treasurer Marit Marino • Board Member Emily Czapek • Board Member/AKC Delegate Janet Lewis • Past President Joyce Herie

Members absent:
Secretary Sharon Ferguson

Call to order:
5:31 PST by President Denise Teal

1  SECRETARY'S REPORT - Marit Marino (for Sharon Ferguson)

1.1 Approval of April 11, 2002, minutes
Minutes were approved with the following corrections:

  1. 1.1 February 14 board meeting minutes were approved with changes
  2. Members present - reflect that Janet Lewis was absent
  3. Add 6.1.2 Sandra Jones unanimously approved as 2003 Specialty Chair
  4. 5.3 Breeder Referral - delete 2nd and 3rd sentences ("It was agreed..")

1.2 Correspondence

1.2.1 Correspondence from David Roberts, AKC Assistant Vice President, Customer Relations, that BCSA would receive a complimentary monthly report reflecting all border collies that have earned titles in the previous month. It was decided that the Borderlines Editor be designated the recipient of this report, as well as distributor of this data within BCSA.

1.2.2 Correspondence from Ronald Rella, AKC Assistant Executive Secretary, that nominations for Lifetime Achievement Awards are due at AKC no later than July 15. Janet Lewis moved that Helen Phillips be nominated for the category of Companion Dog Events. This was seconded by Nancy Little and the Board unanimously approved. Nancy Little will contact Helen Phillips to obtain Helen's bio.

1.2.3 Correspondence from Robert Slay, AKC Vice President, Compliance Operations, offering reduced rate DNA Certification Test Kits for use at our specialty. It was decided that BCSA would not participate.

1.2.4 Correspondence from Louis Auslander of International Kennel Club of Chicago asking that BCSA again support IKC's entry at its next show, scheduled for February, 2003. Nancy Little will contact Nancie Mages to see if she is interested in coordinating BCSA Sweepstakes classes at this show.

1.2.5 Correspondence from Dolores Alonso, AKC Vice President, Registration Services, replying to BCSA's letter of concern regarding the increase in open registration fees from $35 to $50. AKC stated that extensive research is involved in processing open registrations and that this fee increase is justified.

1.2.6 Correspondence from Bill Speck, AKC Assistant Vice President, Performance Events, replying to BCSA's letter of concern regarding the February 8th votes of the AKC Board of Directors changing the herding regulations. AKC stated that other clubs are happy with the herding regulation changes.

1.2.7 BCSA member Judith Amore has received a 1 year suspension from AKC privileges, and has now been notified by Secretary Sharon Ferguson that her BCSA privileges are suspended for the same period.

1.2.8 Correspondence from Mike Liosis, Director, AKC Club Relations and Gina DiNardo Lash, Director, AKC Club Communications regarding BCSA again hosting a Meet the Breed booth at the Eukanuba Classic in Orlando this December. Denise will contact Sandra Lindenmuth to see if she would be interested in hosting this breed booth again.

1.2.9 A Letter of Agreement has been sent to Sandra Jones, 2003 Specialty Chair, for signature and return to the Board.

1.2.10 Petitions have been received by Secretary Sharon Ferguson from Marit Marino to run from the floor for the position of Treasurer, and from Laura Tomazewski to run from the floor for the Board of Directors.

1.3 New Members. The board unanimously approved the following membership applications:

  • Julie and Dawne Bosier
    9501 Kimball Avenue
    Waterloo, IA 50701
    Sponsored by: Nancie Mages
  • Janet Pierson
    390 Ambard Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15202
    Sponsored by: Margie Sarver
  • Sue Barta
    26060 Territorial Road
    Rogers, MN 55374
    Sponsor: Kathy Flynn


$23,974.88 Checking Acct
$ 1,811.67 Savings-Restricted Health
$ 7,319.59 Savings-Restricted Rescue
$21,035.47 Regular Savings

2.1 Income Items, thus far this year:

a) Fundraising income is $2,169.25 our of a projected $4,000
b) Borderlines income is at $514.71 out of a projected $1,000
c) Restricted Health donations total $470 out of a projected $300
d) Restricted Rescue donations total $845 out of a projected $1,000
e) Membership Renewals total $15,315 out of a projected %17,500
f) New Members total $460 out of a projected $2,400
g) International Kennel Club Sweepstakes income totals $66.50
h) Specialty 2001 refund arrived from the Crab Orchard KC
i) Specialty 2002 Agility Seminar totals $1,650, Trophy Donations total $715

2.2 Expense Items, thus far this year:

a) Treasury audits total $138.50 for shipping records to/from Wayne
b) Borderlines totals $6,015.47 for 3 issues (out of projected $13,500)
c) Directors & Officers Insurance premium increased from $650 to $730
d) Specialty 2002 Premium printing/mail totals $1,216.45
e) Store spent $608.91 on purchase of Versatile BC and Cutting Boards

2.3 Total Income/Expense thus far:

a) $22,548.46 Income
b) $12,511.95 Expense

2.4 Interest. Denise Teal questioned the amount of interest our savings account is earning. Joyce moved, Emily seconded, to transfer $4,000 from checking to savings to bring total up to $25,000 and then convert the savings account (.50% interest) to a Business Interest Maximizer account (1.29% interest).


3.1 AKC Delegate
The Board discussed Janet Lewis' recent Delegates meeting in San Antonio. AKC is formalizing guidelines for access to other registries and this will involve submitting a strategic plan, 2/3 membership approval vote, plus 5 year moratorium on changes. Janet will summarize the guidelines and share with BCSA AKC Registration Chair Richard Whorton. Nancy Little will inform 2002 Specialty Chair Linda Koutsky, 2003 Specialty Chair Sandra Jones, 2004 Specialty Chair Lisa Pruka and 2002 Catalogue Chair Michelle Olsen about the requirement that the breed standard be printed in the show catalog. Janet Lewis will pursue joining the Delegates Obedience Committee. The Board unanimously approved reimbursing Janet for her travel expenses to San Antonio.

3.2 Breeder Referral
The Board reviewed the Border Collie Breeder Referral Program document submitted by Wendy Jordan. It was decided that the words "Responsible, Ethical" be deleted from the second bullet. Nancy Little will ask Wendy to make a few corrections to finalize the document.

3.3 ByLaws
The revised bylaws are ready for membership vote, pending resolution of 501(c)3 language and decision by AKC as to whether rescue groups may become club affiliates. It was decided that Denise would contact Drs Lois and Kim regarding finalizing 501(c)3 language so that the bylaws ballot mailing can proceed.

3.4 General Education
Chair Lisa Ochoa suggested that since both the Rescue and General Education committees are interested in developing the same type of educational materials, the two committees join forces in this effort.

3.5 Judges Selection Procedure
Nancy Little will contact Chair Nancie Mages to obtain more details on her proposed judge selection procedure, to encourage applying such a procedure to all venues, and to encourage members to vote for judges in all venues.

3.6 ROM/Border Recorder
Nancy Little will check with Chair Nancy Keller to verify whether she still plans to put the Border Recorder on a CD ROM.

3.7 Website
Denise Teal just noticed a CHX title mentioned on our website. This is not a new title and Denise will contact Versatility & Awards Committee Chair Tracy Sengupta to request that this award be incorporated in the BCSA award program.


4.1 2004 Specialty
Lisa Pruka was unanimously approved as 2004 Specialty Chair.

4.2 Purina contact
2002 Specialty Chair Linda Koutsky suggested that someone be permanently designated as club liaison with Purina. It was decided that Emily Czapek would contact Brock and obtain dates for 2004, 2005 and 2006 specialties.


5.1 Membership issues
The Board discussed Helen Phillips' suggestions for advertising to increase membership. Nancy Little will share Helen's suggestions with new Membership Chair Kay Rieff.

5.2 Date of next meeting
Thursday, August 8, 2002, 5:30 PST.

8:14 p.m. PST.

Respectfully submitted, Marit Marino for Secretary Sharon Ferguson


No meeting.


Members present:
President Denise Teal • Vice President Nancy Little • Secretary Sharon Ferguson • Treasurer Marit Marino • Past President Joyce Herie • Board Member Janet Lewis • Board Member Emily Czapek

Members Absent:

Call to order:
5:35 p.m. PST by President Denise Teal

1.0 SECRETARY'S REPORT-Sharon Ferguson
Approval of the minutes from the June Board meeting. The minutes were approved with the following changes: For AKC's Lifetime Achievement Award, it was clarified that Helen Phillips is nominated for the Companion Events category (the category that includes obedience and agility). Nancy Little motioned that the minutes be approved with this change, Janet Lewis seconded, Board unanimously approved.


1.1 Correspondence from Kelly Whiteman regarding the 1999 photography bill and collection agency correspondence addressed to Ronni Delay. BCSA's part of the bill has been paid (all BCSA's expense has been paid). Further investigation into this matter showed that any amount still owed was, according to the photographer's records, owed by Ronni Delay personally.

1.2 The Board unanimously approved Denise's letter to the ABCA attempting to clarify rumors from an article in The American Border Collie magazine that AKC was "siphoning" registrations from ABCA.

1.3 The Board unanimously approved Denise's letter to AKC regarding the Advanced Herding Institute, requesting that in the future, the BCSA Board of Directors be given the option to recommend a presenter.

1.4 Letter received from AKC Delegate Parent Club Committee regarding the proposal of awarding majors to Reserve Winners at specialties. They are asking BCSA to support this. Since the Board had no objections, Janet will vote "yes" for BCSA at the next AKC delegates meeting

1.5 Letter from AKC asking each Parent Club to give nominations for its Lifetime Achievement awards. The Board had previously nominated Helen Phillips in the Companion Events (obedience and agility). The Board also nominated Claudia Frank in the Performance Events category (which includes herding and field trials). She was added to the form which was sent by secretary Sharon Ferguson to AKC.

1.6 Letter received from AKC requesting donations for a sculpture project honoring Search and Rescue dogs from the 9/11 attacks. BCSA is financially unable to donate at this time, due to the minimum donation being $10,000.

1.7 Memo from Daisy Okas, Assistant VP of Communications and Gina Lash, Director, Club Communications at AKC regarding club communication kits available to clubs. AKC wants to know who is our designated PR person so they can receive a kit. Denise will forward the letter to Lisa Ochoa, Gen Education Chair.

1.8 Memo from Larry Sorenson, Director, Club Educational Services. AKC banners are available through show superintendents.Clubs are required to display the AKC logo on a banner at any AKC event. Customized banners with club logo will be available for purchase later this summer (displaying a club logo is NOT required). No indication of cost.

1.9 Denise received a signed Show Chairman contract from Sandy Jones, 2003 National Specialty Chair.

2.0 TREASURER'S REPORT - Marit Marino
Interim Financial Report

$19,214.09 Checking
$ 1,812.92 Savings-Restricted Health
$ 7,325.23 Savings-Restricted Rescue
$25,053.05 Regular Savings
$53, 405.29 Total

a) Herding trial checks arrived yesterday and not yet deposited
b) USBCHA checks (and bill) will be sent soon

3.1 New members approved-Sharon Ferguson

  • Jeanne M. Berkheimer
    R.D. 3, Box 511
    Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
  • Dornbush Family - Jeff, Sheri, Emmalee, Karlee, Wyatt
    #1 Member: Emmalee
    #2 Member: Sheri
    1180 Kilaga Springs Road, Lincoln, CA 95648
  • John Dusanic
    P.O. Box 636
    Newark, IL 60541
  • Lisa Edwards
    P O Box 451,
    Gardnerville, NV 89410
  • Sharon Savage
    6301 S. Scott Blvd,
    Columbus, MO 65203
  • Jessica Scavetta
    261 Hartford Ave.,
    E.Granby, CT 06026
  • Jill Wanie
    21355 W. Glengarry Road,
    New Berlin, WI 53146


4.1 BCSA Announce. Nancy Little reported that there is an increase of 50 members on this list since the last Board Meeting

4.2 Breed Standard . Susanne Hoffman reports that the revisions are finished and will be sent to AKC. They will also be published on Announce and Borderlines for member input.

4.3 Bylaws-Kim Green/Lois Rifner report that the final draft of the bylaws changes are ready to send to the members for voting. The Board discussed the procedure for mailing bylaws changes to the membership. Marit volunteered to do this mailing and the board approved.

4.4 Fundraising-Nancie Mages asked about having our National Specialty ad appear on website to generate more interest and possibly raise more funds.

4.5 Health-Debbie Brooks, DVM, is looking to have more participation from members, particularly in a health survey to help establish a health database for Border collies.She would also like to start raising funds for health projects and had the suggestion of making a donation in memory of a special person or dog.

4.6 Membership-Kay Rieff reports that there are problems with people not returning sponsorship forms (applicant needs more than just a name, the sponsor needs to sign and send in a separate form). Nancy Little will ask Kay to write something up for Borderlines.

4.7 Rescue-Linda Baron

4.7.1 Request from the committee for reimbursement of registration fee for Patty Raymond to attend the Michigan Pure Breed Rescue Alliance seminar on
September 15, 2002, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The fee is $50 for members and $70 for non-members. Board unanimously approved (Emily moved, Janet seconded) expenditures as requested not to exceed $70.00.

4.7.2 Request from the Rescue Committee to sell specialty wear (sweats and tees) at the specialty and receive a portion of the profits of the sales.  Emily motioned/Nancy seconded and the Board unanimously approved selling them. The Board will decide before the national exactly what percent of the
profits will be given to BCSA rescue.

4.7.3 Request from the committee for BCSA to pay the domain charge of $32 every 2 years (from the restricted rescue funds) for Val Maurer's website.  Emily motioned/Nancy seconded and the Board unanimously approved.

4.8 Versatility/Awards-Tracy Sengupta requested permission to buy pins for the CHX award. The Board approved ( Janet moved/Nancy seconded) 50 pins at
$2.00 each + shipping.


5.1 National Specialties.

5.1.1 2002-Linda Koutsky, Chair. The Board discussed a videotaping contract for the National. This would be one official videographer for the reselling
of tapes ( no others allowed for resale but individual taping for personal use is still allowed) to either be available for individual hiring or the
taping of one entire event (ie. agility etc.). Due to liability issues, the Board agreed that the videographer could not tape an entire event such as
the breed competition. He would be allowed to tape individual runs at the request of an exhibitor.

5.1.2. 2003 Sandy Jones, Show Chair. The dates of the 2003 National are Oct 13-19 (Mon-Sun) the Board unanimously approved. (Emily moved, Nancy

5.1.3 2004-Lisa Pruka,Show Chair. The Board unanimously approved the following dates: October 11-17, 2004;( Janet moved, Emily seconded).

5.1.3 2005-Dates for the specialty: October 10-16, 2005 (Janet moved, Joyce seconded).


6.1.1 Editor for Borderlines. Lisa Ochoa is interested in the position and sent a resume and cover letter to the Board. The Board feels she has the necessary qualifications but may need to find someone to take over the General Education Chair position for her so she can have more time for Borderlines. The Board will ask her if she needs us to help her find assistance for General Education and Rescue.

6.1.2 Janet Larson Memorial Trophy. The Board will discuss after the 2002 National Specialty about making the requirements for this award permanent.

6.1.3 Borderlines. The Board decided to increase nonmember Borderlines subscriptions to $50/year. Janet moved and Joyce seconded the motion. This change is
effective immediately. Editor Helen Phillips asked for clarification regarding who should receive Borderlines via first class mail. Currently, all board members and
founding members receive it via first class. The Board decided (Emily moved, Janet seconded) that everyone should receive it regular mail. Nancy will contact Helen Phillips and ask for permission from Carilee Cole to print her article on breed splits (show vs. working), originally written for the AKC Gazette, for Borderlines.

6.1.4. Because the bylaw revisions were not approved by the membership prior to the election of officers for 2003-2005, separate recording and corresponding secretaries could not be nominated. If the membership approves the change in the bylaws to allow for both a recording secretary and corresponding secretary, Michelle Olsen (who is running unopposed for the position of secretary) will fill one of these positions and the other position will be appointed by the board for the 2003-2005 term only. If the bylaw revisions are approved, members will be nominated to fill both positions in the next election.

6.1.5 The Board set the date for mailing of board election ballots. The last day they can be mailed (postmarked) is Oct 1. Additional nominations must be postmarked on or before Sept 1. Nancie Mages offered to handle the mailings and the Board approved.

6.1.6 The Board discussed the possibility of hosting all breed agility trials for fundraising. Nancy Little talked to judge Sharon Redmar from the American Belgian Tervuren Club who hosts 2-3 trials around the country a year. Joyce suggested all breed herding trials as well. There is the possibility of starting next year. A percentage of the profits would be going to the affiliate clubs who will be putting them on. Nancy will find out more details.


The next Board meeting will be at the 2002 National Specialty. Oct 16 Wed 5:00 CST. New Board members will be invited to join if election results are known by then.

Adjournment motion: 8:48 PST

Respectfully submitted, Sharon Ferguson, BCSA Secretary


No meeting.


Members present:
President Denise Teal • Vice President Nancy Little • Past President Joyce Herie • Board Member Emily Czapek

Members Absent:
Treasurer Marit Marino • Secretary Sharon Ferguson, • Board Member/AKC Delegate Janet Lewis

Laura Tomaszewski, Nancie Mages

Call to order:
5:30 p.m. CDT by Denise Teal

1. SECRETARY S REPORT- Denise Teal for Sharon Ferguson

1.1 Approval of minutes of previous board meeting:
Motion to approve minutes with changes dated Oct. 9, 2002 - Nancy Little, seconded by Joyce Herie

1.2 Election results: (sent out on Announce 10/22/02)
Election for the 2003-2004 Officers
President: Denise Teal, OH
Vice President: Joyce Norris, IL
Secretary: Michelle Olsen, WA
Treasurer: Beth Bartholomew, CO
AKC Delegate: Janet Lewis, PA
Previous Past President: Joyce Herie, CA

Board members:
Laura Tomaszewski, IL 111 votes
Karen Yobaggy, WV, 98 votes
Terry Kenney,CA ,84 votes

1.3 By Law Revisions results.
As of October 12, 2002, the date ballot counting was completed, BCSA is now operating under these bylaw revisions.  The voting results will also appear in Borderlines.

Item: Yes No
------ ----- ----
1 152 5
2 152 8
3 149 8
4 155 2
5 149 8
6 156 2
7 148 9
8 153 5
9 145 12
10 155 3
11 152 6
12 151 5
13 154 4
14 156 2
15 156 2
16 146 13
17 150 9
18 150 9
19 154 4
20 153 5
21 153 5
22 155 3
23 155 3
24 153 5
25 151 7
26 152 6
27 152 6
28 144 11
29 149 8
30 155 3
31 145 12
32 153 5
33 148 9
34 153 5
35 153 3
36 152 6

2. TREASURER S REPORT - Denise Teal for Marit Marino
Denise distributed the spreadsheet report that Marit sent her for this meeting.

Interim Financial Report
General: Financial summary as of Oct. 8, 2002
$42,640.25 - checking
$1,814.46 - savings, restricted Health
$7,331.45 - savings - restricted Rescue
$25,074.29 - regular savings

Specialty: Marit has paid many bills lately, including the $2,325.32 catalog
bill for Specialty 2002.


3.1 New members approved-Sharon Ferguson

  • Windi Williams-Weaver
    Address Rt 3 Box 104B, Ridgeland, SC 29936
    Telephone 843-684-3443
    Email weaver@hargray.com
    Sponsor Meagan Skelton
  • Jennifer W. Phillips
    Address 6316 Thomas Springs Road Austin, TX 78736-2321
    Telephone 512-288-3271
    Email jjphillips@qxo.com
    Sponsor AnneMarie Silverton
  • Cynthia and Darren Geiss
    Address 18 Asbury Avenue, Farmingdale, NJ 07727
    Telephone 732-751-9226
    Email emeraldisle95@yahoo.com
    Sponsor Ronni Delay
  • Debra Zak
    Address 5271 North 66th Street, Milwaukee WI 53218
    Telephone 414-464-8936
    Email Dlzak@aol.com
    Sponsor Linda Koutsky
  • Colleen Backus
    Address 4410 Garrison Rd, Little Rock, AR 72223
    Telephone 501-821-6554
    Email howard@cei.net
    Sponsor Kari Wahlquist
  • Claudia Roberto
    Address 2063 Gresham Ave. No., Oakdale, MN 55128
    Telephone 651-770-6642
    Email cjrnuc@aol.com
    Sponsor Noel Kujawski
  • Name Michael Beadle
    Address 27375 Dakota Avenue, Elko, MN 55020
    Telephone 952-461-4502
    Sponsor Sue Mayborne
  • E. Ann Shaw
    Address 4729 Old Highgate Entry, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
    Email shaw7429@bellsouth.net
    Sponsor Elaine Leroy

Annual reports are in a binder in the hospitality suite for membership to read and will be posted to Announce.

4.1 Ethics
Glen Kothe presented a draft of a revised code of ethics just prior to the Specialty. The Board tabled review of this draft for the next

4.2 Fundraising-Nancie Mages, Store
Brief recap of official report given verbally.

4.3 General Education-Lisa Ochoa
Joyce moved and Nancy seconded that Sally Davis be approved as new general ed chair. Voted unanimously in favor.

4.4 Judges Selection Procedure
Nancie Mages briefly described several potential procedures for judges' selection. This requires further work and thought and will be tabled for further discussion.

4.5 Versatility/Awards-Tracy Sengupta
Versatility Program: there was a request from Tracy for additional funds to pay for the CHX pins. The expense will exceed her budget for 2002. The board will request that Tracy add the amount of the pins to her budget for 2003.

4.6 Janet Larson Memorial Trophy - report by Emily Czapek. 
There were practical problems encountered this year and suggestions from members/participants will be summarized for Board review after the Specialty.


5.1 National Specialties

5.1.1 2003-Sandy Jones
Report given by Nancie Mages for Sandy Jones, who did not attend the meeting. Sandy is suggesting using a superintendent for conformation and obedience, but does not have prices at this time. Denise Teal said that she and Claudia Frank have offered to co-chair herding.  Conformation- Nancie Mages has agreed to be Conformation Chair for 2003. She is asking judges for 2003 and 2004.

There was a suggestion from Ruth Deming to have conformation judges critique the dogs they judge and have it published in Borderlines. All thought this is a good idea. The judges this year have been asked to do this.


6.1 Response to ABCA board trying to restrict dual registrations.
They did not acknowledge Denise's letter to ABCA. All concurred that additional correspondence from the BCSA Board would not be beneficial. We will encourage individuals who are members of ABCA to write ABC and state their opinion. The comment period for the ABCA proposals closes December 1, 2002.  The proposal is up on their web site.


December date to be decided after the Specialty.

Adjourned: 6:15 PM CDT

Respectfully submitted, Emily Czapek


No meeting.


No meeting.


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