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No meeting.


President Fran Hoffman called the meeting to order at 8:05 ET.

Present: Vice President Denise Teal, Secretary Sharon Ferguson, Treasurer Marit Marino, Past President Joyce Herie, Board Members: Emily Czapek and Nancy Little


The November 30, 2000 minutes are being tabled until the next board meeting as they need to be approved by the previous board.

Sharon Ferguson received a question via e-mail from Patricia Giancaterino of the Puli Club of America requesting information regarding BCSA's advertising policy and has forwarded it to Borderline's Editor, Helen Phillips. Marit Marino suggested putting our ad policy on BCSA's web page.

Sharon will reply to Bob Tainsh's letter of inquiry regarding the disbursement of funds from the National Specialty Eye Clinic.


Balances as of 1/29/01


Checking Account

$ 1,287.00

Savings - Restricted Health Funds

$ 4,670.29

Savings - Restricted Rescue Funds

$ 1,006.02

Regular Savings





Membership: There was concern that only 274 out of 460 members have renewed. Fran Hoffman and Nancy Little suggested that reminders be sent to members that haven't renewed on postcards that state that the deadline has been extended to the end of February. Joyce Herie motioned and Emily seconded (all approved) that Sharon Ferguson contact Membership Chairman April Quist and request that she send out postcards as renewal reminders.

Specialty Budget: The National Specialty budget is in process. Nancy Little will contact Linda Baron regarding assistance with the budget.

Outstanding bills: A photography bill from the 1999 National Specialty for 149 show photos was received. The bill totalled $662. Nancy Little motioned and Sharon Ferguson seconded (all approved) that BCSA send payment of the original bill which was $339.50 plus $20 late charge. Barbara Palmer sent document proving that outstanding trophy bills to Janet Lucking have been paid.

Audit: It was suggested that Wayne Koutsky receive a copy of the last board minutes once they are approved. Emily Czapek moved and Joyce Herie seconded (all approved) that the Treasurer's report be filed for Audit.


Joyce Herie moved, Emily Czapek seconded (all approved) that BCSA separate committees into select and standing.

Versatility Program: The guidelines need clarification. The program is suspended until Tracy Sengupta finishes the revisions.

Ad policy: Helen and her committee are still working on revisions.

Denise Teal will verify if Betsy Korbonski and Glen Kothe wish to remain the Gazette columnist and BCSA parliamentarian, respectively.

Herding Advisory Committee (HAC): Claudia Frank is providing information as changes in the AKC Herding Regulations are brought up for discussion and approval.

BCSA Bylaws: the board received a draft of proposed changes from Drs. Kim Green and Lois Rifner. It was decided that further discussion is needed.

Stud Book/Open registration: AKC has granted a five year extension for registering Border Collies with the charge that we increase the number of AKC registered Border Collies. Emily Czapek is interested in joining this committee, which as of now is headed by Richard Whorton, assisted by Sharon Ferguson.

Standard Committee: Susane Hoffman is Chairperson. The Committee consists of Sandra Jones, Cathy Lester, Carolyn Herbel, Sharon Ferguson and Nancie Mages. Currently The committee is working on the preamble and General Appearance portions of the standard.

BCSA Store: Terry Hammond resigned as Chairperson. Emily Czapek suggested that the store should be considered a subcommittee of fundraising and that Nancie Mages as Fundraising Chairperson should appoint someone to be in charge of the store if she is willing to do so. All agreed. Emily will see if Nancie is willing
to take this on. Joyce Herie reported that she has some stickers with the BCSA logo.

Emily Czapek moved and Joyce seconded (all approved) that Nancy Little should have approval over any post that fit the stated policy, and would refer anything she felt necessary to the board.

General Education: AKC requires that all parent clubs have a General Education committee. Lisa
Ochoa was appointed Chair.

Judges Education: Joyce Herie was appointed the new Chairperson. Sharon Ferguson will write a letter to the Judge's Education Department at AKC and inform them that Robyn Powley is no longer a member of BCSA and therefore, no longer represents BCSA in any judges' education programs.

Breeder Referral: Bonnie Harris resigned. The possibility of having a breeder's list on the BCSA webpage was discussed.

Health/Rescue disbursement committee: Emily Czapek moved, Nancy Little seconded (all approved) to appoint Richard Whorton Chairperson . He will be asked for ideas on developing a plan to disburse funds and to write a protocol.

Ethics committee: Tabled for further discussion

Specialty Judge selection committee: tabled for further discussion.

Health Committee: Chairperson needed, preferably a veterinarian. A notice will be put on BC-Announce. It was suggested that BCSA member Chris Zink, DVM be asked.


BCSA receipts: Joyce Herie will continue as liaison with attorney Alexa Peters regarding BCSA receipts that we still haven't received from Barbara Palmer despite several requests. Marit Marino will try to contact her. She will need any supporting documentation or copies of.

Funds for Canine Eye research: Emily Moved, Nancy Little seconded (all but Marit Marino voted in favor, so the motion was carried) that BCSA donate $775.00 in restricted funds to AKC's Canine Health Federation for the purpose of eye research. The Piedmont Border Collie Association has offered to donate additional funds for this purpose to bring the total donation to $1000.00.


2002 National Specialty: AnneMarie Silverton has offered to be Chairperson. Fran Hoffman will contact her. We will need to form a judges selection committee but due to time constraints the board will have to approve judges for all events. A notice will be put in both Borderlines and on BC-Announce that volunteers are needed to Chair both the 2003 and 2004 Nationals.

AKC/Eukanuba Classic: Sharon Ferguson received the invitation that was sent to Linda Baron. It will be held in Florida and breed clubs are needed to host informational booth s. Karen Rabbitt in Florida will be contacted to possibly help with this.

Phone Cards: Sharon Ferguson will ask Linda Baron for any phone cards that she may have from her tenure as Secretary for BCSA.

National Specialty Sweepstakes classes: the board recommended 35% to be retained by BCSA until the policies are revised. Marit Marino will contact Linda Baron (National Chairperson) and Karen Rabbitt (Conformation Chairperson).

Disaster Plan for National: Emily Czapek will contact Linda for a list of both large and small animal vets. There will be an easily recognizable central location which will contain all information needed in case of an emergency. Emergency personnel will be equipped with two way radios and cell phones.

Roving Specialties: Joyce Herie motioned, Nancy Little seconded (motion carried) that this be tabled for further discussion.

The following new members were voted on and approved:

Lauren Galia
8300 Oak Court
N. Richland Hills, TX 76180
Sponsored by: Debbie Spence

Georgann Truitt Hughes
540 LangstonDrive
Cedar Hill, TX 75104-1796
Sponsored by: Debbie Spence


A motion to adjourn was made by Emily Czapek and seconded by Joyce Herie with all approving. Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 ET

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Ferguson, Secretary


No meeting.


Meeting was called to order by President Fran Hoffman at 5:10 PT.
Members present: Vice President Denise Teal, Treasurer Marit Marino, Secretary Sharon Ferguson, Past President, Joyce Herie, Board Members Emily Czapek, Nancy Little, Delegate Janet Lewis.
1. November Minutes: Approved by Previous Board. Posted on BCSA website
2. February Minutes: Read and Approved by Board. Posted on BCSA website
3. Secretary's Report :
a. Correspondence: AKC sent a copy of its annual report.
b. Dennis Sprung, Vice President of AKC's Planning and Development, wrote asking for volunteers for a Booth at the AKC/Eukanuba Classic to be held in Orlando Florida on Dec 12, 2001.
4. Treasurer's Report
Balances as of 1/29/01
$21,522.24 Checking Account
$ 513.77 Savings - Restricted Health Funds
$ 4,677.34 Savings - Restricted Rescue Funds
$ 1,007.65 Regular Savings
As of January 31, 2001, 140 members had not renewed. Membership Chairperson April Quist sent out reminder postcards to these members at a cost of 45.06 which resulted in an additional 45 members renewing. Total non renewals: 95.
FUNDRAISING - recent donations:
. $750 from Piedmont BC Assn recently received - restricted to Health. This was in addition to $250 received in Fall 1999. $250 of the Piedmont monies were combined with $750 of BCSA's restricted Health funds, and this enabled BCSA to recently donate $1,000 to the AKC Canine Health Fund.
a. $2,000 from the Southern States BC Rescuers for rescue purposes.
b. $541 from Cathy Lester resulting from sale of her T Shirts and Sweats.
c. $4,641.75 to date in Border Beanie sales, which were donated by Nancie Mages.
d. $1,210 from club members donated via dues renewal, restricted to Rescue.
e. $295 from club members donated via dues renewal, restricted to Health
f. $240 in recent Border Recorder sales.

INSURANCE: Officers & Director's Insurance recently was renewed for $650.
Recent Income:
g. $100 in Catalog sales
h. $1,865 in Trophy Donations
i. $175 from Vendors
Recent Expenses:
j. $175 in AKC application fees
k. $250 for logo
l. $175 to Photographer as 50% advance deposit

SPECIALTY BUDGET: 75% complete - Marit and Nancy will make this a priority
5. Committee Additions or Changes
a. Affiliate Clubs: Sharon has notified Barbara Palmer regarding her status as Club Affiliate Chair. Fran Hoffman will be appointing a new Chair for this position.
b. Registration/Stud Book Committee: Fran Appointed Claudia Frank as Chair with unanimous approval from the Board. It was recommended that Richard Whorton and Janet Lewis join the committee.
c. National Specialty Process Committee: Nancy Little has offered to find volunteers for this committee.
d. Judges Selection Committee. The Board approved Eileen Madrigale's offer to head a committee to develop a process for selecting National Specialty judges, with final membership approval, for Specialties beginning in 2003.
e. Health Committee: Chair still needed (Veterinarian recommended). Job description needed.
f. Breeder referral: It was suggested that a disclaimer be added stating that breeders are not necessarily endorsed by BCSA. Volunteer needed for this position.
6. Pertinent Committee Reports:
a. Border Recorder: Chair Nancy Keller. At this point on hiatus until after the National (when we can determine BCSA'a financial ability to print a new version). A few of the 1998 versions are still available. Nancy will be writing an article for Borderlines asking members for suggestions for the new version and for volunteers to write articles.
b. Register of Merit: Chair Nancy Keller. In the process of putting together several alternative plans for the ROM program. Volunteers are needed for both this and the Border Recorder Committee.
c. Bylaws: Chairs Drs. Lois Rifner and Kim Green. The most recently revised draft will be presented to the Board by Mid-April.
d. General Education: Chair Lisa Ochoa, Members Sally Davis and Mary Towner. There are currently three brochures available: general information, things to do with BCs and puppies. Mary Towner has agreed to be the distribution center for the brochures. The committee is requesting the following: a link to BCSA's home page, permission to add more flyers to the existing three, and a more efficient way of distributing flyers (ie. to rescue groups).
e. Herding: Chair Claudia Frank. Claudia will be monitoring the BCSA herding Instinct Testing Certification Program and has made the following recommendations for improving the BCSA herding program: A system to recognize the top advanced AKC Border Collie each year; encourage more course "B" trials to be held; provide some assistance for BC groups to become AKC BC clubs; provide information so Course "B" hosting groups can also hold USBCHA sanctioned events or other fun trials that would be held under traditional ISDS judging rules; make a listing of the top herding dogs available on the Top Dogs section of the AKC website; put herdinginformation (articles) on the BCSA website.
f. National Specialty: Chair Linda Baron. AKC has granted full approval for our show. A conflict with another club's event has been resolved. The Crab Orchard Kennel club will not have classes for Border Collies on our conformation day. In return, we will support their Sunday show. Michelle Olsen's company has agreed to print our premium lists. Several forms for events and orders have been put up on the website ans once the premium lists have been sent, we will put the entry forms on also. We arealready getting orders for catalogs.
7. Old Business
a. National Specialty Budget. Nancy Little and Marit Marino will work with Linda Baron and the other chairs to finalize the budget for the 2001 National.
b. By-laws revisions:
Candidate's statements be limited to 1 page single spaced.
Mission Statement be added to club objectives.
1 envelope per ballot
Board unanimously approved the changes as proposed by Drs. Kim Green and Lois Rifner with the changes as listed above.
c. BCSA's missing Financial Records. Board discussed the situation and approved sending one final letter to Barbara Palmer requesting the records.
8. New Business
a. Janet Larson Memorial Trophy. It was decided to dedicate the 2001 National Specialty to Janet but to wait until next year to offer an actual trophy to give more time for planning.
b. Crab Orchard Supported Entry. The day after the 2001 BCSA National Specialty, the Crab Orchard KC will be having a conformation show and obedience trial. It was unanimously approved to have BCSA sponsor the following trophies and rosettes: BOB, BOS, BW, High Scoring BC in the Obedience trial.
c. Versatility Awards. It was voted unanimously to accept Tracy Sengupta's proposals.
d. Borderlines ad policy: The revisions by Helen and her cmmittee were unanimously approved.
e. Aggression Seminar for National. Lisa Ochoa has requested Board approval to hold a seminar in conjunction with the National which will focus on behavior problems and be held under the auspices of General Education. Val Mauer and Joel Levy will be assisting. The request was unanimously approved.
f. P.O. Box for BCSA Secretary. It was moved that Sharon Ferguson get a P.O. Box for club business to be reimbursed by BCSA and this address would be put on the AKC website and in Borderlines. The motion was granted ( Denise, Sharon, Nancy, Emily, and Joyce were in favor. Marit was opposed)
g. New Members: The following members were approved:

Sharon Allswede
1713 N. 9 Mile Road
Sanford, MI 48657
Robin and Mark Ford
12706 County Road 10-3
Delta, OH 43515
Doreen Garland
158 Mountain Road
Port Jervis, NY 12771
Amy L. Primes
4254 Stu-Jac Lane
Slaughter, LA 70777-4119
Larry Stoecker
812 Fitzhugh Street
Midland, MI 48640
9. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm PST

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Ferguson, Secretary


No meeting.


The meeting was called to order on June 14 at 8:05 pm EST.

Members present: President Fran Hoffman, Vice President Denise Teal, Secretary Sharon Ferguson, Treasurer Marit Marino, Board Members Nancy Little, Emily Czepek, Past President Joyce Herie, AKC Delegate Janet Lewis.

1. APRIL MINUTES: It was asked by Nancy Little, that Joyce and Janet be listed as Past President and AKC Delegate, respectively in these minutes. Denise moved that the minutes be approved with corrections. The motion was seconded by Nancy and approved unanimously.

2. SECRETARY'S REPORT: We've been getting a lot of brochures from companies for various services, like trophies, videos, and photography. We will save this for future specialties. We also got a catalog from a printing company, which we will send to Helen Phillips.
We received a Breeder referral request from a person in Ohio. Sharon will write him and tell him that we don't have breeder referral in place and that he should refer to the BCSA website for more general information. He can check back with us when we have a referral system in is in place.

3. TREASURER'S REPORT: The balances are as follows:
$21,864.98 Checking Account
$ 514.63 Savings - Restricted Health Funds
$ 4,685.16 Savings - Restricted Rescue Funds
$ 1,009.34 Regular Savings
$28,074.11 Total

4. Five Phone cards have been purchased for board members requesting them at $145.63

5. Signature authority. Fran has signature authority on all bank accounts as of May 21.

6. Review of financial records have been completed for the months, December through May by Wayne Koutsky. Everything appears to be in order and the report was issued to board members.

7. This year we have spent $17,000 and we have brought in $28,500.

8. Fundraising has deposited $5419.75 for its sale of beanie babies. The BCSA Store has recently added Puffkin key rings for sale and we will be adding note cards and jewelry items soon.

9. COMMITTEES: Emily suggested that Denise start thinking about how to deal with the annual reports from committee chairs at the National Specialty. It is imperative that something in writing is submitted in the event that the chair will be unable to attend the specialty.
a. Register of Merit :Nancy Keller said that she is looking at this and will submit a proposal around the end of July.
b. Border Recorder: Due to the financial status of the club, Nancy Keller has not made any plans concerning the next Board Recorder. Denise will contact her and ask her if she's bringing any Border Recorders to the National. Denise will also contact Nancie Mages to find out how many copies she has.
c. Health Committee: We need to get someone in place for AKC Health Conference. There is a question as to whether this is something that needs to be budgeted. Emily asked if veterinarians in BCSA should be contacted to possibly fill this position. We now have a job description. Janet will ask Chris Zink if she would be willing to go to the AKC meeting on our behalf.
d. Health & Rescue Foundation committee: Fran will contact Richard Whorton to see what information he has. Emily will write to Linda Baron and ask about history of this proposal.
e. Affiliate Club Chair: Ruth Deming is interested in this position and requested a job description. There is a job description on the BCSA website. Nancy suggested that Joyce write to Ruth, let her know about the website and ask her for her input on the job description. The Board unanimously approved of appointing Ruth for this position and she has been notified.
f. Breeder Referral: Janet Legg and Wendy Jordan volunteered to co chair this committee. Marit said that a Buyer's guide, written by Richard and Mary Whorton, is on the BCSA website It might also be advisable to have General Education involved in writing something. Fran moved to approve both candidates. Nancy seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

. By Law Revisions: Clarifications are still needed. Emily found some discrepancies and with those questions, we need to wait to hear back from Dr. Kim Green and Dr. Lois Rifner. There needs to be an official means of communication for the club business and board business explicitly spelled out, and it needs to be consistent. No decision was made at this point. Pending further discussion.
a. National Specialty Budget: copies were sent to all Board members through the mail. Joyce moved that we accept the budget as presented. Emily seconded the motion and it was voted unanimously as approved. Janet asked about how judges will be paid. Nancy suggested that bills should go to the event chairs and then after Marit writes the check the event chairs can pay the judges.
b. Letter to Barbara Palmer: Denise made the following motion: Move that the Board refrain from any further proceedings regarding receipt of BCSA treasury and 1999 Specialty records from Robyn Powley and Barbara Palmer. During the past two years the Board has repeatedly requested these records from Ms. Powley and Ms. Palmer. They have declined to submit them and have also refused to provide any explantion for questionable expenses. Any further attempts to obtain the records through legal action would incur substantial club expense. Motion approved unanimously.
c. Anne Marie Silverton has accepted the position of National Specialty Chair for 2002. Nancy will contact her to tell her that she can use BCSA Announce for announcements and help requests. Marit will send her pertinent financial information.
d. Crab Orchard Kennel Club Supported Entry: This show will be held the day after the conformation and obedience classes at our National. BCSA will donate the following trophies: BOB, BOS, BOW and High Scoring Border Collie in the obedience trial.

. Nominations for lifetime achievement awards are being solicited by AKC. It was suggested that we send this to Tracy Sengupta and ask her to develop a protocol for next year's nomination.
a. Volunteer/Recruitment committee: Denise will write down some ideas and send them to everyone for discussion.
b. Website policy: Marit will document her requirements for putting information on the BCSA website.
c. Medallions for the rescue parade. Emily suggested the that Board might make a private donation (not from the BCSA Treasury) for the medallions. Board approved the donation.

Next meeting date - August 30 - 8 pm eastern.
Nancy moved to adjourn, Joyce seconded. Meeting as adjourned at 9:30pm EST

New Members: The following new members have been approved:
Lisa Bennett
2909 Algonquin Drive
Lafayette, IN 47909-3119
Stephanie Cuillier
1429 Peppertree Drive
La Habra Heights, CA 90631
Ann Kaiser
2647 Windsor Ave
Oceanside, NY 11572-1144
Stacy Peardot-Goudy
9540 Arapaho Valley Rd
La Porte, CO 80535
Gail Smith
5490 Serendipity Rd
Riverside, CA 92509-3642
Caroline Weil
W4273 Moonlite Rd
Neilsville, WI 54456

Respectfully Submitted,
Sharon Ferguson, Secretary


No meeting


The following minutes have been voted on and approved by the BCSA officers and board members.

Meeting was called to order by president Fran Hoffman at 5:00pm PDT.

Members present: Denise Teal, vice-president, Sharon  Ferguson, secretary, Marit Marino, treasurer, Joyce Herie, past  president, Board Members: Nancy Little, Emily Czapek.


a) A request was made by AKC's Event Planning Department to allow  the Piedmont BC club to plan ahead for more than 2 years. Emily  made a motion to approve this decision and Sharon seconded (motion  passed unanimously). Sharon will fax the form to AKC. 

b) The Eukanuba Classic requested that Parent clubs sponsor medallions for BOB, BOS and BOW at $75.00 each. The Board unanimously approved to donate the funds for these awards (Denise moved, Nancy seconded) and  also to submit an ad for their catalog at $125.00. Marit will be in  charge of putting together the ad based on our new logo.


a) Checking Balance $52,862.57 Marit working on the Sweepstakes checks and will be depositing remainder of entry checks now that entries are closed. She will also compare entry income against budget and inform Board of how actual compares with budgeted. 

b) Marit mentioned that she has an updated Operating Budget and BCSA is still on target for profit (approx $1,500) for the year.

c) Nancy Keller requested $4,000 for Border Recorder - the Board will defer decision until we do the operating budget for 2002.


Reports submitted by several committee chairs for this board meeting were comprehensive and there was discussion on where to make them accessible and whether to do this for each committee update report or just with annual reports.  It was decided that updated reports should go to Helen for inclusion in BL if she has room.  Reports should also go out on Announce, and also onto the web site. The question came up as to whether the committee reports should be attached to the Board Meeting minutes when they are published. Denise will update Helen Phillips on committee changes for Borderlines.  


a) By-Laws: The revised by-laws were approved with the provision that expulsion will only be allowed at Annual General Membership meetings.   We will send bylaws first to AKC for review, then to the General  membership for a vote.  Denise will inform Dr. Lois Rifner and Dr.  Kim Green of these changes. 

b)  Annual Meeting notification will be mailed by September 12 - First class - and will incorporate Kim & Lois's suggestions for the meeting format in order to keep the meeting to a reasonable length. Meeting will be 3:30 - 5:30 on Friday, Oct 12. Fran will contact April Quist, Membership Chair and ask her to be in charge of certifying the quorum at this meeting  

c) Health Committee Chair: The Board unanimously approved Debbie Brooks, DVM,  as Health Committee Chair


a) ROM Proposal: there was discussion on Nancy Keller's proposal.  For ROMX, it was suggested to replace HS with HX.  For ROM, progeny should have any herding trial title AND at least one of the following (which  are listed in Nancy's proposal).  

b) Affiliate Club Proposal: Ruth's proposal requested a profile of each member of the club which is applying. The Board agreed on this proposal. All affiliates need to obtain own liability insurance. Affiliates will also be responsible for assisting the Judges Ed Chair, Joyce Herie, in providing information to judges.

c) Health Committee Proposal: It was suggested that Debbie Brooks contact Nancy Keller regarding her database, and Richard Whorton regarding his Health Foundation proposal.  Marit will contact Debbie and explain operational procedures.

d) Web Site Policy: Emily motioned and Denise seconded that the Policy  be approved and it was unanimously approved with removal of word AUTOMATICALLY from item #3, paragraph 3 ("Documents may be eligible for posting..")  Nancy will put the policy on Announce. Marit Marino will be giving up her position as Webmaster in order to devote more time to working on the Health Committee with Debbie Brooks. Marit suggested asking Michelle Olsen to be the new Webmaster.

e) Registration Increase Proposal : Further discussion is needed via e-mail. Richard Whorton and Claudia Frank are in charge of this committee. 

f) Health/Rescue Foundation:  further discussion pending.

g) Gazette Article:  AKC Gazette columnist Carilee Cole (Belgian Sheepdog Club) contacted Sharon and requested help in an article she is researching regarding the working/show dog split. She wants to hear from as many Parent clubs as possible and asked BCSA to participate by choosing ten people  that are considered knowledgeable in both fields. The Board feels this  is a great opportunity to educate the dog community.  Sharon will contact Nancie Mages, Janet Lewis, Sheila Conant, Emily Czapek, Norman and Carolyn Herbel, Richard Whorton, Helen Phillips,  Nancy Keller, April Quist, and Susane Hoffman and ask them to contact  Carilee. She will also contact Carilee and let her know who has been  asked to participate in this article.

h) Breeder Referral:  Nancy Little will contact chairs to find out what they are waiting for us to approve.

i) Ethics Committee: Sharon will write Tom Turner a Thank You letter for his work on this committee.  Marit to ask April Quist to contact Lynne Armstrong and see if she is interested in chairing the Ethics Committee.

j) AKC Delegate: Emily moved, and Nancy seconded (unanimously approved) that BCSA will pay for Janet Lewis' expenses (room and meals) for staying one extra day after the December Delegates Meeting to attend the Eukanuba Classic. BCSA will be sponsoring a booth there to educate the public about the Border Collie.

k) Judges Selection Proposal : It was suggested that Eileen Madrigale re-work her proposal and contact the Board.

l) Next Board meeting: will be held at the National - 5:00 p.m. Thursday, October 12 at the Ramada Inn Restaurant.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm PDT

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Ferguson, Secretary

New members.

Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles

Betsy Korbonski, Secretary

718 Radcliffe Ave.

Pacific Palisades, CA  90272



Linda Fedorko

106 Golden Hill Rd.

Trumbull, CT  06611



Janet Fridge

9665 Old Settlers Trail

Colorado Springs, CO  90908-4812



Stephanie Gafford

Box 992 

Fayetteville, TN  37334



Janet Gimlin

2304 S. Birmingham Place

Tulsa, OK  74114-3222



Tammie L. Johnson

441, Box114

Brownstown, IL  62418



Margaret G. Lass-Gardiner

17842 Tipton Avenue

Homewood, IL  60430



Lisa A. Long

23117 N. 1450 East Road

Danville, IL  61834-5671



Kathy Mason

202 St. Augustine Drive

Madison, MS  39110



Paige O'Donnell-Brayshaw

221 SE 4th Street

Pompano Beach, FL  33060



Mary-Elizabeth Simpson

42 Cary Road

Riverside, CT  06878



Kimberly A. Sykes

309 S. Gum Ave.

Broken Arrow, OK  74012



Kris and Jeff  Vaughn

807 Delhi Drive

Trenton, OH  45067



No meeting.


NOTE: The Annual Meeting, held on Oct 12th, 2001, at the National Specialty in Grey Summit, Missouri was adjourned due to lack of a quorum.

The following minutes have been voted on and approved by the BCSA officers and board members.

Members present: Denise Teal, Vice President, Marit Marino, Treasurer, Sharon Ferguson, Secretary, Joyce Herie, Past President, Board Members Nancy Little and Emily Czapek.

Meeting called to order by Denise Teal at 6:05pm Central Time.


a) Minutes from the August meeting unanimously approved.

b) AKC sent nominations for AKC's Lifetime Achievement Award. Three people were nominated in each of the following: conformation, obedience and performance. The Board was asked to vote on one person from each field. After a brief discussion, the Board voted on Dr. M. Josephine Deubler for conformation, Kent H. Delaney for obedience, and Kenneth L. Ruff for performance (field).

c) From AKC, a request to take part in their breed history program by providing the history of the breed since AKC recognition. Since the border collie has only been recognized by the AKC since 1995, there is really not enough to provide them at this time.


a) As of Oct 9, 2001:

$65,497.65 Checking Account
$ 1,336.42 Savings - Restricted Health Funds
$ 5,908.35 Savings - Restricted Rescue Funds
$ 1,012.04 Regular Savings
$73,754.46 Total

b) Board expenses for the year so far have been reviewed.

c) Marit reported on the 2001 Operating Budget which she had adjusted during the summer to reflect new information learned since she originally created the budget back in December.

d) Marit purchased 50 journals and 10 planners from the artist that designed the BCSA's new logo. She sold 10 of the journals and sent the rest to Nancie Mages for the BCSA Store.

e) Marit suggested and the Board agreed to approve pursuing 501(c)3 tax status so donations to BCSA would be tax exempt.


No new members voted in since the August Board Meeting.


a) Affiliate Clubs: Ruth Deming, Affiliate Club Chair, has been working to update the records of the affiliate clubs. To date, she has current officers and membership rosters for four clubs: Border Collie Club of Hawaii, Piedmont Border Collie Club,Border Collie Club of Northern California, and Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club. There is also one new affiliate club. The Board has approved the membership of the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles. Ruth is working closely with the BCSA board on redefining the purpose of the affiliate clubs with the goal of increasing communications between the affiliates and BCSA and getting these clubs approved for AKC events.

b) Breed Standard: Currently discussing and voting on changes to the Neck, Topline and Body sections.

c) Breeder Referral: Janet Legg and Wendy Jordan are on this committee. Janet sent a proposal for Board review. Nancy Little will contact her for more details on their proposed Breeder's Directory.

d) Bylaws: Proposed changes will be sent to AKC before the membership vote.

e) Ethics Committee: We are still in need of a Chair.

f) Judge's Selection Committee: We are still in need of a Chair.

g) ROM: Nancy Keller is making further revisions and will send them to the Board for approval.

h) Webmaster: Denise moved, Nancy seconded and it was unanimously approved to appoint Michelle Olsen BCSA's new webmaster.

i) Membership: Emily made a motion and Nancy seconded that on the application for BCSA membership, donations be changed to "general health", rather than specific (ie. CEA etc.) Board unanimously approved this change. April Quist, Membership Chair, will be notified.

j) Judge's Education: Joyce Herie, Judge's Education Chair, received a letter from AKC announcing that the second Advanced Herding Institute will be held March 25-29 in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are requesting the assistance of the BCSA asking us to provide a recommendation for a coordinator of a class of 4-6 demonstration dogs. It was suggested that Piedmont BC Club help with this. The Board also approved sending Joyce to Washington to present a Judges' education seminar.

k) Rescue Committee: In need of a Chair, Emily will ask Linda Baron if she would be interested in this position.


a) Annual Meeting Update. Denise Teal reported that since there was no quorum for the 1999 meeting it was adjourned. The 1999 minutes will be read at the 2001 Annual meeting and approved.

b) 2002 National: After discussion concerning the 2002 specialty, Denise Teal moved to remove Anne Marie Silverton as chair. Nancy Little seconded and the vote was unanimous.


Membership Chair April Quist suggested sending a letter to all applicants listing ways to meet BCSA members so they can find suitable sponsors.

Date of next Board Meeting: December 6, 2001


Emily moved to adjourn, Nancy seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm Central Time.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sharon Ferguson, Secretary


No meeting.


Members present:
Vice President Denise Teal • Treasurer Marit Marino • Secretary Sharon Ferguson • Past President Joyce Herie • Board Members Nancy Little and Emily Czapek

Member absent:
President Fran Hoffman

Call to order:
Meeting called to order at 5:10 p.m. PST


  1. October 2001 minutes were unanimously approved by the Board.
  2. Sharon received from AKC forms for the National Specialty, including Emergency Planning forms, which she forwarded to 2002 National Specialty Chairperson, Linda Koutsky.
  3. 2001 Annual General Meeting. Because there was no quorum for this meeting and therefore, no club business could be conducted, Sharon will summarize the committee reports for member information only. There was a discussion on the best way to record these reports for the future (put them on the web or in Borderlines).
  4. Interim business conducted by mail:

The following new members have been approved:

  • Lynn A. Currie
    37 Hedgerow Lane
    Commack, NY 11725
  • Megan Donovan (Jr. Member)
    1714 Loretta Lane
    Carlsbad, NM 88220
  • Eunice Gerloff
    1412 N. Roberts Road
    Ferris, TX 75125
  • Melanie and Shawn Horning
    32212 Cedarcroft Road
    Acton, CA 93510
  • Becky L. LaSpina
    950 Nelson Lane
    Lincoln, CA 95648-9598
  • Toni Osojnicki
    11201 N. 121st St.
    Stillwater, MN 55082
  • Robin Penland and Geri Abrams
    11 Hummingbird Lane
    Tijeras, NM 87059
  • James and Dawn Rouse
    1909 Anthony Lane
    McHenry, IL 60050
  • Floris Shaw
    13717 LaConte Ct.
    St. Louis, MO 63128
    (no e-mail listed)
  • Kathy Smith
    1049 Morman Road
    Hamilation, OH 45013-4359

There was a discussion on the possibility of saving postage by having April e-mail information on new applicants to the Board, then having the Board members print those out and send them with their votes to Sharon. This was also so that each Board Member would have an e-mail copy of the information. Marit will contact April and ask her to provide the information electronically.


  1. BCSA's AKC dues for 2002 have been paid.
  2. Auditor Wayne Koutsky will create a financial report for the 2001 Specialty so that a numerical comparison with the 1999 Specialty can be made. Marit has also given Wayne and Linda the 2001 specialty budget and added in the actual income and expenses. She is also getting the treasury records ready for an audit by Wayne.
  3. Marit provided the actual income and expenses from the 2001 herding trial to 2002 Herding Trial Chairpersons, Claudia Frank and Denise Teal.
  4. Marit sent the BCSA bank account information to President Fran Hoffman and Vice President Denise Teal. She also sent them checks for the BCSA checking account.
  5. Excess profit from the Rescue Benefit in the amount of $541.83 has been transferred from checking to Restricted Rescue savings.
  6. 2 more income checks are needed to arrive before Marit can finalize the 2001 specialty actual figures.
  7. Fundraising: Nancie Mages and Marit are busy promoting Store items and planning fundraising. They will also be handling the auction at next year's banquet.
  8. Specialty income thus far = $64,700.11 and specialty expenses thus far = $44,285.74
  9. The Board reviewed, modified and approved the Operating Budget for 2002
  10. The Board approved transferring funds from checking to regular savings so that more interest can be accrued.
$33,986.14 Checking Account
$ 1,338.09 Savings - Restricted Health Funds
$ 6,457.59 Savings - Restricted Rescue Funds
$ 1,013.30 Regular Savings
$42,795.12 Total


  1. Affiliate clubs. As of the AGM Meeting, Affiliate Club Chairperson Ruth Deming, has received current officers and membership rosters for four clubs: Border Collie Club of Hawaii, Piedmont Border Collie Club, Border Collie Club of Northern California, and Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club.
  2. AKC Delegate Janet Lewis is getting ready for the December Delegate meeting and will have a report upon her return.
  3. BCSA Announce. As of October 1, 2001, there are 228 subscribers from 580 voting members.
  4. Breed Standard. Now currently working on the Gait and Temperament section.
  5. Breeder Referral. Joyce moved to approve the proposal submitted by Janet Legg and Wendy Jordan with the addition of a health clearance section (not a requirement). The proposal was unanimously approved.
  6. Ethics Committee. Nancy will ask Glen Kothe if he would accept this position.
  7. General Education. Everything is set for the booth at the Eukanuba Classic that will be run by Sandra Lindemuth and Eileen Madrigale. Sandra has the brochures that will be passed out and videos of herding and agility trials will be shown, as well as dogs available for public interaction. The Board approved reimbursing one night's hotel stay for Eileen. The Board also approved reimbursing $20 registration fee to Janet Legg for the booth she hosted for a show in Seattle.
  8. Health. Any questions from the membership should be directed to Health Chairperson, Debbie Brooks, DVM, at DBFlatline@aol.com
  9. Herding Advisory. The proposed changes received by the HAC to the AKC Herding Program are listed on the following website:
    http://www.akc.org/dic/events/perform/proposedrevisions.cfm (link no longer valid 10.09.2004)
  10. Registration/Stud Book. It was decided that Richard Whorton, Emily Czapek and Janet Lewis contact Bob Kelly of AKC and work with him to possibly extend the open registration period 20 or 40 years as is currently done with the greyhound registry.
  11. Judges' Education. Joyce put Richard Whorton in charge as the contact person for the Advanced Herding Institute hosted by the Piedmont Border Collie Club. There have been requests for Judges' Education programs by a kennel club in New Jersey and The International Kennel Club of Chicago (it was suggested that Nancie Mages help with this one).
  12. Judges' Selection Procedure.
    Emily moved and Joyce seconded (all approved) that Nancie Mages be in charge of this committee (she had previously volunteered).
  13. Membership. April Quist requested that lifetime members be required to return renewal forms so that she knows if they are still interested in staying members. The Board unanimously agreed to this change and also voted to change "CEA" on the donations portion to "health" in general. Ruth Deming, affiliate club chair, proposed changing affiliate club dues to $50.00 a year and the Board unanimously agreed to this as well. The Board also discussed the issue of inheritability of a single lifetime membership. It was unanimously decided that a single lifetime membership would end with the life of that member. A family lifetime membership remains in effect until the death of the second member.
  14. ROM. The Honorary ROM and ROMF are tabled for further discussion. The ROM and ROMX were approved by the Board with the following change: Bitches' progeny changed from 7 to 6.
  15. Rescue Linda Baron has agreed to chair the Rescue Liaison position.
  16. Website Michelle Olsen is no longer Webmaster due to connectivity problems. Marit will contact Lisa Ochoa for this position.


  1. National Specialties. The 2002 National will be held October 15-20 at Purina Farms. The Sweepstakes judge has been approved. The 2003 National needs a show Chairperson. Nancy will ask Susan Burton if she is interested in this position. Linda Koutsky, 2002 Chair, will talk to Brock Fitzgerald at Purina Farms about securing dates for 2003-2006.
  2. Health and Rescue Foundation. The Board does not feel its financial situation is secure enough to make the foundation a line item in our operating budget or to commit any additional funds from any source at this time. However, we may be able to donate additional funds in the future. Any future donations are entirely dependent upon the financial circumstances of the club and approval of the board. BCSA will continue to maintain its own rescue and health restricted funds. These funds are available for disbursement to any organization, including the foundation, upon a showing of need and approval by the board. The Board unanimously approved a $500.00 donation for start-up expenses that will come from the Restricted Funds for Health and Rescue.
  3. BCSA Sweepstakes at the International Kennel Club of Chicago: AKC has granted permission for BCSA to hold a sweepstakes event on February 23, 2002 in conjunction with the IKC of Chicago. Both Nancie Mages and Sharon have been notified.


  1. Judge's Education Chair Joyce Herie will work on a mentor list for anyone, but especially BCSA members who are interested in becoming conformation judges and is asking the membership for suggestions for qualified people. Carolyn Herbel's name came up as one possible person to help with this program.
  2. Calendar: Nancie Mages suggested BCSA appoint someone to put together a calendar showing when dues notices and membership lists go out, deadlines for Borderlines etc. It should be discussed what can be done by e-mail and what must be sent by regular mail. Denise Teal contacted Dr. Kim Green and Dr. Lois Rifner and they agreed to create a timeline/calendar as they write policies and procedures.
  3. Joyce received a request from AKC to clarify the color section of the registration forms and the Standard Committee has taken on this project, currently discussing how the different colors and markings should be classified.

February 14, 2002

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PST

Respectfully Submitted, Sharon Ferguson, Secretary


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