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No meeting.



President's Report

Kim Augustine submitted her resignation. Joyce Herie, as Vice President, will step up to the office of President

Dr. Bob Tainsh was appointed to be our AKC delegate until the members can vote

Treasurer's Report

Robyn Powley submitted a report for the year of 1999. The balance reported as of Dec 1999 is $6,161.70

Secretary's Report

AKC has accepted the BCSA as a member club

A petition has been sent to the Board the purpose of which is to show disapproval for the removal of Susane Hoffman as chair of the Standard Committee

A letter was received from Ronni DeLay about her Versatility Award for Ch. Majestic Prophesy of Grandeur

A letter was received from Kelly Whiteman relating her concerns about Board Procedures

Old Business

New Business

Kim Augustine will chair a committee to print certificates and facilitate the recognition of dogs with both a CH and a herding title. She will have a form ready for the next Borderlines.and has offered to pay for this service the first year

Nancy Little has set up a BCSA membership list on ONELIST specifically for BCSA announcements and summaries - not discussions.

Nomination of Vice President

Emily Czapek has been selelcted to fill the office of Vice President

Yes_ all voted

Appointment of Fundraising Chair

I have been involved with dogs all my life, which at this point is heading into the late thirty-somethings. Until BC's came into my life about 4 1/2 years ago, we were strictly a Labrador family. I grew up on a small ranch with horses, cattle, goats, sheep, geese, chickens, guinea fowl, and peacocks in addition to our wonderful Labs. I was active in gymkhana, halter and western pleasure with the horses and did some cutting work with them for fun also. Since my parents are wildlife biologists we also had a variety of wildlife living with us from time to time as well. We hunted our Labs in addition to enjoying them as our beloved family pets.

I currently own two BC's and one Lab. I have finished (owner/handled I am proud to say) my bitch, Skye, and have been showing her as a Special. I occasionally show other people's BC's for them for fun. I have bred and raised one litter of BC's from Skye after the appropriate health tests were completed. My other BC is one of Skye's pups from her first litter. There are alot of other dog activities I want to try in addition to conformation. I wish to get them herding instinct certified, try to put an obedience title on them and use them as therapy dogs. I am currently the Secretary for the Border Collie Club of Northern California and the Secretary for Border Collie Rescue of Northern California. I try to help at as many of our events as possible as I believe member participation is important for a club's health.

I am a Staff Services Analyst for the State of California's California Conservation Corps which is a work-learn program for youth ages 18-23. I am in the Recruitment Branch where I analyze attrition/retention trends vs. recruitment trends. I also research and implement marketing strategies in addition to managing a very large budget. I am married and have two sons ages 8 and 12. Due to the fact that both my children have Attention Deficit Disorder, I am very active in the School District's A.D.D. Parent's Support group and working with the school administrators and teachers to bring about a positive learning environment for these children.

Here are two ideas I thought of as possible fundraisers off the top of my head:

1. A virtual BC dog show. Virtual dog shows have become very popular in the last year or so. Having a a virtual BC show shouldn't be too difficult and not very costly if there is a member willing to run it with the computer expertise to put it on the web. It's easy for the people entering and could be alot of fun. I believe the UK BC club had a virtual dog show to raise money for canine health research and did fairly well.

2. A nationwide walk-a-thon (with dogs of course), which I actually thought of as a rescue fundraiser. This is something that would take quite a bit of coordination to start off with, but could become an annual event. The Morris Animal Foundation does one that makes quite a bit of money every year.
I also thought that the BC store was a great idea - especially putting it online and getting as many links to it as you can. Jeanne Hagen-Santiago borderbrats@jps.net

Vote to appoint Jeanne as chair of fundraising

Yes__all voted yes___except Robyn Powley(no vote)

Vote to appoint new chairperson for JEC

Yes_ all_voted yes_except Robyn Powley(no vote)

Vote to appoint Linda Baron as liaison between Health and Rescue Foundation and board

Yes_all voted yes_except Robyn Powley(no vote)


No meeting.


No meeting.


President Joyce Herie called the meeting to order at 5:33 PDT. Present were Emily Czapek, Terry Hammond, Marit Marino, Janet Lewis, Linda Peacock and Helen Phillips

Secretary's Report

The minutes of the board meeting of 3/30/2000 were read with corrections and approved

A notice was received from AKC, which gave approval to a sweepstakes event on 11/26/2000 in conjunction with the Springfield Kennel Club

Treasurer's Report

1. $13, 416.74 transferred from New Mexico

a) $6,196.00 deposited by Marit (T Shirts, Borderlines, Dues)
b) $7,220.74 remaining from previous treasurer

New Mexico account was closed as of 5/26/00

2. New Checking Account - Bank of America, Oakland Main Office

a) $1,000 in Savings & earning some interest
b) $12,416.74 in checking account
c) Joyce and Marit have signature authority
d) Checks require 1 signature (not two)
e) All checks to go through Joyce (to comply with 'spirit' of 3/30 & Nov '99 board minutes)
f) Checkbook to arrive momentarily

3. Bounced checks - membership dues

a) Anthony & Margaret Massaro - $50 - Stop Payment
b) Judy De Jong (Australia) - $120 Australian funds

4. Bills waiting to be paid - $3,925 Total

a) $189.24 to Joyce Herie - reimburse for 3/30 Board Meeting Call
b) $ 41.38 to Joyce Herie - reimburse for shipping Robyn records to Marit
c) $650.00 to Marit Marino - reimburse for Officers/Directors Insurance
d) $1,513,77 to Helen Phillips - Mar/Apr Borderlines
e) $1,467.41 to Helen Phillips - May/June Borderlines
f) $63.20 to Terry Sadler - T Shirts expenses
g) $128.00 to Debbie Spence - Tracking Trophies
h) $44.47 to Karen Rabbitt - Herding Instinct Certificates expenses

5. BCSA Computer records

Have created BCSA records in Quicken, will also do so in QuickBooks and compare results

6. Finance Committee

Wayne Koutsky will be an **excellent** resource for procedural matters related to treasury.

7. Audit

Records were received by Wayne

8. June projects

a) set up BCSA records in QuickBooks and compare to Quicken records
b) summarize treasury-related Board decisions from 1999 Board minutes
c) continue working on spreadsheet showing income from 1999 National
d) pay first bills

The board suggested that we might appoint a treasurer just for the Specialty This could be taken care of under standing rules

Helen made a motion that one signature will be sufficient if checks are passed through Joyce Emily seconded and the motion passed Emily moved that Marit pay all outstanding bills. Helen seconded and the motion passed

Marit said that she is looking into bonding information such as who is covered and for how much


Nancy Mages was asked to be appointed as a liaison for committee reports Janet moved that she be approved. Helen seconded and the motion was passed

General Education

Emily stated that we have received copies of brochures that were at a nonmember's house and that we have two more brochures waiting to be printed when funds are available
Emily asked that Lisa Ochua be appointed acting chair of this committee. Janet made a motion, Helen seconded and the motion was passed


John Loquinta has asked to be relieved as By-Laws Chair Janet moved that we accept his resignation and Emily seconded. The motion passed

Judges Education

The Border Collie breed tape has been finished Several board members have seen this tape and said that it is excellent The board tabled appointment of a new chair for this committee


Laura Tomaszewski has resigned as membership chair. Janet moved to accept her resignation, Helen seconded and the motion was passed

Janet moved that April Quist be appointed as the new membership chair. Helen seconded and the motion passed

Standard Committee

Re: Petition The board decided to leave this decision to the next set of officers

Old Business

The nominating committee has been appointed and consists of Emily Czapek,chair,Fran Hoffman,Terry Kenny, Nancy Mages and Felicia Whalen

The board discussed the Versatility award of Ronnie DeLay and Terry Hammond. Emily has consulted with a lawyer who said that the original board vote was legal Janet made a motion that the board reconfirm the board decision and that the awards stand as voted Emily seconded and the motion passes with Helen voting no

Janet made a motion that applications for all existent awards be put on hold until an awards committee can meet and clarify all rules. Emily seconded and the motion passed

Janet made a motion that an awards committee be created which will be charged with creating and/or clarifying all rules that pertain to awards given by the BCSA. Terry seconded and the motion passes

New Business

Emily asked permission for two phone calls for the nominating committee. Janet made a motion that these calls be paid for. Terry seconded and the motion passed

The annual meeting will be held in California on Saturday,Oct 22, 2000 hosted by the BCCNC. More details will follow Janet Lewis has donated a seminar at this meeting with the proceeds to benefit BCSA

Inventory Control

Kathy Sours is making a list of all equipment and supplies that are property of the BCSA Please inform her if you are in possession of anything that belongs to the club

Breeder Referral Network

Becky Beckman will chair a committee to set up a breeder referral program

AKC Gazette Columnist

Betsy Korbonski has volunteered to write a column for the Gazette. She will welcome contributions from members

Rescue Liason Status

Bobbie Farquar remains as our liason

Web Page

The board discussed the need for a new web page. Helen stated that she knows someone who can do this for us. The initial cost would be $350 and the monthly fee would be between $19.50 and $79.50 per month depending upon the amount of material we have Terry moved that we have Helen contact this person and see what he would do for the least amount of money. Janet seconded and the motion passed . Emily graciously donated $300 for the initial cost.

Advertising Policy

Janet moved to table this issue until after elections. Helen seconded and the motion passed

The board recommended that in the future, all issues be stated with a pro and con on ballots

Janet moved that the board cancel a special risk insurance policy which has cost the club $3,318. No other club carries this and it had to be bought special.Emily seconded and the motion passed.

Rescue Foundation

Linda is still trying to get this going with the help of Bobbie Farqaur, Lisa Ochua and Terry O'Conner

Specialty 1999

The board is still looking at trophies that have not been given out and rumors of monies due to stock handlers

Specialty 2001

The dates for the 2001 Specialty are October 8-14 and it will be held at Purina Farms

Janet moved that the meeting be adjourned and Emily seconded The meeting was adjourned


No meeting.


No meeting.


President Joyce Herie called the meeting to order at 5:32 PDT. Present were Emily Czapek, Linda Baron, Terry Hammond, Marit Marino, Janet Lewis and Helen Phillips.

Secretary's Report: The minutes of the board meeting of 6/8/2000 were read. Janet Lewis made a motion to approve that was seconded by Helen Phillips. All approved.

New AKC obedience regulations have been approved as of October 1. Members are encouraged to go to the AKC website to view these changes. A motion was made by Janet and seconded by Emily that this announcement be put on BCSA_ANNOUNCE. All approved.

The United Airlines pet embargo was mentioned.

The AKC requested input regarding the AKC lifetime achievement award to one of three individuals the AKC had selected. After discussion, it was agreed by consensus to recommend the individuals designated by an asterisk (*) from the AKC's list as shown below:

Conformation: Melbourne T. L. Downing; Dorothy MacDonald; Dorothy Nickles*.
Obedience: Dorothy McCauley*; Nancy Pollack; John Ward.
Performance: Jacquelyn Mertens*; A. Nelson Sills; Arthur E. Slike.

Treasurers Report: Financial Summary: As of 9/6/00, the checking account balance was $7,160.33, and the Savings Account balance was $1,000.98. This includes approximately $4,000 in Restricted Rescue & Canine Health Funds. At this time both of these funds are tracked separately, but are physically in the checking account. They will be moved to individual bank accounts after January 1, 2001, when income from next year's dues is available. Technically, this leaves BCSA with $3,000 with which to operate. Since appointment of M. Marino as Treasurer in late April, total BCSA expenditures were $7,774.23 with income of $8,713.82.

Projected expenses through end of year include:


Herding Committee
Membership Chair
Membership Renewal Mailing
General Ed Committee brochures
2 issues of Borderlines
2 Board Meetings
Voting Ballot Mailing
Bylaws Mailing
Membership List Mailing
Janet Lewis Seminar Expenses

Emily Czapek stated the General Education brochures could wait to be printed until the next fiscal year. They are available on the web site. This reduces the projected expenses to $5,900. The membership list mailing will be deferred until after dues renewal is completed in February/March. This further reduces projected expenses to $5,650.

Projected income through end of year includes:


2 issues Borderlines Advertising
Janet Lewis Seminar
Membership Dues

Given the above, fundraising must be a high priority. Fundraising projects underway include: 1) Janet Lewis seminar in conjunction with AGM activities - has raised $840 thus far - hope for $2,000; 2) T Shirts - Cathy Lester; 3) Border Collie Beanie Babies - Nancie Mages; 4) Herding Instinct Certification Day, Chicago area - Nancie Mages.

The issue of sales tax liability for an item shipped out of state was raised. Emily will check with her accounting firm as they specialize in not-for-profit accounting.

Financial Report for Borderlines: A detailed update of issues concerning the Treasury can be found on pg. 8 of the September/October issue of "Borderlines."

Financial Report for National Specialty 1999 : Expenses/income to date have been $75,983.81/$57,610.50. This yields a net loss of $18,373.31. The above figures were obtained by adding the income/expenses reported by Barbara Palmer at the end of 1999 to those received/paid 2000. As most treasury questions relate to the 1999 Specialty, Marit recommends standard reports be developed which analyze the annual Specialty in same way each year.

Financial Report for National Specialty 2001 : Marit developed a uniform budget form that Linda has distributed to Event Chairs to complete by 10/1/2000. Ongoing use of the form will allow comparison of budgeted figures against actual figures throughout the year as well as at completion of the Specialty. They should also serve as a basis for the following year's budget request. All Event Chairs have been notified via e-mail that the 1999 Specialty recorded loss was $18,373.31, and that BCSA cannot survive a similar loss next year. National Specialties should normally record a slight profit. It would help if the 2001 Specialty records more than a slight profit. To help with expense tracking, the Treasurer will receive a copy of all judges' contracts. The contract for the conformation judge has been received.

Treasury Items For Consideration For Bylaws Revision : Marit suggested modifications that would: 1) Define Treasury books as including bills, receipts, check registers, bank statements, deposit slips, general ledger & computerized records; 2) Require the "books" be open at all times to review by Board-appointed auditor and/or Finance Committee members (in addition to Board members); 3) Allow Treasurer to report on current fiscal year, not previous fiscal year, at the Annual General Meeting.

Check Review Process : All club checks are sent to the President along with a copy of pertinent bill and the Quicken summary report. After the President has reviewed all, she mails the check to the recipient. While this process slows down club business for a few days, Marit believes the process is working well and serves not only to assure that someone else knows how the Treasurer is spending money, but also guards against the temptation to spend club funds inappropriately.

Status of Financial Review/Audit : In spite of several requests, no 1999 Treasury receipts have been received from either Robyn Powley or Barbara Palmer. The Board therefore directed a certified letter, return receipt requested, be sent by Club Secretary Linda Baron to Ms Powley's attorney reminding her that the receipts are legally the property of BCSA, and asking they be sent to the current Treasurer, Marit Marino, within 10 days of receipt of the letter. Given BCSA could be held responsible for the missing receipts should the IRS decided to perform an audit, there was general agreement that should the receipts not be forthcoming, all reasonable means should be taken to procure them.

Committee Business

Nominating Committee (E. Czapek): Since the last meeting, the slate of candidates and candidate profiles were developed by the nominating committee and mailed to the membership in accordance with the directives of the 1999 by-laws. Kelly Whiteman subsequently informed Emily Czapek that the 1999 bylaws were not valid because of an irregularity in the voting procedure, and that the 1996 by-laws were the valid ones. The nominating committee thought the bylaws question was far beyond their charge and scope, and unanimously voted to pass the question of the by-laws to the BCSA board and the appropriate AKC official.

Affiliate Clubs/Events: Terry Hammond made a motion to combine both these committees and leave Barbara Palmer as chair. Emily seconded and all approved

By-Laws Revision Committee: The bylaws committee is in the process of incorporating additions suggested by the Board and Membership. They will be reviewed by the Board again prior to being sent to the AKC and thereafter to the membership.

General Education Committee: Three educational pamphlets targeted for the public and produced by the General Education Committee are now available on the web under Committees, General Education. They are, "The Border Collie," "The Border Collie: Energy Machine," and "Activities for You and Your Border Collie." The latter two will be printed once funds become available. Emily has not found time to meet with Lisa Ochoa to brief her on the Committee, but hoped to do this soon.

Judges Education Committee: A member requested the Board discuss more assertive ways to make Judges aware of the Standard. A motion was made by Emily Czapek to table this discussion until a chair was appointed. Linda Baron seconded and all approved.


Standard: Betty Belliveau
Breeder Referral
: Becky Beckman
: Jeanne Hagen-Santiago


Standard: Susane Joura-Hoffman. Helen Phillips made a motion to approve and Janet Lewis seconded. All approved, except Terry Hammond who abstained.

Breeder Referral: Bonnie Harris. Emily Czapek made a motion to approve and Janet Lewis seconded. All approved.

Awards and Versatility: Upon the suggestion of Janet Lewis, the Board decided to add "Awards" to the title of this committee. The intent is to have a committee in place to develop and administer new awards in the future. Committee Chair appointment is Tracy Sengupta. Emily Czapek made a motion to approve and Terry Hammond seconded. All approved. Tracy will work on clarifying the Versatility Award requirements for review by the Board as soon as possible. She will also check that individuals qualifying for a versatility award prior to the moratorium pending clarification have, indeed, received their award. No awards will be given out that have been submitted since the June board meeting until the regulations have been clarified.

Fundraising Committee: Ann Marie Silverton has been asked to Chair this committee. To date no response has been received.


Tracking: Suggested Chair was Lisa Pruka. Emily Czapek made a motion to approve, which was seconded by Helen Phillips. All approved.

B.C. Store: Emily Czapek made a motion to make the B.C. Store a committee. Terry Hammond seconded the motion and all approved. Terry will Chair the committee until the store is up and running.

Policy and Procedures: These responsibilities will be added to those of the bylaws committee.

Old Business:

BCSA Web Site - BorderCollieSociety.Com: Donations to cover Web Site establishment equaled $400, while expenses were $404, leaving only $4.00 to be picked up from general revenue. Helen Phillips arranged for domain name and site development. The site was constructed by a computer consultant using Java. Once it was up and running the following problems became apparent: 1) long time to load; 2) modifications to site could occur only every 1 weeks; 3) documents on the site could not be printed; 4) having the Web designer in Colorado and the individual responsible for maintenance, namely Marit, in California became problematic. Solutions already applied included returned to using Richard Whorton's old HTML site because it was a) kinder and gentler to older web browsers, b) easier for club members to eventually take over web site if done in HTML and not Java, c) site documents could be printed off easily, and d) it was faster to start with an existing site rather than reinvent the wheel. At this point, Marit Marino, assisted by a colleague with much experience in web management, has taken over the job of Web Master. Documents to be up on web in the immediate future include the General Education Committee brochures and National Specialty information. Committee information will be updated. A Conformation page is being added. There was discussion as to what the web site should contain. Marit said she would like it to contain any documents of official and or historical nature. No decision was reached.

Annual Meeting Update: Plans are being finalized. Registration for Janet Lewis' seminar is going well.

Specialty 2001 Update: Judges contracts are being sent out. Hotel arrangements are being made. The schedule will be up on the web site. Terry Hammond is working on a low cost banquet. A preliminary budget is being prepared for Board review and is due Oct. 1, 2000. See also Treasurer's report. 

New Business:

Minimum Age For Herding Instinct Test: A question was raised as to the minimum age requirement for a herding instinct test. The age is 9 months. No action needed.

AKC Website: The AKC website needs updating of club officers and committee chairs. AKC has been informed of corrections by Linda Baron, club Secretary.

By-laws Controversy: Joyce Herie read a letter from Mike Liosis, AKC club liaison. In brief, this stated the AKC recognizes the 1999 by-laws revisions as legal, and that we would cease to be a member club if we reverted to the 1996 by-laws (see attached). Janet Lewis then moved that the club operate under the 1999 bylaws and cite the AKC letter. This was seconded by Emily Czapek and was approved with Terry Hammond abstaining. According to the 1999 by-laws, nominations for the 2000 election will need 30 signatures. As suggested by Mr. Liosis, the nomination period will be extended to November 1, 2000 for those individuals nominated from the floor in order to allow them to obtain the required number of signatures. Accordingly, nominations with supporting signatures must be in the Secretary's hands by November 1, 2000. Ballots to the members must be sent out by November 15, 2000 with ballots due back to the Treasurer by December 15, 2000. Elected officers will take office on January 1, 2001, as per old by-laws.

Open Registration Letter Writing to AKC: A discussion was held regarding whom to ask to write letters to AKC to support keeping the stud book open. It is now scheduled to close December 31, 2001. A list of names was discussed and the secretary will write these people asking them to write a favorable letter to AKC.

Procedure at AGM: Richard Whorton has written a letter on procedures he feels would be beneficial to the AGM meeting. The board voted to table this discussion and pass on Richard's letter to the By-laws/Procedures Committee who can incorporate these features.

Border Collie Club of New England: This Club requested permission to hold a sanctioned event. According to April Quist, Membership Chairperson, they are not an official affiliate club. The decision was made to refer them to Barbara Palmer for clarification and assistance.

Advertising Policy: Tabled.

BCSA_ANNOUNCE Policy: Tabled.

A motion to adjourn was made by Emily Czapek and seconded by Terry Hammond with all approving. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PDT.

Respectfully Submitted,


NOTE: The Annual Meeting, held on Oct 21st, 2000, in the San Francisco Bay Area was adjourned due to lack of a quorum.


President Joyce Herie called the meeting to order at 5:35 PST. Present were Emily Czapek, Linda Baron, Terry Hammond, Marit Marino, Janet Lewis and Helen Phillips.
The minutes of the Board Meeting of 9/21/00 and revised on 11/17/00 were read. Janet Lewis made a motion to approve which was seconded by Helen Phillips. All Approved.
It was pointed out that too many versions of board minutes are floating around and the Board needs to make sure that the same final version appears in Borderlines, the web site, and BCSA_ANNOUNCE.
Linda Baron announced that she will be assisted in the counting of election ballots by Kay Watson, Joel Levy and Tara Campbell on December 17th. Marit will ship ballots overnight to arrive on December 14th.

Financial Summary: As of 11/24/00, the checking account balance was $6,514.86, and the Savings Account balance was $1,003.50. This includes approximately $4,000 in Restricted Rescue and Canine Health Funds. These Restricted funds will be moved to separate bank accounts after January 1, 2001. Technically, this leaves BCSA with $2,500 with which to operate through the end of the year. Since the appointment of M. Marino as Treasurer in late April, total BCSA expenditures were $13,396.90 with income of $13,691.02. Projected expenses through the end of year include $450 for the November Board meeting plus membership renewal mailing. Projected income through the end of year includes $2,000 from membership dues and fundraising activities.
Fundraising: Marit summarized fundraising activities to date. Fundraising efforts have brought in $4,081 since September. The profit from the Janet Lewis seminar was $1,355.86, the beanie borders have brought in $1,357 thus far, and the Chicago area HIC test has brought in $200. An on-line auction is being considered as a fundraiser for 2001. Marit mentioned that BCSA does not have to worry about sales tax on sale of items that have been donated to BCSA (e.g., the beanie borders).
Restricted Funds: Emily requested that Restricted funds be identified as such in every financial report.
Operating Budget: The club Operating Budget for 2001 was discussed, modified and approved.
Specialty: Linda has submitted a preliminary specialty budget, and Marit and Linda will finalize it. Marit mentioned that she would prefer to have specialty income go through the appropriate event chairs/secretaries, rather than go directly through the Treasurer. Marit mentioned the possibility of opening a separate checking account for the specialty.
HIC Test Income: Marit mentioned that the HIC guidelines on the BCSA web site describe potential income for BCSA resulting from BCSA sponsored HIC tests. Several HIC certificates were given out during 2000 but BCSA has received no income. Marit will contact Claudia Frank for clarification regarding how and when BCSA receives HIC test income.
1999 Specialty: A bill for $662 has been received for photographs taken at the 1999 Specialty. Marit will contact the photographer. Also, the Board continues to hear rumors of unpaid trophy bills. Marit will contact Karen Rabbitt to obtain the name/address of the trophy provider.
Committee Budgets: Committee budgets for 2001 received by Marit were approved by the Board and have been included in the 2001 Operating Budget.

Affiliate Clubs/Events: Joyce Herie's local border collie club applied for affiliate club status six months ago but has not yet heard from Barbara Palmer. Emily will contact Barbara Palmer regarding this matter.
Breeder Referral: Bonnie Harris has reported poor response with breeder applications. Janet will contact Bonnie and offer assistance.
Bylaws: Board Members have reviewed proposed new bylaws and have submitted comments to Kim Green and Lois Rifner. Draft bylaws are being finalized for submission to AKC.
General Education: Lisa Ochoa will begin as Acting Chair on December 7, 2000. The committee has received a request from Cornell University for educational materials.
Fundraising: Ann Marie Silverton declined the invitation to chair this committee. Nancie Mages was appointed Chair for 2001.
Versatility: Tracy Sengupta's proposed budget was approved.
Breed Standard: Susane Joura-Hoffman's proposed committee members were approved. The committee members are Sharon Ferguson, Carolyn Herbel, Cathy Lester, Sandra Jones, and Nancie Mages (alternate).
Health: A chair is still needed for this committee and the Board would prefer a veterinarian. Emily will put an announcement on BCSA_ANNOUNCE.

Web Site Update: The Committee page has had numerous updates and descriptions will be needed for each committee. The BCSA Membership application form was recently added. Claudia's numerous updates are the next priority. There was a question as to whether search engines would locate our new web site rather than Richard Whorton's former BCSA web site - Marit to test.
Annual Meeting: See minutes prepared by April Quist in Borderlines and sent out on BCSA_ANNOUNCE regarding the annual meeting held in the San Francisco Bay Area on October 21, 2000.
Town Hall Meeting: See notes taken by April Quist and reflected in Borderlines and sent out on BCSA_ANNOUNCE regarding the Town Hall Meeting held by President Joyce Herie at the Annual Meeting in October.
1999 Treasurer's Receipts: Joyce reported that numerous attempts were made to contact Barbara Palmer by electronic mail, telephone and certified U.S. mail to obtain our club receipts for the 1999-2000 review by accountant and Finance Chair Wayne Koutsky. We have thus far not been able to acquire the needed documents. The Board has been looking into various means of rectifying the situation. An attorney has been obtained on a pro bono basis to help us with our options in this area. This attorney has made various suggestions regarding how we might come to a resolution. We hope to acquire the treasury receipts soon.
2001 Specialty Update: Contracts have been received from all judges except Roy Johnson. Herding Instinct may be held on the grounds, but must have a separate entry form. Trophies will not be given unless donated.
Open Stud Book Update: AKC has requested BCSA plans for increasing border collie registrations as well as plans for rescue and health activities. Richard Whorton and Janet Lewis will draft responses.
Affiliate Club Vote: It was decided to allow our 6 affiliate clubs to vote in the current election of officers.

Advertising Policy: An ad hoc committee was appointed to review the current advertising policy and make recommendations to the next Board. Helen Phillips was appointed Chair.
Information Booth: The Board approved an information booth to be hosted at the Seattle Kennel Club by Janet Legg.
Committee Job Descriptions: Joyce has drafted job descriptions for Obedience, Agility, Conformation and Tracking committees and will share these with the Board.
BC Photos for Moss Bow: Moss Bow Show Superintendent has requested Border Collie pictures for its web site. Photos will be solicited via Borderlines and BCSA_ANNOUNCE.
Loomis Suspension: Duane and Cheryl Loomis have received a 3 month suspension from AKC privileges. They would be considered suspended from BCSA privileges for the same period of time.
AKC Breed Statistics: AKC has offered to make breed statistics available from its database on an annual basis. This would cost each parent club $400 the first year and $200 each year after and parent clubs would have to agree on report format/content. This data was not deemed valuable enough, given our financial status.
Information Booth at AKC/Eukanuba Classic: AKC has requested that BCSA have an information booth at the AKC Classic in Florida on December 12, 2001. We will ask Bob Tainsh about his availability to do this.
Affiliate Clubs and New Bylaws: Our new draft bylaws make affiliate clubs official BCSA members and give them a vote in club affairs. We understand that AKC prefers that affiliate clubs do not have a vote in club matters. It was decided to leave draft bylaws as is and see what AKC says when our new bylaws are to AKC for review.
Specialty Chairs for 2002 and 2003: Specialty Chairs are needed for 2002 and 2003. Volunteers will be solicited via Borderlines and BCSA_ANNOUNCE.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PST.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Baron, Secretary


No meeting.


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