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1999 Specialty:  The search for a show secretary for the 1999 Specialty is still underway.  There was discussion about the possibility of hiring a professional organization to run the Specialty; however, it was determined that the cost was too high to justify.

Nominations / Elections:  A motion was made and approved to require 30 signatures for nominations from the membership.

Installation of New Officers:  After additional discussion regarding the start date for new officers being changed to January 1 (rather than December 1) to allow more time for a smoother transition between the previous board and the new board elected in November, a motion was made, seconded, and approved to amend our bylaws to change the installation of new officers to January 1.

Supported Entry:  The board approved the request to sponsor a supported entry at The Moberly, MO, Kennel Club show on October 9 & 10, 1999 (the weekend prior to our national specialty).  The Club Events Committee is currently in contact with that club.

Breeder Referral:  The Breeder Referral Network (now Breeder Directory) is being reorganized.  Davida Dzierla, the chair, has proposed a breeder code of ethics to which breeders must agree to maintain their listing.  The code has been reviewed by the board and sent to both the Ethics and Health Committees for further discussion and comments.  After these committees have reported back to the board, the code will be published and member comments solicited before it is sent to the membership for a vote.


Canadian Kennel Club:  On behalf of the BCSA, Richard Whorton has sent a letter to the board members of the CKC respectfully requesting that they consider allowing Border Collies to compete in all CKC sponsored events.  The letter further states that the BCSA strongly supports related proposals put forth by the Border Collie Club of Canada and that we feel exclusion of Border Collies is against the continued well-being of the breed in North America and a detriment to all canine sports in general.

Border Collie Store:  It was suggested and agreed that a Border Collie Store be created with the majority of the proceeds going to rescue.  A request for a volunteer to take on this task will be published in the next issue of Borderlines.

Specialty Judges:  In an upcoming mailing, BCSA members will be asked to submit suggestions for judges (all events) for the 2000 Specialty.

Herding Chair:  Claudia Frank was nominated and voted in as the new herding chair.  She will assume her new responsibilities on February 1, 1999.

Rescue:  Once BCSA's involvement in rescue is determined and approved, Robyn Powley suggested that a separate account be set up for BC rescue and the appropriate tax status filed for.

Bounced Checks:  It was noted that several checks (including some for entries) sent in for the 1998 Specialty bounced.  A bounced check does not constitute a valid entry, so a determination must be made as to whether anyone who bounced a check did in fact exhibit in any of the Specialty's events.

Lost Checks:  It was reported by Bob Tainsh that between $150 and $200 in checks from the micro-chip and eye clinic have been lost and that he is out-of-pocket for his expenses in buying the microchips.  The checks were sent to him via regular mail, but there is no record of who had checks in that mailing.

Credit Cards:  It was suggested and agreed upon that the BCSA should accept credit cards for purchases.  This would be especially advantageous for the Specialty, and BCSA could also accept credit cards for rescue donations.  Robyn Powley is investigating the costs related to accepting credit cards.

Membership Applications:  Robyn Powley requested that all membership applications (or copies thereof) be sent to her for her files in order to fulfill her duties as treasurer as outlined by the bylaws.  The board agreed this should be done for the upcoming member vote on policy issues and bylaw changes.  Copies are being prepared by the Membership Chair, Karen Rabbitt, and forwarded to Robyn.  Once the amendments to the bylaws regarding membership duties are voted on, this will no longer be necessary.

It was also recommended that the membership application be revised to reflect a need for two signatures (instead of one) for household memberships.

New Member Welcome Packet:  Karen Rabbitt suggested the membership cards issued each year serve no purpose.  She recommended, and it was approved by the board, that we discontinue their use.

Also sent with the new member welcome packet is a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, Code of Ethics, Mission Statement, AKC standard, current issue of Borderlines, versatility requirements, information on the different committees and what they are striving for, "What Type of Pets Do BC's Make?", BC's Buyer's Guide, and the membership roster.  There was discussion that potential members should receive and read a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Mission Statement, and AKC standard before they submit their application.  Additionally, since it is assumed those applying for membership already have a Border Collie, it probably serves no purpose to send them the two brochures ("What Type of Pets Do BC's Make?" and BC's Buyer's Guide).

Tentative Specialty Schedule:  The following tentative schedule for the 1999 Specialty was submitted:

 Monday through Thursday:  Beginning Herding Clinics
 Tuesday through Thursday:  Herding Trial/Tests
 Thursday evening:  Puppy Sweepstakes and Junior Showmanship
 Friday:  Breed, Herding Instinct Test, Tracking Test, and Agility Clinic
 Friday evening:  Banquet & Annual Meeting
 Saturday:  Reg. Breed (what is this?)
 Saturday and Sunday:  Agility and Obedience Trials
 Sunday:  Grooming/Handling Clinic

Board Business:  A recent letter to Borderlines expressed a feeling that the board is not open enough to the membership.  The board is still analyzing how to better include the membership in discussions and decisions.  An addition to BCSA's website was recently made to keep members abreast of board discussions and recommendations.

National Specialty Locations:  A club member suggested a location for a future Specialty.  The board has turned this over to the Club Events Committee who will work to establish a policy regarding how, who, and where we have our national specialties.

Special Awards:  In addition to her responsibilities for the Registry of Merit program, Nancy Keller was asked, and she agreed, to take on the additional responsibility of Special Awards.  Nancy has asked Kay Gutzeloff (original Special Awards Chair) to act as a consultant for the ROM committee and then join the committee as a full member sometime in June.

Advertising Policy:  It was suggested that PennHip scores be included as acceptable certification in lieu of OFA for both the litter/kennel ads and brag ads in Borderlines.  The board voted on and approved this change. Additionally, to be consistent with the requirements of OFA whereby dogs cannot be certified until they are two years old and, with the recommendation in our club's code of ethics that dogs under the age of two not be bred, it was agreed that PennHip scores will not be accepted on dogs under the age of two for litter/kennel ads.  They will, however, be accepted for brag ads.  This proposal is being sent out to the membership for comment and a vote.


 – Each committee has been asked to submit to the board by February a membership list, duties assigned to each member, a list of goals for the next six months, a yearly budget, proposed job description change, a 4th Quarter report to be published in Borderlines, and a list of committees that will be coordinated over the next six months and what issues those committees will be addressing.


The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • Kathleen Moore
    1225 Willow Dr,
    Norco, CA  91760

  • Mary Kay Grahn
    551 John King Rd.
    Crestview, FL  32539

  • Kimberly Anderson
    RR 5 Site 32 Box 23
    Prince Albert, SK  S6V5R3

  • Jaime, Terry, and Greg Jackson
    690 E Patriot Blvd., #299
    Reno, NV 89511

  • Rommel & Sheri Wantanabe Guzman
    95-668 Wikao St. J-102
    Mililani, HI  96789

  • John C. Sterling, Sr.
    5918 LaTijera Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA  90056-1735
    323-294-2128 or 323-295-6761

  • Jim New
    PO Box 198
    Risco, MO  62874

  • David & Kathie Hart
    RR1 Box BO  Juniper Heights
    Livermere BC, Canada  VOA-1KO

  • Pat King
    4579 Highway 93
    Darby, MT  59829

  • Mary Ann Petsick
    22108 Riverside Dr.
    Elkhorn, NE  68022
    402-289-0909  MaryAPets@aol.com

  • Antionette & Keith Walker
    7907 Genery Trail
    McCalla, AL  35111

  • Teresa & John (Jack) Martin
    300 S. Oak Ridge Dr.
    Enterprise, AL  36330

  • Sandra Storbeck
    3729 C. Ave. Ext.
    Alburnett, IA  52202
    storbeck@netins.net or sstorbeck@aegonUSA.com

  • Constance Brannen
    101 Song Sparrow Run
    Nicholasville, KY  40356

  • Dan O'Keefe (Lynn O'Keefe - member since 1994)
    1514 W. Wood
    Decatur, IL  62522
    (217) 422-1903

  • Robert Williams Jr.  (Mary Mac Gardner - member since 1997)
    900 Solar Rd., NW
    Albuquerque, NM  87107

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence Secretary



Correction to January Minutes:  Lost checks reported by Bob Tainsh amounted to approximately $200, not $2,000 as noted.

Supported Entry:  A motion was made and approved to provide trophies for conformation and obedience at the Moberly, MO Kennel Club show on October 9 & 10, 1999.

Border Collie Store:
Two members have expressed interest in handling the proposed BC Store.  They have been asked to submit proposals to the Board.

A motion was made and approved that all profits generated by sale of items in the BCSA store during the calendar years 1999 and 2000 go to a rescue fund within the BCSA.  Division between various rescue groups will be decided at a later date.


BCSA Credit Card:  Robyn is looking into obtaining a BCSA credit card to be used for club purchases, such as National Specialty items that members would normally have to incur debt for before getting reimbursed.

Club Laptop Computer: Robyn requested that the club purchase a laptop computer that could be used to maintain the treasury, membership databases, JEC documents and presentations, etc.  The board felt it would be difficult to make this resource generally useful to everyone involved and did not approve the request.

Credit Cards:  The BCSA can now accept credit cards for anything from membership dues to rescue donations, etc.  Our application form will need to be amended to include an area for the card number, expiration date, and signature.

BCSA Inventory:  All committees and board members are being asked to submit a list of BCSA property (calculators, software, books, tools, etc.) in their possession to Robyn Powley so that an inventory can be developed and maintained.

Budget:  Once all committee budgets have been received, a budget for the BCSA will be prepared.

It was recommended that Committee Chairs send budget "proposals" to the Board, along with an explanation and a budget or approximation of the expenses.  Oftentimes the Board is able to come up with alternative ideas that may be more beneficial and/or cost effective, as well as in the club's best interests.  Once the "proposal" is approved, the Chair can then assign the job to the appropriate committee member.

Lapsed Membership:  It was suggested that lapsed members' names be listed in Borderlines to remind those who have forgotten to renew their membership.

Karen Rabbitt has received membership renewals from the following lapsed members and requested and received approval to reinstate them without requiring a they complete a new application:

 Cathy Mitchell
 Joy Elliott
 Gayle Richardson
 Karen Wood
 Rita Susanto
 Eileen Madrigale
 Sharon Cutrell
 Kate Nehring
 Diane Conroy
 Terry Sadler
 Elizabeth Barrett-Dixon
 Bruce Choate
 Gayle Hickey
 Kathleen & Elsie Walker
 Daurece & Lawrence Cox - to be copied and returned for second signature
 Pamela Castello
 Gerry & Kathy Brown
 Elizabeth Lalwani
 Pamela Baird
 Teresa Home
 Davida Dzierla
 Webb Gilmore
 Karen Brancheau
 Leila Conroy
 Patricia Krause
 Terry & Shirley Kenney
 Chris Peach
 Sandy Rowan
 Cathy George
 Sally Glei
 Karen Hall
 Barbara Craig
 Sandy & Jerry Beeler

Information & Ballot Mailing:  It was moved and approved  that the Membership Chair forward a list of members in good standing as of the cutoff period to the secretary so that ballots can be mailed for members to vote on proposed amendments to our bylaws.

Liability Insurance:  After reviewing BCSA's current insurance policy, it was noted that we only have basic third party liability insurance and that this is not sufficient.  Robyn will obtain information on additional insurance needed to properly cover the club.

It was recommend that the Board immediately increase dues by $5 for new and renewing members to help offset the cost of the additional insurance that will be needed, especially for the Specialty.

By-Law Recommendation:  It was recommended that the by-laws be amended to include both a Recording Secretary and a Corresponding Secretary.

The primary responsibilities of the Recording Secretary would be to keep a record of all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors and of all votes taken by mail and of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Club or by the Board of Directors.  He/She would notify the members of meetings of the Club and Officers and Directors of their election to office, and would carry out such other duties as  prescribed in the by-laws or directed by the Board of Directors.

The primary responsibilities of the Corresponding Secretary would be the principal contact for requests from outside the Club for information about the Club and Border Collies and would carry out such other duties as prescribed in the by-laws or directed by the Board of Directors.

Open Board Votes: It was recommended and approved that each board member's vote on proposals be recorded in the minutes.

Expense Reporting:  A generic expense report form will be developed for use by anyone requiring reimbursement from BCSA for out-of-pocket expenses in connection with BCSA business.

AKC Registration of "Red" Border Collies:  A letter to the Board was received by Kelly Whiteman regarding how AKC registers "red" Border Collies.  The letter states that both chocolate/red dogs are being registered as "red", as are gold/red dogs.  These, however, are genetically two very different colors (i.e., chocolate dogs have noses that match their coats, whereas the gold dogs have black noses).  Being able to tell the coat color from the registration is important for historical purposes, as well as for  breeders when they are researching a pedigree.  
It is suggested in the letter that the BCSA needs to decide what it wants each of these colors to be called and then work with the AKC to correct its records.  Expediency is requested to resolve this issue to insure a more accurate AKC stud book.

Rescue Money Request:  The Board approved a request from Bobbie Farquar for $200 to be sent to Janet Adamick of Jackson, MI with a request for a brief statement as to how the money will be used.

BC Judges' Education Guide:  AKC will not be reprinting the Border Collie Judges' Education Guide, as it was produced with no input from BC people nor the BCSA.  Our Judges' Education Committee has taken on this project and will ask AKC for possible financial backing.  The target date for completion is the 1999 Specialty.

DNA Testing:  DNA testing will be available at the 1999 Specialty in St. Louis.


The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

LaVerne Kershaw
Carol Schiefer
Christie & Scott Dalmon
William C. Town
Susan Emerson
Raven Okeefe
Jeanne Hagen-Santiago
Lois Urda
Deborah Hunott
J. Frank Bayliss & Chris Oldt

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence Secretary



Rescue & Research Foundation:  A motion was made and approved to have Barbara Palmer investigate setting up a foundation.  Details will be sent to the members for comment and/or vote.

Tax Returns:  Both the 1997 and 1998 tax returns have been completed and submitted to the IRS.

BC Store:  Proposals have not been received from any of the three members who expressed interest in maintaining the BC Store.

BC Collection: A collection of photos, pedigrees, magazines, rare books, etc. has been offered to the BCSA for $5,000.  Prior to making a decision whether to purchase the collection, research will be done to determine the actual value of the collection, what is necessary to preserve such materials, how the collection would be maintained and how it would be made available to members.


Request:  Kim Anderson, a BCSA member from Canada asked for and received approval from the Board to use the AKC standard on the official website for the Border Collie Club of Canada.

Job Description:  Due to the immense growth of the BCSA, it was suggested that a comprehensive job description of all officers' duties be put together prior to the next election so the Nominating Committee and any member(s) wishing to run from the floor will have complete knowledge of the job requirements and time needed to do the job.

Insurance:  It has been recommended that the officers of the BCSA have liability insurance, as directors of non-profit organizations can be held legally liable.

We have both our new full coverage insurance policy in effect, as well as the endorsement for the tracking test for the Specialty.

The next Specialty update in Borderlines will include a notice that anyone signing a contract as an agent for the BCSA must forward a copy of the contract to the Treasurer (Robyn Powley).  Robyn will then determine whether a copy needs to be submitted to the insurance company.

Herding Instinct Requirements:  The requirement for a three-generation pedigree to obtain an HIC (including those awarded at the 1998 Specialty) has been removed.  A notice to this effect will be placed in the next issue of Borderlines.

General Education Brochure:  The brochure put together by the General Education Committee was approved, and it was agreed that the Committee could print an initial 500 brochures for mailings.

Tracking at the Specialty:  An evaluation of the fields for the tracking test was made by Lisa Pruka and Marla Bull, and it was determined that 10 TD tracks can be offered for the Specialty.  It's possible that alternate tracks (up to 10) may be available less than 15 minutes from Purina, and it was suggested that these be considered as well.

AKC Video:  The BCSA has presented AKC with a proposal to add additional footage to the rough-cut of the AKC breed video, to include more herding footage and more diversity in colors and coat (specifically smooth-coats).

Herding Report:  Mary Taggert-Morrison resigned as AKC Herding Advisory Committee Representative for BCSA.  Larry Sisson has taken over and plans to see that BCSA members' views are brought to the AKC HAC Subcommittee's attention.

The BCSA Herding Instinct Program materials will be incorporated into a booklet that will be made available to members. The pedigree requirement for submission of a passing evaluation form has been discontinued.

Beginning members have expressed an interest in a "Starter Kit" for new herding enthusiasts and recognition for stockdogs which reach high levels of accomplishments. Member input is being solicited.

Lapsed Membership:  The following lapsed memberships have been renewed:

Karen Herceg
Alex Furr & Stephen Sharro
Victoria Dale
Audrey Caire Sprung


The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • Mary Ann Sanford
    2713 Nova Drive
    Apopka, FL  32703-4833

  • Cheryle Davis
    1466 Gibson Drive
    Eureka, CA  95503

  • J. Frank Bayliss & Chris Oldt
    1625 Mt. Olive Road
    Toms Brook, VA  22660

  • William C. Town
    1550 Moorings Drive, 2-C
    Reston, VA  20190-4214

  • Debby Quigley
    6346 Oaknut
    Houston, TX  77088
     Mike Michau
    5508 Keith Drive, Lot #16
    Myrtle Beach, SC  29577

  • Sandra L. Jobes
    2755 Masters
    League City, TX  77573

  • Melinda "Mindy" Masch
    2715 W. Michelle Drive
    Phoenix, AZ  85053-1710

  • Amy Leah Zeigler
    16516 Delmar Drive, SE
    Minerva, OH 44657

  • Peter Graham
    108 Seatuck Avenue
    Eastport, NY  11941

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence Secretary



Tracking at the Specialty:  The board approved the purchase of flags for the tracking test.  Volunteers have been solicited to help lay tracks and help with hospitality.  Leather gloves for the end of each track have been purchased, and dogs that pass the test will receive a green ribbon as well as a matted & framed drawing of their track done by Debbie Spence.  A judges' dinner will be held on Thursday evening following tracklaying, and all helpers will be invited.


Complete Dog Book:  Richard received a letter from Ron Rella asking us to appoint 1 - 3 people to head a committee that will work with the AKC in revising/updating the Complete Dog Book.  These committee people will serve as contact people to relay club input to the AKC.  Club input will focus on breed history, the standard, and photographs.

Puppy Mill Pamphlet:  It was suggested that the club put together a pamphlet on "How To Spot Puppy Mills" for inclusion on our web site and as an insert in our general information tri-fold that will be sent out to people asking for information.  It was also suggested that the BCSA advertise in Dog Fancy, Dog World, the AKC Gazette, and possibly even Front and Finish so potential buyers have access to our information before buying a Border Collie.

Border Recorders:  A motion was made by Robyn Powley, seconded by Terry Wise Hammond, and approved to donate 12 Border Recorders (one for each month) to the Border Collie Club of Great Britain for fund-raising purposes, with proceeds going to the DNA research being done in the UK by Dr. Peter Bedford.

Membership Chair:  Karen Rabbitt has resigned as Membership Chair but has agreed to continue until a replacement has been found.  A motion was made and approved to ask Ann Smart to take over the Membership Chair responsibilities.

Acceptable Border Collie Colors:  The board is considering a request that the BCSA modify current color choices on registration forms to include other colors that are genetically possible in Border Collies.

BCSA Member E-Mail List:  It was suggested that a member list be set up on the internet so that club members can express their concerns, suggestions, etc.

BCSA Scoreboard:  Nancy Keller will resign from doing the AKC Scoreboards at the end of this year.  In the meantime, she has requested assistance with the AKC Agility Scoreboard.  An ad will be placed in Borderlines requesting volunteers who would like to take over this responsibility.

Show Policies:  It was suggested that a policy be set that prohibits any BCSA member from entering any future BCSA-sponsored event if that member has a complaint levied against them by a hotel connected with any BCSA-sponsored event.  Additionally, it was suggested that there should be no selling of puppies or dogs at the BCSA Specialty.


The following new members and member clubs have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • Lisa Mari Waldo (sponsored by Carla Popeney)
    810 Bromfield Road
    San Mateo, CA  94402

  • Rickie & Ronald Adkins (sponsored by Barbara Palmer)
    12970 Camino Real
    Niederwald,  TX  78640

  • Phyllis Clark (sponsored by Nancy Little)
    E346 Company Q
    Clearlake, WI  54005

  • Margaret Mark (sponsored by Kim Augustine)
    1253 E Chippewa River Road
    Midland, MI  48640-8392

  • Karen Stanley (sponsored by Donna Eliason)
    305 Apen Lane
    Park City, UT  84098

  • Kathryn Wright (sponsored by Emily Czapek)
    5001 W. Hopewood Lane
    Peoria, IL  61607

  • Gloria Smith (sponsored by Richard Whorton)
    PO Box 1728
    Hayes, VA  23072

  • Janet  (Dee) Adamick (sponsored by Bobbie Farquhar)
    1616 Floral Avenue
    Jackson, MI  49202-2519

  • Natlie Kaminski (sponsored by Debbie Spence)
    3325 Cypress Court
    Bedford, TX  76021

  • Elizabeth Hezeau (sponsored by Helen Phillips)
    2906 Teakwood
    Garland, TX  75044

  • Jacqueline Hoye (sponsored by Nancy Little)
    7288 Mill Road
    Centerville, MN  55038

  • Diana Barefoot (sponsored by Alan Koebke)
    Route 2, Box 1174
    Denton, TX  76208

  • Joy Sebastian (sponsored by Sherilyn Hunter)
    1315 Sundown Meadow
    Crosby, TX  77532

  • Debbora Schweers (sponsored by Richard Whorton)
    50 Apple Drive
    Castalia, NC  27816-9140

  • Pattie & Gene Schelest (sponsored by Terry Kenney)
    2666 E. Dominguez Avenue, Space 27
    Long Beach, CA  90810

  • Chris Putterbaugh (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    3326 Blackstone Dr.
    Toledo, OH  43608

  • Tracy Cherney (sponsored by Janine Jordan)
    20301 County Road 14
    Big Lake, MN  55309

  • Denise Roper (not sponsored)
    6961 Wittenham Cove
    Memphis, TN  38119

  • The Border Collie Club of Hawaii

  • The Bluebonnet Border Collie Club of Texas

  • Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence Secretary


New Membership Chair: Ann Smart has accepted the position of Membership Chair, replacing Karen Rabbitt who recently resigned.

Ballot Results: All proposals were approved as follows:
    Proposal 1: Approved 212 to 49
    Proposal 2: Approved 192 to 69
    Proposal 3: Approved 260 to 1
    Proposal 4: Approved 252 to 9
    Proposal 5: Option A approved 186 to 76
    Proposal 6: Approved 236 to 23
    Proposal 7: Part 1 approved 179 to 79
    Proposal 7: Part 2 approved 152 to 106
    Proposal 8: Option A approved 136 to 95
All bylaws revisions have been made and submitted to AKC.

Standard Revision: Revisions to the Border Collie standard have been sent to AKC for preliminary review and put on BCSA’s website with a request the member input be submitted in writing to Susanne Hoffman. The Standard Committee will then summarize any changes and submit them to the board for further consideration.

BCSA Insurance: In order to assist BCSA affiliate clubs, events must be published as BCSA events but can be designted as “Fundraisers for XXX Club”. Even this designation, however, does not release the affiliate from liability
should a participant or spectator be hurt, and it is recommended that affiliate clubs obtain their own insurance policy for proper protection. A meeting/conference regarding this topic may be held at this or next year’s Specialty, and a representative of BCSA’s insurance company will be invited to attend to answer questions.

Editorial Board: An Editorial Board has been formed to review articles for Borderlines prior to publication.

BC Events:
    The GLBCC requested and received approval for a match to be held on July 18, 1999 in Mayville, Michigan. The event will include obedience, conformation, and a CGC test.
    The Piedmont Border Collie Association requested and received approval for an AKC licensed all-breed herding trial to be tentative held on November 27 & 28, 1999 in Durham, North Carolina. The club will sponsor a herding match on the Friday prior to the licensed trials/tests.

Specialty Judges: The board agreed that members should vote for judges and that a committee should be assigned for nominating judges.

Border Collie Brochure: The new BC brochure is at the printer. The General Education Committee requested and received board approval to rent a post office box for information requests received through distribution of the brochure. The post office box will allow for access by additional BCSA members if the primary contact moves. The cost of the post office box is $24 per year.

Donation: Kim Augustine made a motion which was seconded by Terry Hammond and approved by the board to donate $100 in response to a special request (Kramer Fund) for help in rescuing a Border Collie.

The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • Lisa Pomerance (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    17561 Vierra Canyon Road
    Suite 100
    Prundale, CA 93907

  • Deborah Robson (sponsored by Helen Phillips)
    418 Goldeneye Dr.
    Ft. Collins, CO 80526

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence Secretary



BC Rescue:  The Board was asked to provide support for the “THATLDO” network; however, it was felt the funds could not be committed to the project until the BCSA Rescue and Research Foundation is functional.

AKC Delegate:  It was proposed and agreed that the election of an AKC Delegate will be instituted with the next general election which will be in 2000.  In the meantime, Bob Tainsh will continue as the AKC Delegate Designate.  It should be pointed out that, at this time, the BCSA has not heard from AKC regarding its member club application, and we are not allowed a Delegate until we are voted in.

BCSA Web Site Link:  The Board approved Kim Augustine’s request for her local club, the GLBCC, to use the BCSA logo as a hot button link to BCSA’s web page for their new GLBCC web site.

Household Memberships:  The by-laws currently defines a household membership as "available to households consisting of 2 people 18 years or older".  This therefore dictates that family members under the age of 18 hold an individual membership.

Since the original by-law was written to allow only those at least 18 years of age to be able to vote, it was suggested by a BCSA member that the by-laws be changed to allow household membership be available “to households containing 1 or 2 adults 18 years of age or older, as well as minor children”.  This proposal will be considered the next time changes to the by-laws are proposed.  In the interim, it was agreed that  the Board approve a waiver of the Junior membership fees, thereby allowing the adult in the house to pay for a single membership vs. a household membership.


The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • Robert & Judy Modica (sponsored by Meagan Skelton-Ryan)
    285 Aspen Loop
    Pawleys Island, SC  29585
    (843) 237-8445

  • Dana Kurk (sponsored by Shirley Tipsword)
    1851 Plum Grove Rd.
    Palatine, IL  60067
    (847) 202-8950

  • B. Diane Whetsel & Dr. Kim P. Lark (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    116 E. Orchard Lane
    Carlsbad, NM  8888220
    (505) 234-9804

  • Vicky Wilcox (reinstated membership)
    509 Holly Grove Lane
    Hampstead, NC  28443
    (910) 270-0598

  • Bill Welsh and Prue Griffiths (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    Rystwood, Seven Ash, Bishops Lydeard
    Taunton, Somerset  TA43EX.U.K.
    01823 432455

  • Annette Alfonso (sponsored by Janine Jordan)
    Calle 2 A-42  Tintillo
    Guaynabo, PR  00966
    (787) 783-3824

  • Kari snd Grady Wahlquist (sponsored by Kim Augustine)
    #6 Mohawk Circle
    Little Rock, AR  72207
    (501) 664-7521

  • Lorna and Robert Stark (sponsored by Linda Mooradian)
    72 Roosevelt Street
    Pequannock, NJ  07440
    (973) 633-5737

  • Deborah Stoltzfus & Rick Sangrey (sponsored by Karen Rabbitt)
    2815 Haymeadow Dr.
    York, PA  17402

  • Kenneth Smart (sponsored by Karen Rabbitt)
    766 San Simeon Dr.
    Salinas, CA  93901

  • Perry Webb (sponsored by Karen Rabbitt)
    209 Fieldstone Dr.
    Murfreesboro, TN  37127

  • Marcia & Kenneth Loontjer (sponsored by Helen Phillips)
    1046 E. 132nd. Pl.
    Thornton, CO  80241

  • Sherry Bell (sponsored by Mark & Amy Hansen)
    8002 Wayward Ct.
    Ft. Wayne, IN  46815

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence BCSA Secretary  



BC Store:  Karla Kimmey, co-owner of Legacy By Mail (a mail-order and seminar sales company) submitted a proposal to set up and maintain the BCSA Store as a fund-raiser for BC rescue.  The following provisions were included in the proposal:

  • Set up a QuickBooks file specifically for BCSA to allow tracking inventory, sales, income, and expenses.  Reports will be generated upon request of the board.
  • 24-hour order line answered by Karla or Legacy By Mail, Inc.’s answering service.
  • Fax and e-mail capabilities.
  • Warehouse space to house the BCSA items.
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Discover capabilities.
  • Daily UPS pickup service (including full tracking of mailed orders).
  • Access to multiple sizes of boxes and shipping envelopes.
  • Checks received for BCSA items would be forwarded to the BCSA Treasurer on a weekly basis.
Since the BCSA Store would be sharing some of Legacy By Mail’s services (i.e., credit card processing and shipping supplies), BCSA would be required to:
  • Pay 3% on all credit card charges (processing company charge), such amount to be deducted from weekly check submitted to BCSA Treasurer for checks received for BCSA items.
  • Allow Legacy By Mail to retain shipping/handling charges to cover expenses of such.
AKC Scoreboard: AKC was contacted about the possibility of producing a report on Border Collies in conformation, agility, obedience, and herding.  AKC can produce a quarterly/yearly report with such statistics; however, the cost is $7,000 a year.  Instead, Linda Kipp has agreed to maintain the Agility Scoreboard, Linda Rand and Helen Phillips will maintain the Scoreboard, and Nancy Little will continue to maintain the Obedience Scoreboard.

Proposed BC Standard: A suggestion was submitted to the board that it devote a  portion of Borderlines to the proposed changes to the AKC standard, including the current standard, proposed standard, UK standard, FCI standard, and Australia/NZ's standards to serve as reference points.  It was further suggested that all comments received regarding the proposed changes (both positive and negative) be included.


CEA Research:  A letter was received from the AKC Canine Health Foundation requesting BCSA’s support of a portion of Greg Ackland's proposal to identify markers for CEA.  The CHF has already sent the proposal out for review and has received appropriate scientific scores and approval for funding by the board of CHF for $20,000.

The proposed grant is for $60,000 over three years.  It is believed that AKC CHF has also asked the Collie Club of America and the Australian Shepard Club of America to help fund Dr. Ackand's project.  Our interest should therefore be in the vicinity of 33%.  The AKC CHF provides a 50% matching fund so the fiscal burden to the three clubs should be $10,000 each.  AKC is therefore asking BCSA to consider donating $5,000 a year for three years.  Money contributed by BCSA will go into the foundation – not directly to Cornell (the Foundation’s reserves will cover the costs).

The board approved committing $5,000 to support this CEA research project this year with additional support dependent on our financial capability in future years.

Rescue Request: A donation request was received by a BCSA member to help the British who are abandoning, killing, or taking to their Border Collies to animal shelters due to the farming crisis in that country.  Although it was agreed this was a somber situation, the board felt there was much to be done in the United States to help the Border Collie and that donations should be devoted accordingly.

AKC’s Complete Dog Book:  Ronald Rella has asked each parent club to submit names of individuals who would act as liaisons in helping the AKC revise The Complete Dog Book.  Janet Larson has been appointed by the board to serve in that role for the BCSA.

Terry Kenney Award:  Shirley and Terry Kenney submitted a proposal to Kelly Whiteman to offer trophy buckles for the High Scoring Ch. B/C on "B" course for Started, Intermediate, and Advanced at this year’s Specialty.  Stipulations include:  the dogs must be a Champion prior to the specialty events, and all AKC rules governing who may run a course are adhered to.  It was also requested that the trophies/buckles be presented at the General Meeting.

The board agreed that the General Meeting was not appropriate as it would then require other presentations be allowed, thus taking up a substantial amount of time that needs to be directed to club business.  In addition, the Specialty Banquet already includes numerous presentations.  It was therefore suggested, and Terry agreed, to award the trophies/buckles at the Herding Trial.

Policies & Procedures:  Nancy Little and Linda Koutsky submitted to the board a first draft of the Policies & Procedures table of contents and proposed format and requested suggestions on changes to the proposed outline.  They will then take the suggestions, make changes, and send the notebook to the various committee chairs for review.

Show Request: The board approved a request from The Highland Border Collie Club to use BCSA’s name in conjunction with their support of the 4-day Mission Show circuit held over Memorial Day weekend in 2000.  The Highland Border Collie Club will provide all trophies and will be allowed input in the judging selection for Border Collies.


The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • Linda & Peter Brookes (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    24, Vernon Avenue, Hillmorton
    Rugby, Warks  CV22 SHL. U.K.
    0044 1788 335559

  • Denise Aylesworth (sponsored by Mark Buckmaster)
    2150 County Road 105
    Brundidge, AL  36010
    (334) 735-5636

  • Barbara Petty (sponsored by Judy Ann Boles)
    1841 S. Yuma Street
    Salt Lake City, UT  84108
    (801) 486-7023

  • Lisa L. Weeks (sponsored by Sandra Shults)
    2120 E. Spring Street,  #2
    Tucson, AZ  85719
    (520) 319-2574

  • Nicky and Bob Riehl (sponsored by Ann Smart)
    975 Llagas Road
    Morgan Hill, CA  95037
    (408) 779-3635

  • Kathie Raap (sponsored by Cindy Brick)
    5708 Highway 13-73
    Vesper, WI  54489
    (715) 569-3929

  • Betty A. Swenson, DVM (sponsored by Judith Edwards)
    5904 Ridge Road
    Richmond, VA  23227-1933
    (804) 553-1227

  • Michael and Janet Wagner (sponsored by Janine Jordan)
    32309 Blacksmith Street
    Lakemoor, IL  60050
    (815) 363-6903

  • Paulena-Renee Hope (sponsored by Kelli Mothersbaugh)
    1095 Sacramento Court
    Sykesville , MD  21784
    (410) 552-4422

  • Jaymie and Mark Briggs (sponsored by Deborah Hotze)
    919 Mulberry Lane
    Streamwood, IL  60107
    (630) 830-9092

  • Connie Weller (sponsored by Betty Belliveau)
    29 Jordan Road
    Plymouth, MA  02360
    (508) 747-5755

  • Donna M. and Jeff P. Logan (sponsored by Kathleen Flynn)
    W9674  770th Avenue
    River Falls, WI  54022
    (715) 426-5723

  • Virginia and Woods McRoy (sponsored by Mark Buckmaster)
    1041 Chateau Drive
    Helena, AL  35080
    (205) 663-5967 home
    (205) 663-0529 work

  • Margaret (Penny) Steinberg (sponsored by Deborah Hotze)
    1740 Sedgwick Street
    Chicago, IL  60614
    (312) 202-0820

  • Dorothy M. Schmidt (sponsored by Scott Knight)
    5955 N. 124th Street
    Milwaukee, WI  53225-2102
    (414) 358-1649

  • Sonya L. Eisele (sponsored by Debbie Spence)
    721 Woodland Court
    Kennedale, TX  76060
    (817) 478-8814

  • Danette L. Phelps (sponsored by Emily Czapek)
    4800 N. 75th Road
    Plymouth, IL  62367
    (309) 458-6484

  • Thomas Victor and Rebecca S. Cole (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    116 Quarters
    Quantico, VA  22134
    (703) 630-9648

  • Rebecca and David Hafer (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    3601 Perkiomen Avenue
    Reading, PA  19606
    (610) 370-2601

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence BCSA Secretary



BCSA Rescue & Health Foundation: The board views the function of a BCSA Rescue & Health Foundation as one that  reviews and funds proposals for BC rescue, health, education, and other relevant projects.  Rescue proposals will be funded on a merit basis and must include documentation that the rescue group submitting the proposal meets a specified set of criteria established by BCSA (or the Foundation).  These criteria would be considered by those active in rescue as those which define a well organized, effective rescue group.  Criteria for funding health-related proposals (i.e., the CEA project) will be determined at a later date.  It was recommended by Richard Whorton that the board move forward in setting up the BCSA Rescue & Health Foundation, and he submitted to the board for consideration a proposed framework based upon discussion with several people.

 Janet Lewis has volunteered to donate 20% of the profits from any future seminars she gives once the Foundation is in place and also offered to sit on the board of the Foundation.

BC Store: The board approved Karla Kimmey to set up and manage the BC Store.


Annual General Meeting: Although the premium list announces the Annual General Meeting to be held at the Specialty, it was also noted that, according to our By-Laws, the Secretary is to mail a notifications to all club members in good standing.

Judges’ Request: The board agreed that the club would pay for an additional night’s stay for the three obedience judges so they may attend the banquet.

Educational Information: The board approved funding 200 copies of an educational leaflet for tracking at the Specialty.

Back Taxes: The Club has received an invoice for back taxes owed in 1997.

Treasurer’s Report: Kim Augustine made a motion that, effective September 1, 1999, each issue of Borderlines must contain a Treasurer’s Report that includes a complete numerical breakdown of all transactions and a complete accounting of all balances made since the previous report.  She further moved that the Board of Directors of the BCSA must submit to the membership each year in the first installment of Borderlines for that year a proposed budget for the coming year.  If the proposed budget is not delivered, then all reimbursement and authorization of expenditures by the BCSA will be placed on hold until such time as the budget is presented to the membership.  Helen Phillips seconded the motion, and Richard Whorton, Janet Lewis, Terry Wise-Hammond, and Debbie Spence voted in favor.

Specialty Budget: It has been suggested that future Specialty Chairs be required to submit a proposed budget before the Specialty is approved and funds released for such.

AKC Executive Field Representative: Mr. John Wade, a new AKC Executive Field Rep, will be attending this year’s Specialty.  In addition, he has been asked to speak on the AKC Judging Application Process on Sunday.

Secretary’s Resignation: Due to work load and personal time commitments, Debbie Spence submitted her resignation effective when a replacement was found.  Richard Whorton nominated Linda Baron to replace Debbie effective September 1st, and Kim Augustine, Helen Phillips, Janet Lewis, and Terry Wise-Hammond voted in favor.

Versatility Title: Questions regarding interpretation of the requirements for the Versatility Title have arisen from the membership and are being discussed by the board.


The following new members have been voted on and approved by the board:

  • David Zelitzky (sponsored by Janice DeMello)
    122 S. Sweetzer Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA  90048
    (323) 782-8015

  • Vicki Thompson (sponsored by Terry Wise Hammond)
    6855 Hillsboro House Springs Road
    Cedar Hill, MO  63016
    (314) 285-5624

  • Dr. Kimberly Green and Dr. Lois Rifner (sponsored by Lynne O’Keefe)
    Post Office Box 213
    Bedford, IN  47421-0213
    (812) 275-7765

  • Elaine B. LeRoy (sponsored by Linda Koutsky)
    1375 Watts Road
    Forest Park, GA  30297
    (404) 363-6309

  • Patricia Kerschner (sponsored by Paige Joyner)
    235 Alpha Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40218
    (502) 499-5568

  • Paula Bombard (sponsored by Suzanne Mayborne)
    6665 Cribbins Road
    Avoca, MI  48006
    (810) 324-9003

  • Diane M. and Doug Lynch (sponsored by Ann Smart)
    4228 Comet Circle
    Union City, CA  94587
    (510) 429-8801

  • Stephen W. Scott and Kami Renee Bahr (sponsored by Tonya Levy)
    3531 Court Street
    Sioux City, IA  51104
    (712) 258-5924

  • Sandie Hanlon (sponsored by Betty Belliveau)
    11 Kings Grant Road
    Westboro, MA  01581
    (508) 836-2293

  • Dodie Green (sponsored by Kay Guetzloff)
    Post Office Box 186
    Buckeye, AZ  85326
    (623) 386-3231

  • Ann Broadwell and Thomas R. Adams (sponsored by Tonya Levy)
    176 Valdeflores Drive
    Burlingame, CA  94010
    (650) 348-0870

  • Jon Canfield and Aimee Merkel (sponsored by Helen Phillips)
    3241 Goldeneye Place
    Superior, CO  80027
    (303) 499-9524

  • Chris Zink (sponsored by Helen Phillips)
    5811 Hunt Club Road
    Elkridge, MD  21075
    (410) 955-9770

  • Linda Cole & Penny Weingartner (sponsored by Deanne Veselka)
    9338 Twin Hills Drive
    Houston, TX  77031-1012
    (713) 773-3327

  • Sherry Frerichs (sponsored by Emily Czapek)
    5510 W. Dietrich Lane
    Bartonville, Il  61607
    (309) 697-5321

  • Donna Kaufmann (sponsored by Marilyn Heinisch)
    2206 Phillips Road
    Huntsville, AL  35810
    (256) 852-1576

  • James A. & Jimmy Maritz (sponsored by Joyce Norris)
    30 Fair Oaks
    St. Louis, MO.  63124
    (314) 692-8861

  • Denise Morris (sponsored by Terry Wise Hammond)
    3954 Squire Lakes Drive
    North Vernon, IN  47265
    (812) 346-7897

  • Kathy Sours (sponsored by Kay Rieff)
    3821 W. Charter Oak Road
    Peoria, IL  61615
    (309) 693-9331

  • Audrey and Sarah Tracey (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    204 Bolton Road
    Harvard, MA  01451
    (978) 456-8334

  • Pamela S. & Ronald W. Voorhees (sponsored by Robyn Powley)
    2500 Oak Grove Drive
    Plano, TX  75074
    (972) 422-7373

  • Adrienne & Warren Williams (sponsored by Janet E. Larson)
    121 Sherwood Lane
    Burnt Hills, NM  12027
    (518) 399-4133

  • Peggy Timms (sponsored by Janine Jordan)
    308 Dalton Avenue
    Mundelein, IL  60060
    (847) 566-7829  

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Spence BCSA Secretary


Nancy Little submitted a draft of the table of contents for Policy and Procedures notebook. Linda Koutsky helped solicit input from various parent clubs. Each Board member would have their own notebook. Nancy suggested that there be a person that is responsible for each section or subsection of this manual and asked for any suggestions on changes to this outline. The BCSA board has seen this draft and Nancy has made modifications based on their input. She is now asking the committee members to give her input in their sections or on anything else in this review.

Emily Czapek sent a draft of our two brochures, "Border Collie Activities" and "The Border Collie: Energy Machine" for review and approval.

The requirements of the Versatility Title were discussed and the board tabled further discussion until after the specialty.

Richard Whorton has submitted his resignation as BCSA President effective September 29,1999. Kim Augustine asked the Board for suggestions for Vice President.

Davida Dzierla has resigned as breeder referral chairman.

Kate Nehring has resigned as advertising chairman.

Ann Smart has asked that we amend our membership application process so that she doesn't have to continually return outdated membership applications and so that candidates who want to apply don't have to send applications all over the place to be signed. What this will do is make sure everyone gets the current standardized application form from Ann and will give sponsors an opportunity to support an application without the candidate having to mail the application to the sponsor first.

Highland Border Collie Club of Southern California and Border Collie Rescue of California has asked for "Problems of Tattoos and Microchips" to be on the agenda at the BCSA Annual Meeting.

The board has decided to have a meeting on Thursday Oct 14 sometime in the evening at the Ramada Inn to discuss an agenda for the Annual Meeting. Robyn Powley has been asked to submit a complete treasurer's report at this time for review by the board.

The postcard sent out to announce the annual meeting inadvertently gave the date as Friday, Oct 16, instead of Friday, Oct 15. Kim asked the board for suggestions on how to rectify this situation.

Applications submitted to the Board Sept. 13, 1999

Tracey Cotter, sponsored by Maureen Tobias
 PO Box 130 Westcourt, Cairns 4870 QW Australia    Fidelis4bcs@primus.com.au
Lee Olson, sponsored by Helen Phillips
 3230 N. Meadowbrook Dr. Flagstaff, AZ 86004 (520)526-   8729 maxdout@infomagic.com
Kim DePanfilis, sponsored by Linda M. Mooradian
 117 Short Woods Road New Fairfield, CT 06812-2711 (203)   746-5033
Jasmine C. Catlin and Trevor W. Lyon, sponsored by Jeff Freshour
 3449 Poplar Dr. 3450 Kennesaw, GA 30144
 (770) 419-9359 jcatlin86@aol.com
Louise Wetzel, sponsored by Judith M. Duck
 79-78 78th Avenue Glendale, NY 11385 (718) 386-3083    Dragonfiredogs@worldnet.att.net
Applications submitted to the Board Sept. 20, 1999
Beverly Weaver, sponsored by Jennifer L. Lewis
 5236 Hardy Overland Park, KS 66202
 (913) 362-3397 Deeogeedog@aol.com
Teresa and Donald Gwynne, sponsored by Wynnette Amason.
 4807 Rimrock Court,  Arlington, TX 76017-3112
  (817) 572-6628, dgwynne@unicomp.net
Marcia J. Banks, sponsored by Nancy Little
 5725 Bloomington Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55417

Respectfully submitted, Linda Baron, Secretary


SECRETARY'S REPORT - October 13,1999  - Grey Summit, MO

President, Kim Augustine, presiding. Board members present included: Robyn Powley, Joyce Herie, Janet Lewis, Helen Phillips Terry Hammond, Linda Baron, Guests included: Linda Rand, Ronni DeLay, Bobbie Farquhar, Barbara Palmer, Kelly Whiteman.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: The secretary's minutes of the September board meeting were read and approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Robyn Powley distributed a paper showing the current balance of monies received and distributed since her term in office which began January 1st and has lasted nine months. Robyn went over the report with board members and explained several items in response to member questions. Robyn stated that Barbara Palmer has been very helpful in setting up the books for good record keeping.
Several methods for increasing revenue were discussed and included having fund raisers and an increase in dues. The board determined that the budget needed to be tightened up and that all committee chairs will be required to submit a budget which must be approved by the board. Committee members should be given a list of written terms and conditions. A suggestion was made to give each budget an authorization number which must be included an submitted bills in order for payment to be made. It is recommended that contractors be asked to submit bills in a timely manner. A copy of the contract should be sent to the treasurer so that she will know what incoming bills to expect.
The board would like to see an effort made to cover future specialty expenses by donations. Robyn explained that we have not had an actual audit of the books, but a review, the results of which were inconclusive due to the fact that many items did not have a receipt. Ronnie said that she thought that a canceled check was all that would be needed. An audit could cost the club between $5,000 and $10,000, while the review cost the club only $350 to $450. The board discussed if we could afford an audit and if we needed one.
The question was raised of what had the board specified last year, an audit or review, and who could do it, such as a club member. An audit would require a lot of data and tests and the material to do this may not be available. The board stated that they believed that there had been no illegal activity, but that we needed somehow to get the books and records straight.
The board decided that treasurers reports should be on a monthly basis and also we should have a yearly review. This will be published in Borderlines, as will the yearly IRS returns. The Treasurer's report will be broken down into specific items. We will look at a target budget with projections and then our goal will be to meet our budget.
Phone cards were discussed and these expenses should be included in committee budgets. There was a question of who got phone cards and what they are used for. Robyn explained that they are used by committee members who need to make phone calls from work. The board decided that all checks needed a second signature and Kim Augustine will be the second signatory. The Treasurer's report ended with a statement by the board that no single person is responsible for the condition of the books at this time. A motion was made to approve the Treasurer's report. Seconded and passed.

• National Specialty Report
by Kelly Whiteman 1) We need to determine if we need to reinstate the registration fee. 2) We need better communications between chairs 3) We need to look at all the committees and study the costs. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report. Passed
• Rescue Committee
There have been only 40 tickets sold for the Rescue Dinner on Saturday and Rescue would like everyone to advertise and promote the dinner.

 "V" awards and the requirements were discussed. Janet Lewis moved to review the requirements of the versatility awards and have changes submitted by January 1,2000. The changes could be submitted to the board and to a committee which would be headed by Linda Rand. Helen seconded and motion passed.

The board decided that we can not afford to give members who join and pay in July a free years membership for the following year. All memberships will be due at the same time.
We need an attorney to look over our bylaws. Robyn moved that we appoint a Constitutional Oversight Committee to do this. The motion was seconded and approved.
The board will now meet once per month.
Robyn moved that we should have an attorney on retainer. Janet seconded and the motion passed.
The presentation of two "V" awards was brought up and discussed. Janet Lewis moved that since ambiguities exist in the present form of the "V" award, that we go toward the charitable way and award two V's that have been submitted. The motion was seconded and passed.
The order of board meetings was discussed and they will be run by Roberts Rules. The legality of voting by e-mail was discussed . AKC will be consulted in this matter. Bobbie Farquhar suggested that we obtain a OneList ballot site and Kim Augustine said she would set this up.
The last ballot that was sent to the members was determined to be illegal since a ballot and envelope were not sent for each member in a household.
Janet Lewis made a motion that a Financial Committee be established to oversee the club's budget, expenses and income. This committee will work in conjunction with the treasurer. The committee will oversee all club finances and give a quarterly report. Robyn seconded the motion and it was passed.
Helen Phillips moved that the ad rates for Borderlines be increased. The new rates would be nonmember ads $100 for a full page and member ads $80 for a full page. These rates will be effective January 1,2000. The motion was seconded by Janet Lewis and passed. Robyn Powley made a motion that club dues be increased to $50 for a household and $40 for a single membership. Rates would be raised accordingly for overseas memberships. Janet Lewis seconded and the motion was passed.
The board discussed if we could specify that a bill had to be submitted by a certain time or it would not be paid. The legality of this was questioned and it was decided that all would work to submit bills and contracts promptly.

New Business
Ronnie DeLay has resigned as our registered agent for the club. The agent needs to live in Kentucky. Terry Hammond volunteered to be the agent. Robyn moved that Terry be the registered agent. Seconded and passed.
Terry moved that the meeting be adjourned. Seconded and passed.

Respectfully Submitted  Linda Baron BCSA Secretary


Guests from the AKC were introduced.

Kim Augustine opened the meeting and told the members that since the quorum was challenged as illegal, we would  run this meeting in accordance with the original club rules about voting which is a simple majority of club members present until it could be determined the legality of this issue.

Duane Loomis will be the Parliamentarian for the meeting and Scott Wilhelm will act as Sergeant-at-Arms.

Secretary's Report
The minutes of the last AGM, taken by April Quist, were read and approved.

Treasurer's Report
    Robyn Powley submitted a compilation report of the last nine months since she has been treasurer. The report includes sales in all categories and operating expenses. This report does not include the 1999 National Specialty.  A complete financial report will be published in the January issue of Borderlines. The report also did not include monthly expense reports since she has been treasurer or the balance on our Visa account.
    Robyn reported that we are spending more than we are taking in. We are still receiving bills for the 1998 National Specialty. The National Specialties take in a large amount of money which makes it seem as though we have a good account, but there is also a large outgo. We need to reinstate the registration fee. We are having problems with authorization of expenses and obligating monies without prior approval.
     Kim Bradford asked about beginning and ending balances. Robyn replied that we (currently) have $15,700 in a money management and $22,000 in a checking account. Robyn said the board has recommended raising dues to $50 household and $40 single membership. Borderlines ads will be raised to $100 for a nonmember full page ad and $80 for a member ad.
    Laura Tomaszewski asked what steps the board was taking to alleviate this problem. Robyn said that the board will form a Financial Review Committee which will do quarterly reviews in association with the treasurer. We will also plan fund raisers. Robyn stated that our bylaws direct the books to be turned over within 30 days after a new treasurer is elected and an audit is to take place which would cost $5000 to $10,000, so a review was done at the cost of $350 . The results were inconclusive due to lack of receipts. Robyn has asked Barbara Palmer to help straighten out the books. Robyn stated that good records are a matter of receipts and pre-authorization numbers. In the past, we have had many oral contracts. From now on, all contracts must be written. The club will be happy to take suggestions from members with financial expertise.
     Ann Marie Silverton asked about the editorial fee given to the publisher of Borderlines, Helen Phillips. Helen receives $500 per issue and, after discussion, it was deemed that this is an expense that is warranted. The expense seems to be one incurred by many dog clubs
    Emily Czapek asked about the use of phone cards as far as eligibility to use one. This will be assessed by the board.
Emily suggested that at this point in time the club refrain from further spending until the books are straightened out and we are sure of our financial status. All spending must have board approval and an authorization number must be assigned by the board. The board will spend money on operating expenses only. Communication must be maintained with all club members in regard to our financial statements. Barb Hoursey inquired about the 1997 tax returns and about the cost of the penalty and the accountant's fee. Ronni DeLay explained that when she was treasurer, she did not realize that once we had monies that amounted to over $25,000, that we were required to file a return, even though the money would be spent to pay bills within a short period of time.
Barbara Hoursey inquired about the Visa processing fee. Many clubs offer this service and it was a board decision to have this. It will give us added income from people who may use it for entries and it is good for international travelers
    Other clubs' editorial fees were discussed and the fee paid to our editor is reasonable. Ronnie DeLay stated that the amount of time and effort is worth the small fee paid. Emily Czapek stated that Borderlines is a quality production and that costs money. Bob Tainsh said no one else volunteered when Helen wanted to resign. We could use articles by volunteers.


•  Health Committee
The health committee was represented by Bob Tainsh who has resigned but will stay until someone else volunteers to take his position. Thanks to Deanna Vaselka for the health survey that she sent out. We need more response as only about 100 have been returned. Some people did not remember getting a survey and it was suggested that it be put on line.
Bob reported on several health issues that seem to be prominent in Border Collies. They are hypoparathyroidism and metabolic acidosis

• Herding Committee
The herding chair is Claudia Frank who spoke about the Herding Instinct Program. Money taken in goes to pay for rental and insurance so other venues could be used and the results sent to Claudia There are changes in the AKC Herding Program and comments should be sent to Larry Sisson by November 1.
Claudia is making handouts containing information on herding
Ronni De Lay asked if we could charge a fee for the herding instinct certificate but this is done by volunteers and there is no fee.
Claudia was asked about the minimum age for obtaining a herding instinct certificate as it was six months but it is now nine months Claudia said this was a typographical error.

• Standard Committee
Ronni DeLay stated that the committee was accepting suggestions The new standard will be presented with the old and new side by side, paragraph by paragraph with reasons for the change stated and a yes or no vote beside each change.

• Versatility Program.
Linda Rand stated that the board wished to form a committee to study changes to the present requirements.

• Breeder Referral Committee
Davida Dzierla has resigned and a new chair is needed

• Border Recorder and Registry of Merit
The Border Recorder of 1998 has sold enough copies that any others sold will be profit. It was suggested that we do a new Recorder every four years. We should begin collecting information in 2001 for a new Recorder to be published in 2002. The Registry of Merit will be based on versatility, including herding and performance.

• General Education
Emily Czapek reported that the brochure "The Border Collie" is ready to be distributed to the public. Another brochure," The Border Collie Starting Out" will be ready soon and consists of basic training facts.

• Judges Education
The first program was here at Purina.  The AKC has stopped production of the video on Border Collies. Robyn will check with AKC to see why. Judges education needs to include herding and volunteers are needed to show herding to judges at homes and to talk about the breed in general, not just about your own dogs.   We have been approached by other herding clubs about the way we are doing judges education.

• Borderlines
Volunteers are needed for the Scoreboard. Scott Luckin asked about the way USBCHA results are published and suggested that people send in their score sheets in order to have their results counted. Nancy Keller stated that it is important for members to become actively involved in Novice and Pro-Novice and publishing the results is a good idea.

• Rescue
Bobby Farquhar asked everyone to please support their local rescue group and to talk to other breeders about rescue.  Barbara asked about national rescue for our club. We do not have one group for BCSA, but we will give grants to the existing rescue groups. Laura Tomaszewski made a motion that we use the breeder referral list, which was seconded and passed

    Sheila Conant moved that the $25 registration fee be reinstated for the national specialty. This motion was seconded and passed

  • Scott Wilhelm moved that the standard of the country of origin be included as an option when the new standard is presented. The motion was seconded and passed

  • It was moved that general meetings not be in conflict with any event and be held in the early evening. This motion was seconded and passed.

  • Frank Bayliss moved that a preferential list of judges from all elements be selected by the club every five years and the show committee will choose judges based on the list and availability. The motion was seconded and passed.

  • Rose Bedford moved that committee reports be submitted in writing before the general meeting so that people can read them before the meeting begins. This did not need to be voted on as it is already part of Roberts Rules.

  • Bob Tainsh moved that you use Purina for all future specialties and that we will give Purina one year notice, if we decide to move. Ronnie DeLay seconded and the motion was passed.

  • Barb moved that we contact Purina and send a letter to them thanking them for the offer and also to thank them for allowing us to use the site.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Baron BCSA Secretary


Mailing/Posting of Minutes from Last meeting

Report of Secretary: Letters were sent to Ms Robyn Powley requesting that she send copies of bills and bank statements to board members. Several emails were sent and received regarding breeder referral.

Report of Treasurer: Xerox copies of bank statements were sent to each board member.

Report of Committees: Kim asked that we postpone the committee reports till the next meeting.

Unfinished Business
Club Finances: Janet move that we have a certified public accountant look at the financial information presented to the board of directors by our treasurer. Terry seconded Helen spoke to Steve Hittesdorf, of the Accounting firm Harding and Hittesdorf. He explained that examining books was a three-tiered process.The first one is when they just look at what you've got. A review is the second level. An audit is the third. The reason a full audit is so expensive is that the CPA becomes a sort of detective and must track down missing information, once he determines what it is. Steve said that he would be happy to look at our books/information and advise us of exactly what we needed to do, without charge. He will not perform a review or audit without charge but at least tell us where we are and what we need.

Bylaws: Janet moved that the board continue to conduct business under the 1999 bylaws. Helen seconded Kim talked with Mike Liosis at AKC about the by-laws and the challenge made by member Ronni Delay and he assures me that our 99 By-laws still stand. There is no need for a vote on these By-Laws.

BCSA National 2000: Janet moved that we suspend contracting any further services for the specialty until we can look at our finances and ascertain that we will be able to pay for whatever services we must fund in advance. For future Specialties it is stated that the following must be sent to the board:.

  • A complete tentative schedule presented to the board
  • All contracts in writing
  • Need to require that each chair under the show chair sign some form of contract stating that they will not enter into a contract without the permission of the show chair
  • The show chair must sign a contract that ail contracts must be presented to the board for approval
  • Decide now whose rooms are paid for at the national and put that in writing
Membership Chair: The board voted to accept the appointment of Laura Tomaszewski as membership chair In order that we proceed to the business of collecting money as soon as possible, Helen moved that we accept the following as our dues schedule for the year 2000. Terry Hammond seconded.  
  • Single USA Membership - $40
  • Family USA Membership - $50
  • Canadian Membership $45/55
  • British Membership $55/65
  • Australian Membership $60/70
Breeder Referral Chair: The board voted to accept Becky Beckman as breeder referral chair

New Business
Committee appointments review: Kim suggested that instead of taking nominations for committee members we need to put the positions we have out to the membership and ask for volunteers and open this club back up to all the members. The financial committee should be included on this however given that we do need this ASAP the board voted to have Wayne Koutsky , a CPA ) head, that committee. Helen said that if we put out a notice in our letter asking for volunteers for committee positions, we ought to include something that asks for their qualifications to serve on the committee such as past experience or job experience

Policy Handbook: Nancy Little is still working on this.

Fund raising: We need to go ahead with a store for BCSA.

Phone Cards: The board agreed that phone cards should not be used . The phone cards that are already bought may be used but a record of use should be kept

Important Documents: A question of where should important paperwork be kept was brought up Helen moved that we secure a safe deposit box to be maintained by the secretary. Terry seconded. The board than voted to do this.

V Awards: Kim asked that the vote we took at the national on awarding the V be reconsidered.Then board than voted to not award two V's that had been applied for since these dogs do not meet the present requirements for a "V" The vote was unanimous except for Terry Hammond The board will discuss ways to improve and simplify the guidelines for a Versatility title.

Miscellaneous: The following were voted upon and passed unanimously by the board:

  • Suspend contracting services for the Specialty until we can look at our financial statement
  • Have Kim Augustine as a second signature on all bank accounts
  • Give the President permission to rework the Standard Committee
  • Print the 1998 tax returns in Borderlines
  • Have all chairs and officers sign a contract relating to financial obligations
  • Allow the Membership chair to not offer VISA as payment The following were approved by the board with the voting as noted
Other items voted on:
  • Uphold the 99 Bylaws Yes. All except Terry Hammond
  • Have only the Specialty Chair enter into contracts Yes all except Janet Lewis
  • Have all trophies presented at the Specialty be donated Yes all except Janet Lewis and Terry Hammond
  • Require tracking at the Specialty to cover all their expenses. Yes all except Janet Lewis and Linda Baron.
Respectfully Submitted Linda Baron, BCSA Recording Secretary


Treasurers Report: The treasurer has not supplied a report for this month. Robyn Powley was instructed to do so in her mail ballot, faxed to remind her to supply it on December 5 by the secretary.

Secretary's Report: President  Kim Augustine instructed the Membership chair to precede with dues renewal based on the approval via Nov. ballot of the 99 Bylaws and her appointment. The Secretary has at the President's instruction sent a certified letter to treasurer, Robyn Powley, asking for the books to be delivered to Wayne Koutsky CPA by Jan 10 , 2000 (based on the Nov ballots vote) to call for an audit of the BCSA books and the approval of Wayne Koutsky as financial committee chair. The  Secretary has sent out request for committee reports and will send all committee chairs the committee report form that was enclosed and adopted in the Nov. ballot. BCSA chairs and officers will be informed in writing that they may no longer use phone cards and the treasure has been told to cease further purchase of phone cards this is in accordance with the BCSA vote to discard the use of phone cards. November ballots will be sent to all Board members with the results marked. Robyn Powley was the only board member who did not return the last ballot.

Old Business

Specialty 2000: We are still working with AKC to determine how the club will interpret Larry Sisson’s motion that herding be separate. The majority of the board felt that it should be interpreted as having its own secretary, Karen Hall, reports that some trophies still need to be sent to us from the vendor, but they are being held because the bill has not been paid. Karen has been asked to provide a list of trophies with their cost and what trophies were given out and which are left over.

Versatilty Awards: Board members were asked what changes do you feel should be made in the V award.
Suggestions included:

  • Dropping the CGC,TDI
  • No points for duplicate titles from different organixations such as AKC/UKC CD
  • Specify two majors OR Champion as one point for V
  • Use a point system for some or all levels
  • Use 1 point for 3 majors and I point for a Champion
BCSA Store: Discussions continued on how to get the BC store up and working. Suggestions included: Set up a web page to advertise the items. Look at tax implications. List inventory. Seed with money. Find someone willing to take orders and in general, keep up with the store

New Business:

Standard Committee: The board is considering approval Betty Belliveau to head the standard committee. I have been involved with Border Collies since 1984. Betty writes   "I showed in obedience only until Border Collies were recognized by the AKC.  I have completed two U.D. border collies, and another with her C.D.X.  Since AKC recognition, I have finished breed championships on three of my own and have bred two that are Champions and one that is an OTCH.  I also have completed the H.S. title on two of my champions as well as Agility Excellent titles and various level titles in JWW and NADAC. I judged sweeps at the 98 Nationals.  I have also judged sweeps at a Shetland Sheepdog specialty.  I do some handling of border collies and shelties for clients.  I teach obedience (both privately and for clubs and training centers), agility, puppy kindergarten, and breed handling.  I have also assisted in the rescue of several border collies. I have also chaired obedience for sheltie specialties and matches and judged obedience at all-breed matches. "The board unanimously voted to appoint Betty except for Robyn Powley who did not vote.

Constitution and By-Laws Chair: The board approved John Yaquinta as constitution and by-laws chair. He has been a chair for his kennel club and has experience in this field. The board voted to appoint John except for Robyn Powley who did not vote.

BCSA Sponsored Events: Board members were asked to give thoughts on having "groups" wishing to use BCSA sponsorship for an event. Do they need to be a BCSA affiliated club formed under AKC club guidelines? Or, could it be a group of people wishing to produce such an event but do not have a formal  club? Should  BCSA charge a small fee per exhibitor for the use of the BCSA insurance, logo etc. by affiliate club. Suggestions from the board included.

  • The clubs should be affiliated with BCSA.
    The clubs should pay or donate a fee
Respectfully Submitted Linda Baron

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