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ELECTION: 2016 National Specialty Judges

Below are the nominations for the final slate of Judges for the 2016 National Specialty.

Please vote for up to two (2) candidates for Conformation (National and Parent Club Specialty), one (1) candidate for Conformation Sweepstakes, up to two (2) candidates each for Obedience and Agility and up to four (4) candidates for Herding. The candidates with the most votes in each venue will be selected to judge at the National Specialty Show. The Conformation candidate with the second most votes will be selected to judge at the Parent Club Specialty.

Suzanne LeRoy - Chair, BCSA Judge Selection Committee

  • CLOSED - JUDGE eVOTE -- Opens 11/15/15, 12am EST - Closes 12/15/15, 12am EST.  Early or late votes will not be counted.

  • Full members may vote for each candidate once, multiple votes for the same candidate will not be counted. 

  • BCSA ELECTION POLICY: The four finalists selected for Conformation (National and Parent Club Specialty combined), Obedience, and Agility; the three finalists selected for Sweepstakes and the six finalists selected for Herding will be posted on BCSA Announce and the BCSA Website, along with their biographies. Concurrently, the names of the judge nominees in each venue with the most nomination votes from the General Membership shall be posted on BCSA Announce and the BCSA Website, along with the number of votes they received. The General Membership will then vote for two candidates for Conformation (National and Parent Club Specialty), one candidate for Conformation Sweepstakes, two candidates for Obedience and Agility, and four candidates for Herding. The candidates with the most votes in each venue will be selected to judge at the National Specialty Show. The Conformation candidate with the second most votes will be selected to judge at the Parent Club Specialty. The vote will occur online, and will be held by the Treasurer until the close of voting, tallied by the BCSA Treasurer and Chair of the Judge Selection Committee, and reported to the Board of Directors. In the event of a tie vote, the Judge Selection Committee will arrange for a straw vote, the details to be approved beforehand by the President.

AGILITY - Four judges on slate
  • Katherine Rudolph

  • Candy Nettles 

  • Tom Slattery 

  • Lori Sage

Katherine Rudolph

I have owned golden retrievers since 1992 and have been competing in agility since 2000. What started as “something that looked like fun” has literally changed the direction of my life. Over the years my Goldens have earned 13 MACH/PACH titles, Golden Retriever Club of America Agility Hall of Fame and Top 20 honors, and a finish in the top 10 at the AKC National Championship. My love for golden retrievers led me to become a breeder; my love of the sport of agility led me to become an agility instructor and an AKC agility judge. In 2012 I was honored to judge the Top 20 Challenge at that year’s Border Collie Specialty. As was reflected in that year’s international style courses, my courses give both the dog and the handler room to run. As I often say, I don’t put anything in my courses that I wouldn’t be comfortable running my own dogs on. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see you in September!

Candy Nettles

AKC Agility Judge # 70579
I live in Elmer, Oklahoma. My husband and I live on a small cattle ranch, with several cattle, 6 horses, 1 donkey, 1 cat, 7 Labrador Retrievers, and 2 rescues.

I began, as so many of us did, in obedience. My first AKC obedience trial was in Bermuda, in 1965. At that time I had a Lhasa Apso, and yes, we got our first leg. Thus began my enthusiasm for training and showing my dogs. I have continued to train and show my dogs in obedience.

In 1997, while living in Chattanooga, TN, I owned a very exuberant Labrador Retriever, and a friend of mine suggested I think about taking her to agility classes. I had not become familiar with the sport, and went to watch a trial in Harriman, TN. I knew immediately that I would love the sport, and signed up for agility classes that next Monday.

My first agility trial, was a USDAA trial in Coleman, Alabama in 1998. We did not qualify, but we still placed and got a ribbon and toy, so I was hooked. I believe I have entered at least one trial every month since that day, and have run 6 Labs.

My judging career began in 2008. I have loved every minute of it, and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, and their dogs, from across the country. I especially enjoy, watch handlers with new dogs in Novice and Open, and then judging them again, a year or two later; and seeing what terrific teams they have developed into.

Tom Slattery

Tom lives in Afton, Minnesota with his wife Carol and several Norwegian Elkhounds. We won’t say how many Elkhounds as there’s a three dog limit in Afton, so let’s go with…um…three Elkhounds?

Tom was nominated to judge the BCSA Agility trial a few years ago and was drubbed in the election, joining several prominent figures such as Al Gore, Mitt Romney, and John McCain in getting smoked in a national election. He has picked up the pieces and continued on with judging, now having gone to 40 states including Hawaii last November. Tough gig…but somebody had to do it.

The highlights of Tom’s judging career:
AKC Nationals in 2011
World Team Tryouts in 2011
AKC Nationals in 2014 (Challenger’s round…yikes!)
Dog Agility Competition of Florida (DACOF) in 2014.

He has also judged several National Specialties including Old English Sheepdogs (OK, there were only five of them but, hey, it’s still a National), Bearded Collies (Tom still feels badly for them…the trial was held in a downpour…yuck!), Dachshunds ;-), and Portuguese Water Dogs.

So be kind, vote for Tom. He’s qualified, and he wants the job.

Lori Sage

Biography is coming soon

CONFORMATION - Four judges on slate
  • Ross Green

  • Joanne Ratcliffe

  • Linn Klingel-Brown

  • Jon Cole

Jo Ratcliffe

I am delighted to be given the opportunity of being a candidate for the BCSA 2016 events.  Border Collies have been a large part of my life for the past 30 years, having my own first bitch in 1985, with whom I did some winning & competed at Crufts for the first time in 1987. From that time I have been totally “hooked” on the Breed, and they are a massive part of my life, studying lines, temperament, type and striving to breed/own dogs, which I consider to be close to the Breed Standard.

Since then I have owned, bred & shown dogs in the UK to much success, including 6 Show Champions under the Grandver affix, bred along with my mum, and additionally since 2010 with my individual affix of Arrodare I owned & campaigned the Top Bitch in the UK for 2011 & 2012. My Arrodare bred dogs are having much success with a Show Champion & others with CCs & BP wins, and for the first part of 2015 were standing as Top Breeder in the UK.

I have been involved in many aspects of Border Collies, and have given seminars/talks and written articles about them. I very much enjoy seeing the Border Collies in other Countries.

I have been judging the breed since 1991, and I have judged the breed at Championship level on 8 occasions in the UK, including Crufts in 2015 (males). I have also judged at Championship Level in Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy & Ireland. I have some interest in other breeds, but my heart lies with the Border Collie & I prefer to judge the Breed in which I consider myself to be a Breed Specialist.

I would love to opportunity to meet, and judge, the Border Collies in America, and thank you again for the opportunity to be a candidate.

Linn Klingle Brown

I started out with German Shepherds in 1972 and Border Collies in 1999. I have bred or finished 8 Champions, a ROM bitch and regional futurity and Maturity winners with my German Shepherd Dogs. As Mystic Border Collies I am a Breeder of Merit. My foundation dog and bitch are both ROM, with numerous progeny that are Champions, OTCHs and MACHs as well as pursuing herding titles.

Along with campaigning several dogs as specials with several multiple group winners, I have trained and shown both breeds in performance venues. My dogs and I have obtained TD, HSAS, OTCH, AX-AXJ, RE.

Besides being a member of many all breed clubs, I have been a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and GSDC of Mpls/STP since 1984. I have been a member of the Border Collie Society of America since 1999 and JE chair from 2005-2015. I have been an AKC conformation judge since 2002, and am approved to judge the Herding Group, Junior Showmanship, Misc, and Best in Show. I continue to learn and apply for new breeds by attending AKC Institutes and Seminars, specialties and discussions with breed mentors.

I like to judge a breed by its standard and by knowing its original function (job). Herding breeds all have a structure based on how they do their specific job. I know firsthand the hard wired intensity and bid ability traits that make a Border Collie the premier performance dog, whether it is herding, agility, or obedience. I love it when I find a dog with the structure to match.

Ross Green

Thank you very much for the nomination as a candidate to judge at one of your BCSA Specialty events in 2016.

From a young child I have shared my life with working sheepdogs and Jack Russell terriers, my parents always having at least one dog in our home. Whilst I sometimes judge/handle other breeds my life, passion and love is the Border Collie.

I purchased my first Working Sheepdog (Border Collie) in 1976, unfortunately in 1978 when the breed was finally recognized as a pedigree breed I was unable to register him with the KC, as his breeder had not completed the ISDS registration paperwork. Having become interested in conformation showing I decided he needed a companion and therefore embarked on finding a registered Border Collie.

It was during this process that I met a lady who would become my first mentor and very close friend, the late Iris Combe (Tilehouse) breeder of the very first Border Collie champion in the UK. She sold me my first registered Border Collie, Tilehouse Tipp, who 4 years later (1984) become my very first show champion.

Since Tipp I have owned/handled 8 further UK show champion Border Collies and gained greater than 100 challenge certificates. Notable dogs I have owned and handled include the top winning Border Collie of all time (Sh Ch Tonkory Palmerston at Fayken J.W.) Taz gained 45 CC’s, multiple groups and BIS wins as well as winning the prestigious Border Collie of the Year competition on 3 occasions. Currently I own and am campaigning two of his grandchildren, which I bred, Elvis (Sh Ch Fayken I am Legend J.W.) and Demi (Sh Ch Fayken Indecent Proposal J.W.). These two youngsters have had an amazing career to-date - Top Puppy Dog & Bitch 2012, Top Dog & Bitch 2013, Top Bitch 2014 and currently Top Dog & Bitch 2015. Their mother Sh Ch Sankenali Carolina at Fayken J.W. was also a top-winning bitch and has been the top brood bitch in the breed 2013, 2014 and current leader 2015. I imported their sire, “Smokey” (Sh Ch Sashdan Smokin Joe) from Australia after judging him as a puppy and awarding him BPIS at the Australia Border Collie National in 2008. He has been the Top Sire in the breed 2012, 2013, 2014 and is current leader 2015. In 2014 he was top sire in the Pastoral Group and currently he is overall top sire of all breeds in the UK.

I commenced judging Border Collies in 1986 and awarded Challenge Certificates for the first time at the Border Collie Club of GB Championship Show in 1999. Since that appointment I have judged a further 7 times at Championship level including Crufts (males) 2014. I particularly enjoy judging Border Collies outside of the UK and have judged overseas at the Irish Border Collie Club, Czech Border Collie Club, Italian Border Collie Club, Denmark Border Collie Club, Austrian Border Collie Club, Los Angeles Border Collie Club in 2007 and the prestigious Australian National Show in 2008.

I firmly believe in “giving back something” to the breed that I love and was instrumental in the establishment and recognition of the East Anglian Border Collie Club of which I was chairman for 7 years and vice chair for 4 years. Although I have now retired from all club committees I continue to be the Border Collie Club of Wales representative on the Breed Council and Pastoral Breed Health Foundation committees. I give seminars on handling and judging the Border Collie (The Border Collie Convention – lead speaker, Midlands Border Collie Club, Hungary Border Collie Club, Italian Border Collie Club & Czech Border Collie Club). I am also the co-editor and producer of the online Border Collie magazine BorderView World and have recently helped launch BorderView Spotlight a Bi-Annual online yearbook.

I would consider it a great honor to judge at the BCSA Specialty and thank you very much for the privilege of being nominated as a candidate.

Jon Cole

I am a second-generation dog person who grew up in the world of Sporting, Working, Terrier and Hound breeds as a youngster. As I approached University age, I began breeding and showing Bull Terriers (under the Kennel Name Bejobos) in the 60’sand 70’s. Our breeding program was quite successful allowing us to breed and finish a number of Champions winning Groups and BIS’s. A few years later, we became interested in Bedlingtons. As with the Bull Terriers, the Bedlingtons proved very successful for my wife and I in the show ring. As time passed other breeds entered our lives - West Highland White Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, Shih Tzu, Greyhound, Schipperkes and French Bulldogs. Currently I have a Miniature Bull Terrier.

I began judging Terriers in 1971. I have been granted approval, in the United States, for All Breeds. I now judge extensively throughout the year, and do not show or breed dogs any more. My judging has taken me to all parts of the United States, as well as, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Far East, Russia and Europe.

Judging has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people all over the world, and see the types of dogs they breed and show.

CONFORMATION SWEEPSTAKES - Three judges on slate
  • Sue Haase

  • Barbara Fitzgerald

  • Trish Spradley

Barbara Fitzgerald

Thank you to the BCSA members for nominating me to judge the Sweepstakes at the 2016 National Specialty. I first fell in love with border collies in 2004, and since then have dedicated all of my spare time and then some, to training, showing and breeding these wonderful dogs. In 2004, we attended our first National Specialty with our first border collie, Smitty, CH Callista Blue Smitten, PT, CGC entered in the 6-9 months class. I was hooked after attending that great show.
I have trained recreationally in herding and agility, however my competitive focus has been in conformation. My Bred By boy Cave, GCH Solaras-Callista Cavalacade’s Companion, was number one Owner Handled Border Collie for the competition’s inaugural year.

I am a member of the BCSA and am an AKC Breeder of Merit. While we are a small kennel, breeding only occasionally, I have bred and/or owned 17 champions and grand champions as well as a Flyball Master. A number of our puppies are in training in multiple venues, or are on working farms, and all are loving companions.

I love the versatility, diversity of type and quirky humor of the breed. It would be an honor to judge the Sweepstakes at the 2016 National Specialty.

Trish Spradley

I began my dog career showing English Setters. From there I moved into Bouvier des Flandres in the early 70’s . I was Vice President of the National Bouvier des Flandres Club, on the board as well as head of Education for a number of years. I lost my last Bouvier early this year.

I have judged Sweepstakes for the Rocky Mountain Bouvier des Flandres Club on two occasions. I judged Sweepstakes for the Rottweiler Club of New Mexico as well as Sweepstakes for the New Mexico Toy Dog Club in August of this year.

I presently own and run Acoma Training Center in Albuquerque NM where we teach Obedience , Conformation, Agility and Special Needs ( for physically handicapped owners and pet therapy).

I have been very active in the dog community in Albuquerque.
I taught court ordered classes for the city of Albuquerque for Pet Owner Responsibility for 18 years. I also headed a committee for rewriting the City of Albuquerque Animal Control Ordinance.

I have owned and shown Border Collies since the 2nd year they were accepted into AKC. I have taken them to West Minister Dog shows as well as Eukanuba competitions. I have watched Border Collies at Crufts in England as well as the world dog shows in Sweden, Paris and Helsinki, Finland in 2014.

I love the Border Collie breed for all it represents. I feel a dog needs to be physically and mentally sound to be able to do what they were bred to do.

Dogs have always been my passion. I strive to help them be the best they can be.

Thanks for your consideration.

Sue Haase

Biography is coming soon

HERDING - Six judges on slate
  • Laura De La Cruz

  • Ted Ondrak

  • Jan Wesen

  • Sue Haase

  • Rick Hardin

  • Terry Kenney

Laura De La Cruz

A best-selling author of herding and dog training books and journals, Laura has been herding for 10 years and has trained, trialed and/or titled a variety of dogs, including Border Collies, Briards, Standard Schnauzers, Bergermascos, Pumis, Aussies, Kelpies, Shelties, Collies, Corgis, ACDs, Rotties and even a Greater Swiss Mountain dog.

She is both an AKC Herding Judge and an AHBA Herding Judge and approved to judge A, B and C courses in AKC (and has judged them all).
She owns (trained, trialed and titled) the first Herding Champions in the El Paso/Las Cruces area, the first Double-Herding Champions in the area, and the first dog to earn an AKC Herding Excellent title in the area. Her Border Collies have earned AKC Excellent titles in all stock on A course and ducks and sheep on B course. Her Border Collie, Star, was the subject of an article in the BCSA "Borderlines" magazine in 2012. Her older Border Collie, Joker, was featured in the Aug/Sept 2013 Veterans edition of the “Borderlines” when Joker earned his second HX at the age of 11 in 2013.

She also trains and competes in Obedience, Rally and Barn Hunt. In addition, she is a CGC Evaluator for AKC.

Laura lives in Chaparral, NM, between Las Cruces and El Paso, TX where she owns and operates Paw Print Place Training Facility and is the founder of the Leash Up® dog training program. Laura is owned by a Briard, 6 Border Collies, 6 Aussies, 2 Kelpies and 2 Livestock Guardian Dogs (an Anatolian Shepherd and a Karakachan). She is currently working on her next herding and dog training books and journals. Thanks again!!

Jan Wesen

Jan Wesen has a B.S. in Dairy Science and lives in Bow, Washington where she and husband Ron Wesen work their dogs on their organic 800 cow dairy farm. Jan has been working with her dogs since 1985 and has judged in trials and performance events sponsored by the Australian Shepherd Club of America, American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, American Herding Breed Association, and also competed in Working Kelpie Inc. & International Border Collie Trials.

She teaches herding and obedience to all levels, and gives Stock dog clinics internationally and throughout the US.

Visit www.janwesen.com to meet Jan’s dogs and learn about her impressive accomplishments!

Ted Ondrak

First let me say what an honor it is to be considered to judge your event.

As you may know, I have been a judge for the AKC, AHBA, & USBCHA for over 15 years, and have over 26 years of herding experience. I have titled over a dozen different herding breeds, and have owned over 5 different breeds, settling on the Border Collie as my breed of choice to own.
I have trained and mentored with Alisdair MacRae for over ten years ( our current 12 time USBCHA national champion ) and two time International Supreme winner Bobby Dalziel.

I have been an all breed herding trainer for over 20 years, and in all that time I have never forgotten why I decided to try herding in the first place. It was because I thought it would be fun for my Bouvier, and so I am constantly reminding students and competitors alike when I'm judging to never forget why they started in the first place.

I could go on as I am very passionate about herding, however I think it's best to say that when I judge an event, whether Nationals or a local trial, I always try and bring a little levity to the situation and remind people that we are not solving the world crisis, we are Sheepherding, allowing our four legged buddies to pursue their natural instincts, while having fun. Remember the High in Trial winner still has to pay the same amount for dinner that night. Ha-ha. Thank You

Terry Kenney

Hello, My name is Terry Kenney and my AKC license Number is 17103. I have been an all AKC breed herding judge since September 29,1999. For fun I Went to the AKC website and discovered I have Judged in excess of 108 AKC herding trials events since becoming a judge. I am also AHBA judge,a USBCHA judge and CKC judge.There was a ten day span in October 2003 that I judged over 300runs in 3 states all of them National Specialties. One of which was border Collie Specialty in Gray Summit Missouri. Barb Whittle was the trial secretary for all of the trials and people thought we were dating.

My first herding dog that owned me and I loved was a Border Collie, DC, HTCH, WTCH Darkwind Stormin Kennelley Elley and she was the first DC Border Collie in the AKC. I was very lucky to be her partner. When we first got her she was suppose to just be a pet dog for my wife. Little did I know then how my life was going to change. I got the herding bug. One year while campaigning Elley and two pups I spent 67 nights in my motor home and drove over 32,000.00 miles.

All of my other Border Collies came from her line, including 5 dual champions with the AHBA and ASCA Championships as well. All of them had originated from Elley.

I have since moved from the city of Torrance with a lot size of 75’ by 150’ to a 25acre herding and training facility. (www.task farms.org)in Leona Valley California. Top C Ranch is the name of the ranch and it is the home of Task Farms Herding and trialing facility. We have been in operation since February 2000. We maintain a flock of sheep currently around 100 plus. We also have approximately 25 goats and 10 horses and mules. We host about 37 herding trialing days/events a year in addition to the facility we lease 1200 acres of primitive ranch land where we raise mixed beef cattle and longhorns.

Going back to September of 1999 when I first became a judge I did not know what I was getting myself into. I wanted to give back to the sport I truly loved. I enjoy seeing the different breeds of working dogs and how their particular herding style was put to use. The People: I consider myself to be people person and I have truly enjoyed meeting my fellow herders all over the country. I also had the opportunity to steal many ideas in the design of my facility. Thus leaving me many opportunities to learn about different techniques utilized all over the country.

In closing I want to thank your club for nominating me for consideration to be part of the your specialty. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new friends as well. Thanks again.

Rick Hardin

Rick Hardin, is an AKC and ASCA herding judge and has been a herding dog trainer and competitor for over 22 years.

Sue Haase

Biography is coming soon

OBEDIENCE - Four judges on slate
  • Carolyn S Wray

  • Stephanie A Gomez

  • Linda M MacDonald

  • Marilou McCloskey

Carolyn Wray

My name is Carolyn Wray and I live in Oregon with three Miniature Poodles; the gang and I participate in AKC events including obedience, rally, agility, fieldwork and tracking. I have done conformation and herding as well. All my dogs are spoiled house pets and they all sleep on the bed.

I grew up in a dog show family and earned my first CD in 1966 (I was still in grade school).. I am an AKC obedience and rally judge (all levels).

I have titled and loved a variety of breeds including Keeshonden, Shelties, Doberman, Pekingese, and Poodles. Achieving a CDX title on my beloved Peke, Kenny, is one of my fondest memories. His registered name was Wraynbow Unique, CDX and he was indeed unique; I miss him to this day.

In addition to many years of showing, I have also written many articles on dog sports, most specifically obedience and rally. I have contributed to such magazines as the Poodle Club of America’s “Poodle Papers,” the Versatility in Poodles quarterly newsletter and the now defunct, Kee Topics.

I bring a varied background to the ring every time I judge and this experience gives me a balanced perspective both as a judge and as an exhibitor. I enjoy every assignment. Being a performance judge is the best hobby you can have!

Stephanie Gomez

The first dog show I attended was the Golden Gate Kennel Club, a benched show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1958. Little did I know that many years later I would have the honor of becoming the Obedience Chair for the Golden Gate Kennel Club. I still remember being absolutely fascinated while watching a handler and a black Miniature Poodle doing the “Seek Back” exercise in the obedience ring. Little did I know that many years a Miniature Black Poodle would join our family. Rottweilers, a Westie, and for the last 25 years Miniature Poodles, all white until recently, a Black Miniature Poodle named Jingle entered my life. All my dogs have kept me busy training and showing in Obedience, Agility, Field, Tracking, Rally and Conformation with each one teaching me something new. I have loved every minute. My husband, Bob, and I are now retired and living in Penn Valley, part of the Gold Country of California.

For the last 28 years I have had the pleasure of being an AKC Obedience Judge and have met so many wonderful handlers and dogs. I am honored to be nominated to judge the Border Collie National Specialty.

Marilou McCloskey

I got my start in Obedience in 1990 with an English Springer Spaniel that the breeder made me promise to take to a puppy obedience class as he was a little terror that she knew needed training. The first night of class the instructor brought in her big black German Shepherd Dog and demonstrated the utility signal exercise and I was hooked.

I had lived with dogs all my life and loved them all, but nothing can compare to the bond created by training and competing in Companion/ Performance events.
I have, since that first Springer, finished 1 Championship, 2 UD’s and working on a 3rd and multiple Agility titles and am looking forward, with my current Springer, to Nose Work, Tracking and most of all, his Therapy work at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.

I have been judging since 2004 and enjoy every minute of it.

Linda MacDonald

Linda and Michael MacDonald operate the HY-BAR Training Center in West Salem. For over 30 years, they have owned, trained and showed Obedience Champion titled dogs, competed at the National level and ranked several dogs in the AKC lifetime rating systems. They are not your average dog trainer. They are involved and have experience in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Retriever Field work and Herding. They are both respected in the world of dogs and have both served on several AKC Advisory committees that periodically review and change obedience and Rally regulations and guidelines. Linda is an AKC obedience judge who has had the honor of judging at several national tournaments including the AKC Obedience Invitational, Gaines Superdog and AllStar Tournaments. Besides obedience, Linda has titled both a 24 and 20 inch Master Agility Champion and both qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals. Linda is also very involved in field work and hunt test with her Golden Retrievers. Two of their dogs, Sixpak and Sadie have been included in several books that highlight the breed’s outstanding performers and outstanding sire and dam producers. Sixpak and Sadiemade the Lifetime OTCH Dog ratings in obedience. Mike and Linda have earned over 140 Obedience titles, titled 5 AKC Obedience Trial Champions, earned over 8,000 OTCH points and over 300 High in Trials and multiple perfect 200 scores. They have 23 National tournament top ten placements including the first place winner at the 1995 Gaines Superdog and 2012 Allstar Super Star Championships. They also titled 3 dogs to the AKC MACH-Master Agility Champion.

Linda’s current Golden Retriever, Wings is rated in the top of her breed since 2007 and competed at the AKC National Obedience Invitational in Long Beach, CA in December 2009 and 2010 and in Orlando, Florida in 2011, 2012 and again in Tulsa, OK in March 2013 and again in 2014 in March in Harrisburg, PA. This Invitational event host the top OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) dogs in the country for a 2 day tournament. In 2010,Wings began competing in Agility. She quickly earned her Novice, Open and Excellent Standard and Jumpers (6) titles in 5 weekends. She also earned her Master Agility Championship MACH title quickly while qualifying for the AKC Nationals. A total of 9 titles from Novice to her Championship in just 10 months. In 2011, she earned her “OGM” Obedience Grand Master title. In August 2012, Wings won the Super Star division at the All Star Performance Championship in York, PA. A great honor among the best dogs. In 2013 Wings earned her UDX11, UDX12 and UDX13, MXC, MJC and MACH3. In 2013 Wings rated 24th in Goldens in the country and also rated in the top 25 Goldens for double Q’s in agility. In 2014 she completed her MACH4 title and UDX14.

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