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BORDERLINES - Cindy Eaton Eklund, Editor
"The Official Publication of the Border Collie Society of America, Inc."
Editor: Cindy Eaton Eklund - Submit All Pictures, Ads, Articles
Mailing Address: 4309 131st Circle - Urbandale, IA 50323
Telephone: 515.953.8117
Contributing Editors:   Agility: Need Volunteer       Conformation: Need Volunteer       Health: Frances Hannen
    Herding: Need Volunteer       Obedience: Debby Quigley       Statistics: Need Volunteer
    Versatility: Need Volunteer                
Contributors Welcome For: Agility, Conformation, Herding, Statistics, Versatility
Obedience Stats: Robin Clark
Conversation with Champions: Barbara Fitzgerald
Behavior: Carol Price
Writer Guidelines: Please review these Guidelines when submitting an article.

Advertising: A Borderlines ad is a great way to showcase a new champion or to memorialize a dear friend. Photos sent via e-mail are preferred. E-mail copy to Borderlines Editor at: editor@bordercolliesociety.com or send US mail to: Cindy Eklund - 4309 131st Circle - Urbandale, IA 50323.  Please include sufficient postage and addressed envelope if you want photos sent via USPS returned.

Extra Copies or Back Issues: You can purchase back issues and extra copies of Borderlines for $5.00 plus $2.50 shipping/handling each. Please e-mail Kathy Sours to see if the issue you want is available.

Subscription Rates:   Borderlines is published bi-monthly and is available with membership to the BCSA. Subscription rates for non-members are $80 USA, $90 Canada, $100 all other foreign subscriptions.  Payment must be made in US funds. To subscribe, please send a check payable to BCSA. Your subscription will begin with the next regular bulk mailing.



Single Issue

Single Issue



1/8 page





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Rescue Groups - One-half member rate
(see above-must be submitted by BCSA member)

Article/Ad Deadline Issue Mail (approx)
1/15 Feb/Mar 2/15-20
3/15 Apr/May 4/15-20
5/15 Jun/Jul 6/15-20
7/15 Aug/Sep 8/15-20
9/15 Oct/Nov 10/15-20
11/15 Dec/Jan 12/15-20
  • All advertising must be pre-paid.  See below to pay for your ad with a credit card (via PayPal) or send your check payable to BCSA to Ann Shaw - 4729 Old Highgate Entry - Stone Mountain, GA 30083-2663.

  • Ads MUST be camera-ready.

  • Each change to a yearly ad during the year (Jan-Dec period) requires an additional $10 set-up fee.

  • At the November 2006 meeting, the Board approved giving BC rescue organizations a discounted ad rate in Borderlines. The ad rate for rescue organizations will be one half the member rate for both single issue and yearly ads. The person submitting the ad must be a member of BCSA for the organization to receive the discount.

Select your option below.  If your ad exceeds three pages, you can change the quantity in your PayPal Shopping Cart.
BCSA MEMBER: Select Ad Size
NON-MEMBER: Select Ad Size
RESCUE: Select Ad Size

When making a contribution to Borderlines, please follow the guidelines below. Contributions are always welcome and appreciated. If there are questions, the editor may be reached at editor@bordercolliesociety.com

Please use the following to format your submission:

  • Font -- Verdana

  • Size -- 10 pt

  • Spacing -- Single-spaced in the paragraph's body

  • Paragraphs -- do not indent paragraphs -- separate by an extra line

  • Do not double-space after a period as this wastes space and the editor's time to remove

 1) There is no length limit on articles from contributing editors/regular writers. However if an article is lengthy and there are space constraints in the current issue, the article may be split into two parts to run in back-to-back issues upon approval by author.
 2) Members’ submissions should be limited to 2500 words or less due to space (average length is 550 – 1000 words).
    a)  Editorial discretion will be exercised in the case of a member’s lengthy submission.
    b)  Member submission will run in the first issue in which there is available space. If there are space constraints in the current issue, the article will run in the next available issue.
    c)  Kennel ads or litter advertisements will not be considered for Members’ Pages submissions, please place an ad for those submissions.
 3) Deadline for submission is the 15th of odd-numbered months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov).
    a)  Submissions received after the deadline will not be published until the following issue, except at the discretion of the editor as to timeliness and relevance.
 4) The editor reserves the right to edit and/or verify submissions. If there are edits, other than grammatical, the Editor will communicate with the Author.
 5) Proof copy will be sent to submitter for edits and/or revisions unless requested that no copy be sent.
    a)  Author will have two working days (Monday through Friday, not including Holidays) to make changes, revisions, or to correct mistakes on proof.
    b)  If no corrections/edits/revisions are received by the editor after two working days, then it will be assumed that the proof is good.
    c)  Once an author “signs off” on his/her proof copy, additional revisions or edits will be accepted only at the discretion of the editor.
    d)  One proof copy will be sent. Subsequent revisions/edits will not be resent for proofing.
 6) Late submission due to “extenuating circumstances” will be considered. Please make every effort to get your articles in before or on the deadline.  This keeps the process running smoothly.
 7) The BCSA Board of Directors and the editor reserve the right to refuse advertising or submissions which are not in the best interest of the breed, the Club, or dog sport.
 8) Submissions remain the property of the Authors.
 9) Issue will go to the printer the first of the month following the deadline.
10) Photographs (whether professional or non-professional) submitted with an article should have photographer credit included with photo at time of submission.
11) Photographs submitted for inclusion in Borderlines should have photo credit included at time of submission. General photos will be included in Borderlines as space allows and at the discretion of the Editor.


BCSA recently removed its advertising restrictions and replaced them with the following position statement.

It is BCSA's position that before making a decision on breeding a Border Collie, the breeder should perform all recommended health tests on the dog, as well as evaluate its temperament, and natural working ability and trainability on sheep. Border Collie purchasers should educate themselves on these topics and thoroughly interview the breeder about their breeding practices before making a buying decision on a Border Collie.

The BCSA Board of Directors and Editor reserve the right to refuse advertising or submissions which are not in the best interest of the breed, the club, or dog sports. Items included in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of the Club, the Board, or the Editor. The Editor reserves the right to edit and/or verify all copy. Submissions remain the property of the authors.


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