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Compiled by Judy Menown

This is a collection of old Border Collie photos (or dogs that LOOK like Border Collies). They range from mid-1800s tintypes up to about 1950.

Our club is committed to the historical preservation of this incredible working breed and we take this very seriously. The photos collected here are intended to be used as a study tool to understand proper breed type of this classical farm dog. We hope you enjoy the photos and take pause to reflect on our responsibility to maintain this breed in an un-altered form that continues to honor its rich history as the premier sheep dog of the world.

We invite your submission of non-copyrighted, pre-1970 photographs of Border Collies (or suspected Border Collies) for display in the gallery. Please remember that this page is for entertainment and education purposes only. For this reason, photos that may be interpreted as promoting a particular dog or breeding program may be declined.  Submit photos or questions to Judy.

Web Note: We have taken every precaution to make certain we are not using copyrighted photos.  If you find a photo that is copyrighted, please e-mail our webmaster and it will be removed immediately.  To view Photo Gallery properly, you must use the current versions of either Internet Explorer or Netscape.  If using Netscape, choose "Display Page Like Internet Explorer" from the View/Rendering Engine menu.

Page Updated 10.03.2015

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