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The Border Collie Society of America welcomes local organizations as affiliated clubs.  For groups considering initiating a BCSA Affiliate Club, please contact the Corresponding Secretary for more information.  See the Membership page for the Affiliate Club Membership Application and Renewal Forms.  Our Affiliate Club Listing is below.



PURPOSE: Organizations at the local level are better able to educate the public in matters of responsible dog ownership and the appropriateness of owning a Border Collie as a companion. Working with local breeders and their puppy buyers, a local club is more efficient at providing information regarding the multitude of activities available to Border Collie owners. The BCSA also feels that judges education may be more effective when done at a local level. By working with the BCSA Judges Education Committee, with materials and format provided by this body, it will be possible to uniformly educate judges around the country.

REQUIREMENTS: The BCSA will consider applications for affiliate status of clubs whose By-laws coincide with those of BCSA regarding the preservation of the Border Collie attributes of intelligence, working ability and versatility.. The club must promote responsible breeding and ownership, prevent exploitation and abuse of the breed, and provide an environment for learning for its membership in all Border Collie activities.

Affiliate applications for membership must include a complete club roster and list of officers that includes a profile of each member listing their previous experience in the sport of dogs. Renewal dues must be accompanied by a membership roster listing any changes in the officers of the club. If the membership of the club changes dramatically from the original application, a profile of the new members must also be included.

In order to maintain affiliate club status, the clubs are required to provide documentation of the prior years activities showing conformation, obedience, herding, agility, tracking, flyball, etc. matches or trials. It is also necessary that a copy of the clubs newsletter be sent to the Affiliate Club Chair each time it is published.

Although we do not require that the individual members of an affiliate also be members of the BCSA, we do require that the members be in good standing with the AKC and the club as a whole agree to the mission of the BCSA, its code of ethics and its constitution and bylaws.  At least one member of the applying club must be a member of BCSA.

The annual membership fee for an affiliate club is $50.00 and associate affiliate club is $40 per year.


  • Local affiliates are considered a voting entity in the BCSA and are given one vote in national matters.

  • The BCSA will supply local affiliates with educational materials as they are developed (Buyers Guides and Breeders Guides).

  • Affiliate clubs will receive a subscription the national newsletter, Borderlines, to be sent to the affiliate secretary.

  • The BCSA will consider requests for sponsorship of local events held in the name of the BCSA. If approved, these events are covered under our liability insurance policy. It is the responsibility of the affiliate club to carry its own liability insurance for any events not sponsored by BCSA.

  • The national club will, when possible, support the activities of local groups providing guidance and information.

  • The BCSA will also help an affiliate club in its quest to become licensed with the AKC by providing information necessary to accomplish this goal.


The BCSA board has approved a grant process*  for new regional affiliate clubs just getting started. BCSA will reimburse up to $500 in start-up expenses (receipts must be provided) as well as pay for the new club's first year of BCSA membership. We realize that it's expensive to get a new club going, buying equipment, materials, paying for insurance, etc; and BCSA would like to support the incorporation of new clubs around the country, believing they provide great service to the breed. For groups considering initiating a BCSA Affiliate Club, please contact the Corresponding Secretary for more information.

* Grant Process: The Affiliate Club must notify the BCSA Treasurer prior to generating expenses they wish for BCSA to consider reimbursement approval.  The Club should provide their proposed expense details and approximate amount for which they will be requesting reimbursement.

Are you forming a new regional Border Collie club? Share the information via BCSA's communication channels! As you are developing your new club, it's a good idea to be sure you are reaching all potential Border Collie fanciers in your area to garner the greatest amount of help and membership. Advertise your efforts with an announcement on our member Yahoo group BCSA_ANNOUNCE by contacting Nancy Little, Moderator; and on the BCSA Affiliate Clubs web page by contacting Webmaster Ann Shaw.


  • BCSA will reimburse each affiliate club up to $50 per self-sponsored event and $25 per BCSA supported event, with a maximum of two event reimbursements per club per year.

  • BCSA will reimburse Affiliate clubs up to $100 per year to support health testing.

  • Clubs can apply for these funds by emailing the board to request approval prior to the event and then complete Expense Report (PDF opens in new window) and supply receipts to the Treasurer for expenditures after the event for reimbursement.

Click here for BCSA's Policy on Licensed Specialty Scheduling and Approval
Click here for AKC's pamphlet on forming a club..  This outlines what AKC requires of you to get approval to hold shows and trials, and has some useful advice on general start-up issues.
Click here for memo regarding Judge's Education done by your club.       Judge Lists
Bay Colony Border Collie Club - MA
Lic: Conformation, Plan A Obedience
President: Cindy Geiss
Vice President: Juli Lacey-Black
Secretary: Lara Avery horsepowerhill99@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Judy Jo Drake
Board Members: Terry Sadler, Linda Mooradian and Suzy Wood
Border Collie Club of Arizona
Lic: Agility, Conformation, Herding, Obedience
President: Anita Easley, aeasley2@cox.net (480-892-2251, Box 1541, Gilbert, AZ 85299)
Vice President: Tammy Gosnell, bcflyby@aol.com
Secretary: Cathy Sumeracki, csumeracki@gmail.com
Treasurer: Monica Haines, mtbgirlaz@gmail.com
Board Members: Cindy Meadows, Cindy Hogan, Julie Verones, Paulette Smith
Border Collie Club of Greater Atlanta
Lic: Herding
President: Sue Benkiser - sugre95@aol.com 
Vice President: Gary Morneault
Secretary: Wendy Eldredge. 395 Heard Rd, Canton, GA 30114
Treasurer: Diane Morneault
Board Members: Lisa Davis, Hubert Bailey, Melissa Heeter
Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles
Lic: Conf, Obedience, Herd, Agility, Rally
c/o Suzanne LeRoy - 24213 Calvert street
Woodland Hills, CA. 91367
President: Suzanne LeRoy, moviestoo@yahoo.com
Vice President: Sonja Donaldson, sonjadonaldson@cox.net
Secretary: Pat Charlton, charlton91342@yahoo.com,or deprince@pacbell.net 
Treasurer: Debbie Prince deprince@pacbell.net 
Board Member: Betsy Korbonski, tovarin@roadrunner.net
Board Member: Terry Kenney, herdem@aol.com 
Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club - Louisville, KY
Lic: Conf, Obedience, Herd, Rally
President: Ronni DeLay RLDelay@insightbb.com 
Vice President: Terry Wise Hammond twisehammond@cs.com 
Secretary: Kelly Whiteman bonnidune@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Col. Lee Levy, USAF lee@libertysky.net
Board Members: Marilyn Huber-bcplace@bellsouth.net, Rob Phillips (no e-mail)
Past President: Pat Kerschner pborder@peoplepc.com
Nutmeg Border Collie Club
Obed. Conf; Plan A: Agility
52 Chestnut Drive - Windsor, CT 06095
President: Mary Elizabeth Simpson simcorgi@aol.com
Vice President: Kari Streicher - Willowbrookjrtbc@yahoo.com
Secretary: Carolyn Biondi carolyn@tartanbay.com
Treasurer: Jessica Scavetta risingstarbcs@aol.com
Board Members: Beth Brock, Ellen Shannahan and Pat Benincasa
Piedmont Border Collie Association - Durham, NC
Lic: Conf, Herd, Obed, Agil; Plan B: Tracking
President: Richard Whorton - 919-471-1405
Secretary: Rickie Morrison - 919-644-9072
Sierra Nevada Border Collie Club
Secretary/Treasurer: Carla Popeney, 3943 Red Wing Ct, Fallon, NV 89406
Email: SNBCCNEVADA@gmail.com
Border Collie Club of Northern California - Stockton, CA
Lic: Conf, Obedience; Plan A: Agility
P. O. Box 227, Copperopolis, CA 95228
President: Sandy Bohr, Email: hitopbc@yahoo.com
Vice President: Susan Seghetti-Ginochio Email: susanseghetti@comcast.net 
Secretary: Katie Rodgers, Email: kageebcs@gmail.com 
Treasurer: Pam Washer, bcpam@charter.net 
Directors: Erin Crady, Steve Ginochio, Linda Hurlbut
Bluebonnet Border Collie Club of Texas
Plan B: Conf
Secretary: Craig Ottesen, P.O. Box 1386, Princeton, TX , 75407
Pacific Northwest Border Collie Club
President: Emily Fish - Emluv2sing@aol.com
Vice President: Jeanette Jolly
Secretary: Secretary: Ronna Stewart, Ronna526@aol.com  
Treasurer: Glenda White oregontrailsbc@bctonline.com

April 8, 2008

Dear Affiliate Club Members,

This is just a reminder to please use only BCSA materials when your club puts on a Judges Education seminar. Remember that the only people authorized by BCSA to present an official description of the Border Collie Standard are members of the Judges Education Committee, or people approved by the Judges Education Committee Chair.

It is very important that we present the same information in a unified manner to prospective Border Collie judges, and that the seminars be Parent Club approved. If you have questions about the materials, please contact the Judges Education Committee Chair, Kelly Whiteman

Thank you,

Page Updated 09/20/2016

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