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The Border Collie Society of America's (BCSA) Rescue Committee was formed to provide support for Border Collie rescue. In addition to providing funds to promote education about Border Collies and responsible breeders, the Committee will in the future reimburse Border Collie rescue groups and individual rescuers for the cost of medical care for rescued dogs. Up to $500 will be provided for each approved proposal. In certain catastrophic circumstances, a higher amount may be approved.


1. This grant program is open to all rescue groups and individual rescuers.


Although consideration will be given to ALL applications, priority will be given to applications from individuals or groups that meet the following criteria:

Longevity of effort (able to prove at least two years at rescue)


Organization (i.e., some kind of directorial board and an identifiable list of members/volunteers)

Record-keeping (ability to provide an accounting of the number of dogs accepted in and adopted out)
Financial accountability (must be able to provide a review of finances and must utilize standard accounting practices)
Standard procedures that protect the rescued dogs, such as adoption applications, screening procedures for potential adopters, contracts

Not-for-profit status


For educational grants recipients are to provide a written final report after receiving the grant that:


Summarizes the activities and results as they relate to the proposed objectives


Discusses strengths and weaknesses of the results

  (c) Indicates how the plan was implemented and suggests way that it might be replicated or improved

Provides suggestions for future BCSA rescue grant programs

Reports do not have to be long (one or two pages will suffice), as long as they cover the points listed above.  Reports will be posted on the BCSA's website for the purpose of disseminating information about the projects and helping other rescuers and rescue groups start their own education and promotion plans.


Members of the Rescue Committee will evaluate proposals and present their recommendations to the Board of Directors.  Selection criterion includes:


The quality of the proposal


The potential of the project to improve educational efforts or to effectively promote the rescue group


The contribution of the project to the Rescue Committee's overall goals of education and raising awareness of rescue


The probability that the project can be implemented and completed in a timely manner





A receipt or letter from a veterinarian stating the types of expenses incurred, the name of the dog and the name of the rescue group or individual must be submitted


Letter from rescue group or individual stating the dog is currently in rescue or foster care and that the dog is adoptable

BCSA will not reimburse any adoption fees or any medical expenses incurred after adoption.



To submit a proposal:

  1. On-Line: Complete and print the BCSA Rescue Grant Application.

  2. Printable Copy: The Complete Grant Information and Application are also available in Adobe PDF format.  Click the Adobe icon below to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which you will need to open this file.

  3. Mail:  signed application and requested documents to: BCSA Corresponding Secretary.

Questions? E-mail BCSA Rescue

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