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Links to important information for people considering breeding their Border Collies.  Have a look at them all.  Great reading!

Border Collie Breeders Guide
General information
about whether or not you should consider breeding your dog including responsibilities of the owner of the dam and sire, responsibilities regarding the puppies health and placement in appropriate homes and other relevant issues for first time and experienced breeders.

Achieving Genetic Health in Our Dogs
(updated link coming soon)
A good information site on genetic considerations in breeding dogs. Includes a great discussion of problems associated with closed gene pools forced on breeds registered by organization which severely restrict foundation stock, on problems associated with small gene pools, and on problems seen with frequent inbreeding to achieve desired genotypes.

Dogs as an Endangered Species
(updated link coming soon)
Another great site on genetics in dogs.  Includes aragraphs on the origins of the domestic dog, gene mutations (nice level of technical discussion), diversity and recombination, need for genetic diversity, problems associated with continual inbreeding.

Genetics of Herding Traits
A nice article by Denise Wall and Mellissa Demille on

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